Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ssotbme Revised An Essay On Magic

Ssotbme Revised An Essay On Magic Cover

Book: Ssotbme Revised An Essay On Magic by Ramsey Dukes

Here is a new, revised edition of a book first published by The Mouse That Spins in April 1975 as ‘SSOTBME’ an essay on magic, its Foundations, Development and place in modern life. Since then it has run to two English, one American, two Polish and at least one German edition — and earned many friends along the way.

The book was originally conceived in 1974 as an essay to be included within a longer book. Christopher MacIntosh had proposed a collection of essays on topics such as Tantricism, Zen Buddhism and other exotic religious ideas which had been attracting wider interest in the West since the hippy era — and he thought it would be rather interesting to include a piece on Western Ritual Magic. The required contribution was written, but the book idea was shelved (as it were). That left a nice essay which was worth editing and publishing in its own right.

The publishing house was called ‘The Mouse That Spins’ because Companies’ House would not permit my use of ‘The Imperial Publishing House Of Great Britain’— a name which I considered rather cool and revolutionary at the time. It is less easy to explain why the book was originally published anonymously. So I won’t. Ramsey Dukes was asked to revise the text for this edition, on the assumption that he wrote the essay — however his style was more verbose than the original (maybe an effect of the corrupting influence of word processors since 1974) so his main additions have been ghettoised into appended chapters in smaller print in order to preserve the integrity of the original.

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