Monday, September 27, 2010

Stories From Northern Myths

Stories From Northern Myths Cover

Book: Stories From Northern Myths by Emilie Kip Baker

"Stories From Northern Myth" written in 1914 by Emilie Kip Baker. Most of the existing records on Norse Mythology date from the 11th to 18th century, having gone through more than two centuries of oral preservation in what was at least officially a Christian society. At this point scholars started recording it, particularly in the Eddas and the Heimskringla by Snorri Sturluson, who believed that pre-Christian deities trace real historical people. There is also the Danish Gesta Danorum by Saxo Grammaticus, where the Norse gods are more strongly Euhemerized. The Prose or Younger Edda was written in the early 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, who was a leading skald, chieftain, and diplomat in Iceland. It may be thought of primarily as a handbook for aspiring skalds. It contains prose explications of traditional "kennings," or compressed metaphors found in poetry. These prose retellings make the various tales of the Norse gods systematic and coherent.

The mythological literature relates the legends of heroes and kings, as well as supernatural creatures. These clan and kingdom founding figures possessed great importance as illustrations of proper action or national origins. The heroic literature may have fulfilled the same function as the national epic in other European literatures, or it may have been more nearly related to tribal identity. Many of the legendary figures probably existed, and generations of Scandinavian scholars have tried to extract history from myth in the sagas.

Sometimes the same hero resurfaces in several forms depending on which part of the Germanic world the epics survived such as Weyland/Volund and Siegfried/Sigurd, and probably Beowulf/Bodvar Bjarki. Other notable heroes are Hagbard, Starkad, Ragnar Lodbrok, Sigurd Ring, Ivar Vidfamne and Harald Hildetand. Notable are also the shieldmaidens who were ordinary women who had chosen the path of the warrior. These women function both as heroines and as obstacles to the heroic journey.

Download Emilie Kip Baker's eBook: Stories From Northern Myths

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Emilie Kip Baker - Stories From Northern Myths
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quarter Invocations

Quarter Invocations Cover
Soft scented stillness that warns of the storm
Whisper of wisdom full living and warm
Breathe into us wonder at all we may know
Welcome, wise wind, from wherever you blow.

Bright spark of courage, blaze of desire
The passion for change is a wild, raging fire
Kindled by will, it burns in our veins
Welcome within us! Our hearts are your flames.

Power of water, power to feel
Rising within us, ancient and real
Soothed into softness or tossed to extremes
Welcome, wild waves from the depths of our dreams.

Mother in waiting, child in the womb
Newly strung thread waits the night on the loom
Earth that we come from, Earth where we go
Welcome, as you welcomed us long ago.

by anonymous

Guardian of the East,
Power of air
Bearer of the wand,
I invoke thee,
Morning Light and mountain crags,
Wind dancer,
Eagle of the Gray Dawn
Send your essence, come! Be here now!

Guardian of the South
Power of Fire
Bearer of the Sword,
I invoke thee,
Blood and flame, Life and will,
Desert Lord,
Send your essence, come! Be here now!

Guardian of the West,
Power of Water
Bearer of the Cup,
I invoke thee.
Water Womb, Pool of Hidden thought
Serpent of Twilight,
Send your essence, Come! Be here now!

Guardian of the North
Power of Earth
Bearer of the Pentacle,
Death and Spirit, Grove and Grotto
Keeper of the Crystal Cave,
Bull of Black Night,
Send your essence, come! Be here now!

by Blackwind

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Daybreak Cover
Just before the first glimmerings of dawn, the Great Crone sweeps across the sky and clothes the dying night in Her cloak.

She wraps it tenderly and gently, enfolding each star, each galaxy, each universe in Her essence.

Slowly the Great Crone draws back Her cloak revealing gold, and pink, violet and the steely blue tones of first light.

She is the Crone, Mistress of Re-birth. We honor Her as "Protectress of Endings" and "Birther of New Beginnings".

Dawn each day, is an affirmation of re-birth and a sacred ritual of the Crone's cycles and seasons.

by Abby Willowroot

Books in PDF format to read:

Aristotle - On Dreams
Michael Prescott - Darklore

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Invokation To The Crone At Samhain

Invokation To The Crone At Samhain Cover
O Lady Of Mourning we call to Thee
By the Cauldron of Hidden Sight
O Lady of Keening we call to Thee
By the Wings of Endless Flight
O Lady of Wisdom we call to Thee
By the Cave as dark as Night

Cailleach, Crone, Beloved Guardian of the Ford
Night Mother, Lover and Wise One
We ask for your aid in parting the Veil
We invoke thee.

(then the Crone calls the Lord Of The Underworld)

Further reading (free e-books):

Brian Swimme On Chardin - The Divinization Of The Cosmos
Aleister Crowley - The Invocation Of Thoth

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Altar Candidate

Altar Candidate Image

This is from the alt.magick group on Usenet. It was posted in the middle of the last year.


Due to an overwhelming email response, I've decided to post my solitary G.D.
Neophyte (0=0) ritual. It's still in the experimental stages, so I'd appreciate comments.

A few caveats. First of all, compared to the 'official' ritual (which I included in outline form after my own), it is SHORT. Much detail has been omitted. This is primarily to aid memorization, but the central working or 'purpose' of the ritual can be expanded in many ways (I give 2 examples). Because of this flexibility and brevity, it may not stand up to 'official' standards -- I probably don't mention enough god-forms, stations, or sephiroth (yet) -- but I still think it's a valuable tool.

In addition, please forgive the somewhat stilted prose in the descriptions. It was written with the old grade rituals in mind. Also, some parts are completely of my own design (such as the oath and the eucharist at the end), but I think they mesh well with the 0=0 'current'.

Oh yes, and: The following is copyrighted, 1992, by Steven R. Cranmer.

* * * * * * * THE ENTERER OF THE THRESHOLD * * * * * * *

(0) Precede the ritual with a general purification of the body.


(1) Dim the Temple lights. Lay out thy circle in a clockwise direction, starting in the East. Set up a veiled Light in the East.

(2) Stand in the center of the circle, light thy lamp in the left hand, and give the Cry of the Watcher Within:

"Hekas! Hekas! Este Bebeloi!"

(3) Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, to banish all unwanted energy from the circle. Precede and follow with the Qabalistic Cross.

(4) At the center, keep still and listen to the voice of thy Undying and Secret Soul. Say:

"Let me enter the Path of Darkness and, peradventure, there shall I find the Light.
I am the only Being in an Abyss of Darkness; from an Abyss of Darkness came I forth ere my birth, from the Silence of a Primal Sleep."

(5) Purify and consecrate thyself:

Extend thy arms in the form of a great cross, and say:

"In the name of the Lord of the Universe,"

Make three small crosses on thy forehead with the LEFT middle finger (Stolistes purifies with water), and say:

"Who works in silence,"

Make three small crosses on thy forehead with the RIGHT little finger (Dadouchos consecrates with fire), and say:

"And whom naught but silence can express...."

(6) The Oath:

Kneel on both knees. Raise thy head towards the heavens, and say:

"I am "and I seek the Light."

Lower thy head to the earth, and say (slowly and methodically):

"I am "and I do this day bind myself to Know, to Dare, to Will, and to Keep Silence."

Raise thy head slightly, halfway between earth and heaven, and say:

"I am "and I am a child of earth and starry heaven."


(7) Mystic Circumambulation in the Path of Darkness:

Rise, approach the North, and face East. Circumambulate one and a half cycles with the sun, and pause -- barred in the South. Take a deep breath before continuing, contemplating the uselessness of fear uncontrolled, then say upon passing the Hierus in the West:

"Darkness is thy Name, thou Great One of the Paths of Shades."

Circumambulate one and a quarter cycles with the sun, and pause -- barred in the North. Take a deep breath before continuing, contemplating the need for balance (the Middle Pillar), then say upon passing the Hierophant in the East:

"Light dawning in Darkness is thy Name, the Light of a Golden Day!"

From the East, turn and face the West.

(8) Close thine eyes, and hear the Hierophant say, as you step forward four times to the West,

"I come in the Power of the Light.
I come in the Light of Wisdom.
I come in the Mercy of the Light.
The Light hath Healing in its Wings."

(9) Turn and face the East. Open thine eyes and invoke the Lord of the Universe as you step four times back towards the East.

"Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe!
Holy art Thou, whom Nature hath not Formed!
Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One!
Lord of the Light and of the Darkness!"

Simultaneously, make the active invoking pentagram of spirit with thy right index finger, and the passive invoking pentagram of spirit with thy left index finger.

(10) Touch the Light in the East with thy right hand, and say:

"Inheritor of a Dying World,
We call thee to the Living Beauty."

Touch the Light with thy left hand, and say:
"Wanderer in the Wild Darkness,
(light the Light)
We call thee to the Gentle Light."

Touch the Light with both hands, and say:

"Long hast thou dwelt in Darkness,
Quit the Night and seek the Day!"

Knock with the right foot with each pulse of the Battery, and take small steps (9)
backwards, extending the Light...


Bask in the power and glory of the Light, and imagine the god-form of Horus surrounding thee.

(11) At this point in the ritual, many things can be done. Two reflective practices, however, are obvious:

(a) DIVINATION: Sit in the center of the circle, face the Light, and perform thy castings. Begin with the sign of Horus, and end with the sign of Harpocrates.


Step forward, starting with the right foot, and trace out the Tree of Life, rising on the upward Lightning Flash. Vibrate each sephiroth-name as it is passed.

Arriving at Kether in the East, bask in the power and glory of the Light. Vibrate each Hebrew letter name, starting with Aleph, and meditate on its meaning, position in the Tree, and Tarot image.

Turn to the West and formulate the Middle Pillar, beginning with the sign of Horus and ending with the sign of Harpocrates.


(12) Mystic Reverse Circumambulation in the Pathway of Light:

Rise, and approach the East. Face towards the East and make the signs of Horus and Harpocrates. Circumambulate with the sun three times (making the above 0=0 signs upon each passage to the East -- three more times). Stop and turn to the West.

(13) Go to the center and face West. Purify and consecrate thyself: Extend thy arms in the form of a great cross, and say:

"In the name of the Lord of the Universe,"

Make three small crosses on thy forehead with the LEFT middle finger (Stolistes purifies with water), and say:

"Who works in silence,"

Make three small crosses on thy forehead with the RIGHT little finger (Dadouchos consecrates with fire), and say:

"And whom naught but silence can express,"

Extend thy arms once again in the form of a great cross, and say:

"I declare that the Sun has arisen and the shadows flee away!"

(14) Face the East, and take thy eucharist:
(NOTE: The following is ancient Egyptian, from the Book of the Dead. Roughly translates as "I live in MAAT, I nourish my heart on MAAT")

Sipping the wine, say: "Onkh-ya, em-maot."
Eating the bread, say: "Som-ya, em-maot."
Swallowing both, say: "Ab-ya."

(15) Contemplate the achievement of the Light:

"Be my mind open to the Higher.
Be my heart a centre of the Light.
Be my body a Temple of the Rosy Cross."

(16) Final banishment: (precede and follow with the Qabalistic Cross).

Make a rose-cross in the east. First, make the vertical line, from top to bottom, saying:

"In the name of Yeheshuah the redeemer,"

Make the horizontal line, from left to right, saying:

"I do now suffer all spirits bound by this ceremony to depart in peace unto their places."

Make the circle, starting at the rightmost point and going clockwise, saying:

"May the blessing of Yeheshuah Yehovashah be with you now and forever more, and let there be peace between me and you."
(17) Stand in the center of the circle, light thy lamp in the left hand, and give the Cry of the Watcher Within:


(18) Douse the unveiled Light. Take up thy circle in a counter-clockwise direction, starting in the East. Raise the Temple lights.

An outline of the full Neophyte ceremony follows.

The letters in column 1 refer to the breakdown of the ritual in the Z.2 'formulae of light.'


A East

A HP "
A \east/

A (B) HG (J)
A North
A / \

A \west/ HS

A West SN

B HP = Hierophant

C IM = Imperator (Gevurah)
C CN = Cancellarius (Chesed)
C PR = Praemonstrator (Tiphareth)
C PH = Past Hierophant
C HS = Hierus
C HG = Hegemon
C KX = Kerux
C ST = Stolistes
C DA = Dadouchos
C SN = Sentinel

D The Candidate, in black. Head covered with hood-wink, rope tied
D thrice around waist.

E 01. HP / (/ is symbol for knock)
E 02. KX gives call: `Hekas! Hekas! Este Bebeloi!'
E 03. HP supervises the opening....
E - KX and SN knock to check that the Hall is guarded.
E - HS accepts Neophyte signs from all to assure secrecy.
E 04. Naming of chief officers of this grade (HP,HS,HG).
E Naming of lesser officers. (by NAMING, Invisible stations awake)
E Explanation of stations and duties of all officers.
E 05. Purification and Consecration (of the Hall) with water and fire.
E 06. 1st Mystical Circumambulation (in the Pathway of Light;
E Rashith ha-Gilgalim - the swirlings of the Primum Mobile
E 07. All rise, adoration: `Holy art thou, Lord of the Universe....'
E 08. KX declares the Hall opened.
E 09. Battery of the 0=0 grade: HP /, HS /, HG / : KHABS AM PEKHT
E HS /, HG /, HP / : KONX OM PAX
E 10. All sit. KX removes rose, cup, paten, and lamp from altar.

F 11. HP announces dispensation from 2nd Order Chiefs to admit Candidate.
F 12. HG goes out to prepare candidate. Knocks for entry.

G 14. Speeches by HG, ST, DA, HP, KX : unpurified; barred from entering.
G 15. 1st purification and consecration (of Candidate).

H 16. HP asks Candidate why he has come. HG replies for Candidate.

I 17. HP asks Candidate if he/she is prepared for the Oath, and explains I its ramifications and limits.

J 18. Candidate kneels. All 6 officers form a hexagram around him/her.
J 19. The OATH is repeated.
J 20. Candidate rises.

K 21. HG takes Candidate to NORTH of Hall (greatest symbolical darkness).

L 22. Mystical Circumambulation - all pass HP twice, then KX bars the L Candidate's passage to the WEST.
L 23. 2nd purification and consecration.

M 24. Procession proceeds to HS. HS promps HG for his name.
M 25. Hood-wink momentarily lifted as HG answers.

N 26. Circumambulation continues. All pass HP and HS again, then KX bars N Candidate's passage to the EAST.
N 27. 3rd purification and consecration.

O 28. Procession proceeds to HP. HP promps HG for his name.
O 29. Hood-wink momentarily lifted as HG answers.

P 30. Circumambulation leads to Altar (Candidate on WEST side). All P officers, in hexagram pattern, but HP kneel.
P 31. HP invokes the Lord of the Universe.

Q 32. All rise. HG, HS, HP speeches to the effect of: `Long hast thou Q dwelt in Darkness - Quit the Night and seek the Day!'
Q 33. The Candidate is received into the Light:
Q HS /, HG /, HP / : KONX OM PAX

R 34. Candidate led to EAST side of Altar. Receives signs, tokens, and R words from HS.
R 35. 4th purification and consecration (between the Pillars).

S 36. Rope of darkness removed. Badge of 0=0 received.
S 37. Final Mystical Circumambulation. All pass HP thrice.

T 38. HP explains rope, hood-wink, Altar (with cross, triangle, and 4 T elements), the mystical words, the pillars, lamps, and officers'
T stations and meanings.
T 39. KX declares that NEOPHYTE has been initiated into 0=0.

U 40. HS addresses Neophyte on secrecy, study, and humility.

V 41. HP addresses Neophyte on detail of grade progression.

W 42. KX performs mixing of clear & bloody fluids. Explains the
W importance of the Oath taken.

X 43. HP /
X 44. KX gives call: `Hekas! Hekas! Este Bebeloi!'
X 45. HP supervises the closing....
X - KX and SN (& HS,HG) knock to check that the Hall is guarded.
X - HS accepts Neophyte signs from all to assure secrecy.
X 46. Final Purification and Consecration (of the Hall).
X 47. Mystical REVERSE Circumambulation.
X 48. All rise, adoration: `Holy art thou, Lord of the Universe....'
X 49. Mystic Repast (eucharist of 4 elements). All partake.
X 50. KX declares `It is finished!' (inverts cup), TETELESTAI!
X 51. HP /, HS /, HG / : KHABS AM PEKHT
X HS /, HG /, HP / : KONX OM PAX
X 52. Final QUINTESSENCE speech of HP. Neophyte led out by KX.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Aleister Crowley - Alexandra
Albert Pike - Morals And Dogma
Aleister Crowley - The Star And The Garter

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Someone Princess Someone Shame

Someone Princess Someone Shame Cover by Roy Rindom

So young and tender pure at heart
She walks the street alone at night
Waiting for a John to bite.
It's the only life she ever knew
So take your fondle, kiss or screw
There's no time to play this game
Someone's princess -- someone's shame.

I need to see some paper first
So watch your hands before you pay
Give it up, or I'm on my way
His name is John and she takes his dough
Shit. He's yelling "Start the show!"
The names never change on any given night
A Pro / A Whore / even Bum
The one that hurts is a Little scum
He doesn't care what she's Called
There's no time to hear her name
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

She dares not think how it all started
Lives are ruined with families parted
At thirteen she's young and sweet
What great Friends are on the street
Trust me / Take this / Listen here
At night it's always "be my dear"
There's no time to lay the blame
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

Now fourteen -- one year older
Much more callous, even bolder
Her hips, her walk speak that beat
She's a lady of the street
The clothes have changed throughout the year
First champagne; now it's beer
How she's grown since she first started
Damn that day the family parted
This world's unfair and barely tame
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

Now fifteen; it's been two years
Oh my God she's lost her fears
She's slept with women and two men
On the street there's no pretend
My, her heart is filled with pain
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

How much longer will she last
For on the street you age so fast
She's not allowed to show her tears
They are only hurts and fears
Then one night with a sigh
She felt a peace deep inside
Reminiscing how she started
That fateful day the family parted
For on the street there is no game
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

Books in PDF format to read:

Ramsey Dukes - Ssotbme Revised An Essay On Magic
Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton I The Lesser Key Of Solomon Goetia
Anonymous - Basic Principles Of The Craft
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Invocation Of The Elements

Invocation Of The Elements Cover
Air, Fire, Water, Earth,
Elements of Astral birth,
I call you now; attend to me!

In the circle, rightly cast,
Safe from psychic curse or blast,
I call you now, attend to me!

From cave and desert, sea and hill,
By blade and wand, cup and pentacle,
I call you now; attend to me!
This is my will, so mote it be!

[This invocation may be chanted while moving or dancing around the
altar to raise elemental energy for magickal workings.]

Further reading (free e-books):

Eliphas Levi - The Conjuration Of The Four Elements
James Eschelman - Invocation Of Horus

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Longing Cover Whispers shared
'tween bent heads
echo still in time.
Carry us to beds
yet aligned.

Lover, what soft whispers said
Between us
can fill this empty space?
Yet no Words need
at all be uttered.
No words need be said.

And trapped there in our near mouths
defences crumble down
until there is but only us.
We have no need of sound.

The rushing river of our blood
will drown out any woe.
And pulse, like thunder in our veins,
rages for what we know
will be the Ultimate joining.

Oh to make love to you!

Contributed and authored by Moontoadie

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Cocaine
Michael Majerus - Atalanta Fugiens
Edward Bulwer Lytton - Zanoni
Aleister Crowley - La Gitana
Phil Hine - On Cursing
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Book

The Book Cover By Raven Lemay

Across from darkened hall, behind closed door,
a small lamp flickers faithfully.
I sit with feet upon the cold stone floor
Worn smooth by those who've journeyed before me.

The light of candle falls upon my pen
And illuminates the Word and Way for me.
The Shadows they rise up and fall again
But the colors they are bright enough to see.

The twisting Vine around the Word does grow
with gilt-gold leaves and fruits so ripe and rare
and becomes a candle - with red flame all aglow
and the flame becomes the Lion's golden hair.

I turn the page, and there before my eyes
The Word illumines brighter than before
The stars and universe enfold It round
as cherubim and seraphim adore.

With silver moon and stars around her feet
The Universe enfolds her with Its Grace.
For she bears the Cosmic Child of Light so sweet
The Undying Sun who holds the world in His embrace.

I wrap a woolen cloak around my frame
to ward off the chill and drafty winds of night
That shake and try to squelch the Candle flame
and make dark - the Word before my sight.

For I myself am drawn into the scene
In colors bright - alive and many hued.
I see in myself the Vine so evergreen
Myself with candle flame imbued.

I know not yet the Writing on this page
for the Author of it alone directs the pen
But when the time is ripe for the Word Unknown
I will pick up this book and write and read again.

Books in PDF format to read:

Michael Ford - The Book Of Cain
Meshafi Resh - The Black Book
Rabbi Michael Laitman - The Open Book
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Gathering Chant

A Gathering Chant Cover
The night is upon us
The sky is clear
We call upon the Goddess
and She is near

Children of the Goddess gather
Weaving webs of magick
Dancing circles through time
Chanting to the quarters
Re-membering an earlier time

The year moves in a sacred wheel
As the Goddess teaches us to heal
We heal ourselves and each other
We heal the Earth

Children of the Goddess gather
Weaving webs of magick
Dancing circles through time
Chanting to the quarters
Re-membering an earlier time

Our spirits know the way
To celebrate each day
We heal ourselves and each other
We heal the Earth
Re-birthing a saner time

Children of the Goddess gather
Weaving webs of magick
Dancing circles through time
Chanting to the quarters
Re-membering an earlier time

by Abby Willowroot

Books in PDF format to read:

Frater Hoor - A Thelemic Calendar
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Crawling Chaos
Paul Huson - Mastering Witchcraft

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spring Goddess Invokation

Spring Goddess Invokation Cover
By bud of leaf and bud of flower
By running stream & lovers bower
Goddess of Spring, of Maidens Call
We invoke thee

By sacred well and sacred flame
By soverign stone and field of grain
Goddess of Spring, Queen of May
We invoke thee

By scent of spring that carries our prayer
By fertile fields and snow white mare
Goddess of Spring of Hawthorns Bloom
We invoke thee

By Greenwood paths & scented leaves
Come ride as Queen, on Summers eve
Descend we pray into thy servant here
Goddess of Spring we invoke thee.

Further reading (free e-books):

Phil Hine - Aspects Of Evocation
Francesca De Grandis - Goddess Initiation

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