Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bedtime Blessing For Children

Bedtime Blessing For Children Cover
#1: Lord and Lady,
Bless me as I sleep
Keep me safe within your arms
As round me night time creeps
I ask you also, if you will,
To watch over the ones I love-
here's my list of those who need
Some blessings from above.

Blessings on...

#2: Bright light, White light
Take away my fright
Don't let the darkness scare me,
There's nothing here to fear.

Let me sleep the whole night long,
For I am safe in here.
White Light, Bright Light
Protect me through the night

This should be done cupping hands as if holding a ball of white light. Toss ball in air and imagine it bursting to fill the whole room with protection.)

(credit Tannev)

Further reading (free e-books):

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Anonymous - The Laws For Witches

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Celebrate The Recent Summer Solstice

We Celebrate The Recent Summer Solstice Image
Archedrama for Summer:


Firebearer: [Lights Witch fire in cauldron.]

P: [Holds the lit green and unlit red candles.]

Ps: Tonight we celebrate the recent Summer Solstice, the longest
day of the year. Now the light has reached its fullness;
and yet, gives way and changes into dark, reminding us that
even as there is Life-within-Death, so too there is Death-
within-Life. The Sun has reached the peak of its power, and
all life flourishes.

P: [Lights red candle with green.]

Ps: As the Maiden has become the Mother, so now the Sun begins
its decline, and the Holly King replaces the Oak King as the
consort of the Goddess.

P: [Snuffs the green candle with the red.]

Ps: Together They bring the hope and promise of the harvest, the
fruition of Their union, Their gift of bounty given freely
to the Children. In celebration of Their union, the
Children are invited to jump the Sabbat fire and ask for
Blessings for themselves, their homes, and their crops of
land and spirit. Those who are joined by the bonds of love,
may also jump the fire together to Bless their union.

P/s: [Are first to jump the fire.]

All: [Jump the fire after them.]

F: [Extinguishes Witch fire, moves cauldron aside.]

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Aleister Crowley - The Three Characteristics
Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 22 June 2008 Blessed Midsummer Solstice

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Father Of Creation Divine Mother

Father Of Creation Divine Mother Cover We sit at thy lotus feet in celebration of the consciousness you left us,
the Universal intelligence present in every atom of creation.

Let us all unite and throw away the chains of dogma,
that all people, from all walks of life, unite in truth.

We understand the point of religion isn't to have blind faith,
rather direction perception and experience,
that is why we sit here today,
so that we may directly experience our birthright,
the Christ Consciousness.

Bless all with the strength to sit with you for the whole time,
may this not feel like a burden to anyone that attempts it,
we do this with love, and free will.

We are sitting because we want too, in honor.
We use our free will to sit with thee,
you do not have to play hide and seek anymore,
this is our choice.

One thing we are not, oh Divine mother, are beggars.
We will not sit here and beg things of you,
We are your sons and daughters!

We only demand for what is ours!
What you created for us,
your love.

May your presence be felt as we sit in silence,
giving thanks to the consciousness you left us,
a road map back to your kingdom.

May you bless not only all that are attempting to sit with you,
but every sentient being.

Peace, Aum, Amen

Love, peace, compassion and respect

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Aleister Crowley - The Heart Of The Master
Aleister Crowley - The Invocation Of Thoth
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mother Goose 2

Mother Goose 2 Image

c 1996/97 By Ashlynn Ward


Two Yarrow Rituals:

Goodnight, fair yarrow,
Thrice goodnight to thee;
I hope before tomorrow's dawn
My true love I shall see.

note: On the night of a New Moon, pluck a sprig of yarrow. Place it under your pillow after repeating the spell over it, three times.

St. Valentine, that's to lovers kind,
Come ease the trouble of my mind,
And send the man that loves me true
To take the sprigs out of my shoe[s]

note: Gather a sprig of Thyme and one of Rosemary on the evening of a new moon.
Repeat the spell three times, while sprinkling your ritual [holy] water over these herbs. Place one sprig in each shoe and place each shoe on either side of the bed.

Two Lunar Divinations:

All hail to the moon! all hail to thee!
I prithee, good moon, declare to me
This night who my husband must be!

Luna, every woman's friend,
To me thy goodness condescend,
Let this night in visions see
Emblems of my destiny.

These spells were performed at the new moon with an elaborate ritual, namely: Under your pillow place a prayerbook, on top of this lay these cards; the 10 of clubs, the nine of hearts, the ace of spades, and the ace of diamonds. On top of these, rest three willow leaves, a ring, a key, a crust of bread, a tiny heart shaped cake and a flower. The rhyme [spell] is spoken three times, then the young woman was to sleep with her head upon the pillow.

Secure a branch of Ash with an even number of leaves growing on it. Mother Goose says use it thusly:

The even-ash leaf in my hand,
The first I meet shall be my man.
The even-ash leaf in my glove,
The first I meet shall be my love.
The even-ash leaf in my bosom,
The first I meet shall be my husband.

Another Even-Ash ritual from Mother Goose:

The even-ash I double in three
The first I meet my true love shall be;
If he be married let him pass by,
But if he be single let him draw nigh.

For three consecutive Friday nights, throw a pinch of salt on the fire saying:

It is not this salt that I wish to burn
But my lover's heart I wish to turn,
So that he may not rest nor happy be
Until he comes to me!

Place a chestnut on the fire, think of your love, speak this charm until the sign is given:

If you love me, pop and fly;
If you hate me, lay and die.

Two rituals to procure your lover:
On Samhain, sow Hemp-seed [illegal now!], repeating this spell:

Hemp-seed I set
Hemp-seed I sow,
The young man that I love,
Come after me and mow.

I sow, I sow,
Then my own dear,
Come hoe, come hoe,
And mow and mow.

On Samhain take 2 roses of different colors. Chose one to represent yourself, the other for your lover. Twine the stems together, repeating this spell:

Twine, twine, and intertwine,
Let my love be wholly mine.
If his heart be kind and true,
Deeper grows his rose's hue!

On the night of 20 January [St. Agnes Eve], eat no supper; venture out to a strange locale, being sure to wear stockings and a garter. When you retire for the night, take the right stocking that you wore, and the garter. "Knit" the garter around the stocking, making a knot, AS you repeat this spell:

This knot I knit,
To know the thing I know not yet,
That I may see
The man that shall my husband be,
How he goes, and what he wears,
And what he does all the days.

Lie down with your hands behind your head, (on your back), and sleep. You should dream of your future mate, whom will kiss you in the dream.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Morwyn - The Golden Dawn
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Other Gods

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Divinatory Esoteric And Occult Tarot

Divinatory Esoteric And Occult Tarot Image
There is only one week left to cast your votes for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards. There are five finalists in each holistic healing award category vying for your votes.


Are your favorites leading the race? running in the middle of the pack? or trailing at the heels of all their competitors? The vote continues through March 21, your votes can make a difference in deciding who comes out on top in these races. You are allowed to vote once a day (every 24hrs) for each contest, so keep coming back to support your favorites.



TOP DOG IS... Cat's Eye Tarot

UNDERDOGS ARE... Joie de Vivre Tarot and Universal Goddess Tarot

Cast your vote for Best Tarot Cards


TOP DOG IS... Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

UNDERDOG IS... The Shaman's Oracle

Cast your vote for Best Oracle Card Deck


TOP DOG IS... Chakra Awakening

UNDERDOGS ARE... The Sevenfold Journey and Chakra Clearing

Cast your vote for Best Chakra Healing Book


TOP DOG IS... @Spirit Wise

UNDERDOGS ARE... @ChakricTemple and @modernchakra

Cast your vote for Best Chakra Healing er


TOP DOG IS... How to Raise Your Vibration

UNDERDOGS ARE... Let's Talk Chakras!

Cast your vote for Best Chakra Healing Facebook Page


TOP DOG IS... Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide

UNDERDOG IS... Hawayo Takata's Story

Cast your vote for Best Reiki Book


TOP DOG IS... The Reiki Journey

UNDERDOG IS... Time Accelerated

Cast your vote for Best Reiki Music CD


TOP DOGS ARE... Rose De Dan and Jim Pathfinder Ewing

UNDERDOG IS... Dee Savoy

Cast your vote for Best Reiki er


TOP DOG IS... Reiki, Medicine, and Self-Care

UNDERDOG IS... Blue Moon Shamanic Reiki

Cast your vote for Best Reiki Facebook Page


TOP DOG IS... Master Massage

UNDERDOGS ARE... Oakworks and Nirvana

Cast your vote for Best Massage Table Maker


TOP DOG IS... Thera Cane

UNDERDOG IS... Foot Massage Reflexology Chart

Cast your vote for Best Massage Device


TOP DOG IS... Moon Cave Crystals

UNDERDOG IS... Raven Crystals

Cast your vote for Crystal and Gemstone Market


TOP DOG IS... Earth Lodge

UNDERDOGS ARE... Star Essences and Living Tree Orchid Essences

Cast your vote for Best Flower Essences


TOP DOG IS... Seeds of Wisdom Cards

UNDERDOG IS... The Psychic Oracle

Cast your vote for Mind/Body iPad App


TOP DOG IS... The Healing Waterfall

UNDERDOGS ARE... iSpiritual Finger Labyrinths and The Little Meditation Album

Cast your vote for Best Meditation Tool


TOP DOG IS... Chakra Boosters

UNDERDOGS ARE... Terra Tachyon Products and The Roby Chart

Cast your vote for Best Healer Tool


TOP DOG IS... Dr. Judith Orloff

UNDERDOG IS... Don Miguel Ruiz

Cast your vote for Most Inspirational Person


TOP DOG IS... Linda Richichi

UNDERDOG IS... Tamara Tavernier

Cast your vote for Favorite Intuitive Artist


TOP DOG IS... Jan Meryl

UNDERDOGS ARE... Joanne Brocas and Aidan Storey

Cast your vote for Favorite Angel Intuitive


TOP DOG IS... Karen Anderson

UNDERDOGS ARE... Naomi Brenda McDonald and James French

Cast your vote for Favorite Animal Communicator


TOP DOGS ARE... Woventear and Celina McMahon

UNDERDOGS ARE... Lea Gay and Amy Ahlers

Cast your vote for Favorite Intuitive Teacher


TOP DOG IS... Cristina Smith

UNDERDOG IS... Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz

Cast your vote for Favorite Medical Intuitive


TOP DOG IS... Deborah Hanlon

UNDERDOGS ARE... Bill Burns and Sandra Phillips

Cast your vote for Favorite Psychic Medium

"Peter Kramer / Getty Images"

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Also try this free pdf e-books:

Alice Bailey - Initiation Human And Solar
Aleister Crowley - The Zodiac And The Tarot

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Prayer Of Passage

Prayer Of Passage Cover
Oh Goddess
There is great sadness
A cherished one has gone

Emptyness engulfs me
Loss languishes within
Help me bear this grief

Accompany their spirit
Comfort we who grieve
Let us rejoice in their life

May their essence be recorded
In the Great Book of Shadows
Renew our rememberance with joy

by Abby Willowroot

Books in PDF format to read:

Daniel Defoe - A System Of Magic
Anonymous - Protection Of Space

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Clothes Do But Cheat And Cozen Us By Robert Herrick

Clothes Do But Cheat And Cozen Us By Robert Herrick Cover
Away with silks, away with lawn,
I?ll have no scenes or curtains drawn;
Give me my mistress as she is,
Dressed in her naked simplicities:
For as my heart, even so my eye
Is won with flesh, not drapery.

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - The Stratagem And Other Stories
Andrew Lang - The Witch And Other Stories

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Poison Tree

A Poison Tree Cover I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine.
And he knew that it was mine,

And into my garden stole
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

by William Blake

Books in PDF format to read:

Reeves Hall - Asatru In Brief
Dom Antoine Joseph Pernety - A Treatis On The Great Art
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Street
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wine Blessings

Wine Blessings Cover
Male: The male holds the power and is the reservoir of power.
Female: The female taps the power in him and channels it.
Both: Neither one can work without the other; one without the other is incomplete.

Male: The god is a god of life and death.
Female: The goddess is of birth and renewal.
Both: To learn you must struggle, to live you must be born, to be born you must die; the beginning, the continuation and the end, over and over and over.

Male: The sun gives forth light.
Female: The moon holds it in darkness.
Male: As above
Female: So below
Male: As the athame is to the male.
Female: So the chalice is to the female.
Both: And together joined they are one in truth, for there is no greater power in all the world than that of a man and woman joined in the bonds of love.

The grape on the vine has been picked and fermented
And soon the vine will wither and sleep
We have bottled it's sweet juice for the winter ahead
But tonight we shall drink of its warmth
As we drink lets us always remember
The eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth
For soon He will die
And soon She will weep
And this fruit shall have to live til the Spring
Emerges in all her glory and brings with her sweet warmth
Til then we must remember Her and our own earth bodies
With the ability to bring forth new life should we wish
An empowerment by the Goddess
A gift to her children
To show them the beauty of life.
And now, Great Goddess, bless this wine
So your children may taste of your wisdom

Further reading (free e-books):

Aleister Crowley - The Winged Beetle
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Assorted Poems

Assorted Poems Cover A song sung once in beauties past,
of health, and home, and hungers last.
Of poppies peace,
and summers night ease,
Shimmers of shadows, tomorrow's hold fast.
A song sung once is not at all,
but a cry from the heart, no sparrow's call.
Heart's cry meet the day,
and have your way,
That I might see, and never fall.

by JAH,1995.


Thine Crying Eye
By moon and stars,
And colored clouds;
My mind is free.
The Goddess, my muse,
Has set my soul afire.
To burn the curse,
Of evil and sadness
The wind through my body,
Brushing my soul.
To forgive the forgivness.
Oh the happiness I hold.
By the crying streams,
And the laughing flowers;
The earth speaks,
To ever
Open minds.

by Emilie Barger


In the morning I awaken
within the dusty, illiterate thresholds
of my mind
I am lying on feather pillows, eating breakfast in bed
peaches and cream and those triangle toast slices
(or whatever they eat)
and I arise and dress in expensive silk clothes
with unpronounceable names
and I drive downtown in my Rolls or Mercedes
(or whatever they drive)
and enter a teeming, massive building
Bustling brimming and harried business men women
Pass by the salvation army volunteers
Whose musical bells pierce the cacophony
and I lunch at La Boue d'Argent or Leicester's
(or wherever they lunch)
and come home late to retire to my bed
and I roll over
and I sit up
the cracked sidewalk spreads bloodless lips
and swallows my dream
and I cover myself with last week's newspaper
to keep out the November chill

By Selene, 1994


O Great Mother
Bless those who have followed you many moons before
O Great Goddess
Bless the children of today, for they have relit the torch
O Great and Powerful Mother
Thank you for my spiritual birth
you are the mother of the field
Mother of trees
Mother of the womb
Mother of wind
most of all
of all

by Craig Hatch

Books in PDF format to read:

Daniel Defoe - A System Of Magic
Aleister Crowley - Poems
Aleister Crowley - The Mass Of The Phoenix
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Selected Novels
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Blessing Of The Wine

Blessing Of The Wine Cover
Spirits of nature, of the trees and rocks, of the animals and Earth, give us your favor and your companionship, share with us the bond of spirit and of life on Earth. Remember us and speak to us in our hearts. Give us your teachings and laughter, become one among us here tonight, Consecrate these waters. Behold the Waters of Life!

Ancestors of Long ago, be with us, give us your favor and your wisdom, share with us the bond of kinship and of life upon Earth. Remember us and speak to us in our hearts. Give us your knowledge and your blessing, become one with us here tonight; Consecrate these waters. Behold The Waters of Life!

Gods and Goddesses, be with us, give us your favor and blessings, share with us the bonding essence and our existence upon your sphere of life. Remember us and speak to us in our hearts. give us your strength and your peace, become one among us here tonight. Consecrate these waters. Behold the Waters of Life!

Further reading (free e-books):

Graham Hancock - The Message Of The Sphinx
Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes

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