Saturday, October 28, 2006

Legends Of The Gods

Legends Of The Gods Cover

Book: Legends Of The Gods by Ea Wallis Budge

The welcome which has been accorded to the volumes of this Series, and the fact that some of them have passed into second and third editions, suggest that these little books have been found useful by beginners in Egyptology and others. Hitherto the object of them has been to supply information about the Religion, Magic, Language, and History of the Ancient Egyptians, and to provide editions of the original texts from which such information was derived. There are, however, many branches of Egyptology which need treatment in a similar manner in this Series, and it has been suggested in many quarters that the time has now arrived when the publication of a series of groups of texts illustrating Egyptian Literature in general might well be begun. Seeing that nothing is known about the authors of Egyptian works, not even their names, it is impossible to write a History of Egyptian Literature in the ordinary sense of the word. The only thing to be done is to print the actual works in the best and most complete form possible, with translations, and then to put them in the hands of the reader and leave them to his judgment.

The Egyptian texts, whether the originals be written in hieroglyphic or hieratic characters, are here printed in hieroglyphic type, and are arranged with English translations, page for page. They are printed as they are written in the Original Documents, i.e., the words are not divided. The beginner will find the practice of dividing the words for himself most useful in acquiring facility of reading and Understanding the language. The translations are as literal as can reasonably be expected, and, as a whole, I believe that they mean what the original writers intended to say. In the case of passages where the text is corrupt, and readings are mixed, or where very rare words occur, or where words are omitted, the renderings given claim to be nothing more than suggestions as to their meanings. It must be remembered that the exact meanings of many Egyptian words have still to be ascertained, and that the ancient Egyptian scribes were as much puzzled as we are by some of the texts which they copied, and that owing to carelessness, ignorance, or weariness, or all three, they made blunders which the modern student is unable to correct. In the Introduction will be found brief descriptions of the contents of the Egyptian texts, in which their general bearing and importance are indicated, and references given to authoritative editions of texts and translations.

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Ea Wallis Budge - Legends Of The Gods
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Absinthe The Green Goddess

Absinthe The Green Goddess Cover

Book: Absinthe The Green Goddess by Aleister Crowley

An essay composed in 1918 in the legendary Old Absinthe House in New Orleans, first published in The International. In this Essay Crowley extols the inspirational virtues of this mildly Hallucinogenic green liqueur, and speaks out against the rising tide of prohibitionism that was sweeping the country as the first U.S. "war on drugs" began.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Younger Edda Also Called Snorre Edda Or The Prose Edda

The Younger Edda Also Called Snorre Edda Or The Prose Edda Cover

Book: The Younger Edda Also Called Snorre Edda Or The Prose Edda by Rasmus Anderson


All the poems quoted in the Younger Edda have in this edition been traced back to their sources in the Elder Edda and elsewhere. Where the notes seem to the reader insufficient, we must refer him to our Norse Mythology, where he will, we trust, find much of the additional information he may desire. Well aware that our work has many imperfections, and begging our readers to deal generously with our shortcomings, we send the book out into the world with the hope that it may aid some young son or daughter of Odin to find his way to the fountains of Urd and Mimir and to Idun's rejuvenating apples. The son must not squander, but husband wisely, what his father has accumulated. The race must cherish and hold fast and add to the thought that the past has bequeathed to it. Thus does it grow greater and richer with each new generation. The past is the mirror that reflects the future. (R. B. ANDERSON)

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Rasmus Anderson - The Younger Edda Also Called Snorre Edda Or The Prose Edda
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gods Of The Heaten Way A Brief Guide

Gods Of The Heaten Way A Brief Guide Cover

Book: Gods Of The Heaten Way A Brief Guide by The Troth

The Troth is one of several international organizations that promote the ancient religion of the Northlands, known as Asatru, Heathenry, and by other names. We are incorporated as a non-profit religious corporation in the state of Texas, and are recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt religious organization.

The Troth publishes a quarterly magazine, Idunna, along with other writings on Heathen belief and practice. We serve as a networking organization for individuals and kindreds, and we try to assist our members to form local groups to practice our religion and make it more widely available. Once a year, the Troth sponsors a major gathering at which members and interested folks conduct workshops and ceremonies, and discuss and demonstrate their many skills and practices. The Troth also conducts a certification program for clergy, incorporating training in lore, theology, ritual, and counseling.

The Troth believes that the Gods call whom they will—regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation. To hear their call is a joy, an honor, and also a duty. If you hear that call, and you are willing to live by our values and honor our Gods, then we invite you to take your place among friends and kin, and bring new honor and strength to our ancient Heathen faith.

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The Troth - Gods Of The Heaten Way A Brief Guide
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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Power Animals

Power Animals Cover by Alernon

Come to us: Eagle, Wolf, Bear and Cougar.
Dance we now The Power dances.

Eagle soaring above the peaks,
Share with us freedom, majesty and fighting skills.
Teach us Lessons we need to learn.
Dance with us The Power dances.

Wolf, cunning tracker, by day or night.
Share with us endurance,
courage and adaptability.
Teach us lessons we need to learn.
Dance with us The Power dances.

Bear, trampling along earthen paths,
Share with us Mighty strength and sense of smell.

Teach us lessons we need to learn.
Dance with us The Power dances.

Cougar, lonely tracker of terrains,
Share with us Agility, stamina and endless curiosity.
Teach us lessons we need to learn.
Dance with us The Power dances.

Movements slow
Movements rapid.
Frenzied swaying
Upward, downward.
Dipping, turning
Round and round.
Dance we now
The Power dances.

Dancing partners,
You and I.
With me, in me
I am you, you are me.
Together as one,
Yet separate, too.
Dance we now
The Power dances.

Awaken now
All Spirit Beings,
To dance the dances
With your human kin.

Dance the Cycles
Of Life and Death,
Hope and Fear,
Good and Evil.
Dance the Cycles,
Now and Again.
Lowerworld, Upperworld,
Journeying now
and forevermore.
Of Time and Space
All is Once,
There is none.
Dance the dances
Again and again.

from R.M.P.J. 8/86

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