Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Blessing Of Seed

A Blessing Of Seed Image
Just a short charm for seed-blessing. The main poem is Paganized from the Carmina Gadelica, but it's pretty thoroughly mutated. It's set in a group context, but would be easy to adapt for solitary work. A blessed spring equinox to all - may the rising light bring strength and hope to all who have special need of it this season...

A Seed-Blessing Charm

The folk come forward and place their seeds and eggs and intentions into the vessels. The speakers come forward, and the Druid takes a small handful of seed and holds it high. The speakers recite:

I will go out to sow the seed
In the names of Those who give it growth
I'll turn my face into the wind
And throw a proper handful high

The grain that falls on stone shall find
No goodly soil in which to grow
But all that falls on Mother Earth,
The dew will make it to be full.

The Holy Feast the Day Auspicious
The gentle dew will softly welcome
Every seed that has lain sleeping
Since the frost of winter's coming

Every seed takes root in Spring-earth
The King of Summer shines, desiring
That green may come forth with the dew
And draw its breath from soft spring winds.

I will come round with my step
Rightwise round as turns the sun
In the name of the Queen of the Nobles all
In the name of the Lord of Growth and Beauty

Lord and Lady, Noble beings
Give you growth and swelling substance
To every seed, in heart or furrow
As the Season of Gladness waxes warm.

All join hands, drums start and all sing, dancing if they will:

Lord and Lady hear your people
Bless this seed by earth and sun
Grant it growth and bring us blessing
Keep it til the reaping's done
Sing until a stop, then the Druid recites:

Long have we slept in winter's dark. Now let the light rise in our lives as it rises in the world. Let the waters flow and the seeds grow, and the blessing of sun and earth bring us life, love and laughter.

So be it!

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Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells
Asatru Free Assembly - The Lessons Of Asgard

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Female Wine Blessing

Female Wine Blessing Cover
The Goddess calls originate from an all-female version I wrote of the Dedication ritual of the Odyssian tradition. The original was written by Richard and Tamarra James. This version follows the structure of the original fairly closely, and maintains some of the original lines, so if you like it, send your compliments to Richard as well as to me.

Ditto for the Wine Blessing, as it is a modified version of the Odyssian standard WB.

One priestess represents the Moon Goddess (the conventionally feminine role), and the other the Sun Goddess (the conventionally masculine role).

We half-jokingly called this the butch-femme wine blessing...

Goddess Calls:


I am She who shone forth from the Dark of Night,
When time was begun.
Lady of the Sea, join Me,
And let all things be formed of Our union.
Thou who art called Artemis, Hecate, Cerridwen, Isis.
Giver of love, protection, and the joy of life,
Goddess of the Earth, Moon and Sea,
Ruler of the Night,
Mistress of Magic, Keeper of the Mysteries.
Ascend to Me on bright and silvered wing.
For lo, I receive these gifts of Thee:
Life, and love, and gifts from the Sea.
I am the Sun, the Sun that calleth Thee.
I am the arching Sky that covers Thee.
Come unto Me, my Lady, come unto Me,
And be welcome.
Hail, and blessed be.


I am She who rose from the depths of the Sea,
When time was begun.
Lady of the Bright Sky, join Me,
And let all things be formed of Our union.
Thou who art called Athena, Bast, Sekhmet, Amaterasu.
Giver of strength, guidance, and the will of life,
Goddess of the Sun, Sky, and Winds,
Ruler of the Day,
Bringer of Justice and Voice of Truth.
Descend to Me on bright and golden wing.
For lo, I receive these gifts of Thee:
Life, and strength, and fullest ecstasy.
I am the Sea, the Sea that calleth Thee.
I am the waiting Earth that welcomes Thee.
Come unto Me, my Lady, come unto Me,
And be welcome.
Hail, and blessed be.

Wine Blessing:

MG anoints SG and hands her the athame.


Bright Lady, thou art the Sun.
Thy heat is radiant.
Warrior Maiden, Giver of the Law,
Here is the athame,
The Air and Fire are contained within it,
As are their powers.

SG anoints MG and hands her the chalice.


Dark Lady, thou art the Moon,
Giver of dreams and visions.
Wise One, Teacher of the Mysteries,
Here is the chalice,
The Earth and the Sea are contained within it,
As are their powers.


I am the spark of life,
The well of flame wherein dwells all power and potential.


And I am the primal matter,
The core of earth that gives shape and form to that power.


Neither one can work without the other.
One without the other is incomplete.


Mine are wisdom and knowledge, passion and pride.


And mine are love and dreams, silence and mystery.


To learn you must suffer,
To live you must be born,
To be born you must die.
The beginning, continuation and the end,
Over and over.


The Sun brings forth light,


And the Moon holds it in darkness.


As above,


So below.

SG: (Raises athame)
And as the athame is one half of our divine nature,


So the chalice is the other.

Both: (Athame into chalice)
And conjoined they be one in truth,
For it is in the Dance that Life is born,
In the balance that truth is found,
And there is no greater power in all the world
Than that of Love.

by Linda Landstreet

Further reading (free e-books):

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Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 45 May 2010 Samhain Blessings

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Healing Doses Of The Week Mar 05 11

Healing Doses Of The Week Mar 05 11 Image
March 12, 2012 - Throughout the week I am blogging, writing new articles, updating or revising older content, also adding reader submissions. HEALING DOSES is Monday morning's blog roundup of what has been added over the past week at About Holistic Healing.

H E A L I N G ~ L E S S O N S

mon tue wed thu fri sat sun


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"pillbox image (c) Brighton"

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mother The Shelter Divine

Mother The Shelter Divine Cover
Mother ! Far more than mother land ,,
You with your glory , in our hearts stand.
Mother ,-the colossal mine of love and care ,
Beauty's virgin , creation's origin , the only fair !

Your word , your smile , and cozy lap ,
Outdo the Everest's snow-white cap.
Mother ! assured shelter ,
Un-borrowed faith , never alter ,
A goal of the child's soul ,
Emblem divine ,-serve your role.

Throbbing nectar with pleasing eye ,
Nourish the child and found the tie ,
Joyous generous , germinated spirit ,
Oh! darling -mother ,-the grandest retreat !

Mother ,-the light house of abstract reality ,
Incarnation of fortitude and forgiveness ,
Me an unworthy son ,bow to your lotus feet ,
Let thousands heaven go to sleep , you alone ,
With age long steps , rise and awake cyclone !
Oh! Mother all human-sufferings, living oasis.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Aleister Crowley - The Heart Of The Master
Eliphas Levi - The Key Of The Mysteries

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

High Priestly Prayer

High Priestly Prayer Image
060/068 Sat 16 Sep 1989 18:44:00
From: Aleister Crowley
To: All
Subj: Liber A'ash Vel Capricorni Pneumatici Sub Figura Ccclxx
Attr: local

* Original: FROM.....Tony Iannotti (107/666)
* Original: TO.......Therion (107/666)
* Forwarded by.......OPUS 107/666



0. Gnarled Oak of God! In thy branches is the lightning nested! Above
thee hangs the Eyeless Hawk.
1. Thou art blasted and black! Supremely solitary in that heath of scrub.
2. Up! The Ruddy clouds hang over thee! It is the storm.
3. There is a flaming gash in the sky.
4. Up.
5. Thou art tossed about in the grip of the storm for an aeon and an aeon
and an aeon. But thou givest not thy sap; thou fallest not.
6. Only in the end shalt thou give up thy sap when the great God F.I.A.T.
is entroned on the day of Be-With-Us.
7. For two things are done and a third thing is begun. Isis and Osiris
are given over to incest and adultery. Horus leaps up thrice armed from the
womb of his mother. Harpocrates his twin is hidden within him. SET is his
holy covenant, that he shall display in the great day of M.A.A.T., that is
being interpreted the Master of the Temple of A: A:, whose name is Truth.
8. Now in this is the magical power known.
9. It is like the oak that hardens itself and bears up against the storm.
It is weather-beaten and scarred and confident like a sea-captain.
10. Also it straineth like a hound in the leash.
11. It hath pride and great subtlety. Yea, and glee also!
12. Let the Magus act thus in his conjuration.
13. Let him sit and conjure; let him draw himself together in that
forcefulness; let him rise next swollen and straining; let him dash back the
hood from his head and fix his basilisk eye upon the sigil of the demon.
Then let him sway the force of him to and fro like a satyr in silence, until
the word burst from his throat.
14. Then let him not fall exhausted, although he might have been ten
thousandfold the human; but that which floodeth him is
the infinite mercy of the Genitor-Genitrix of the Universe, whereof he is the
15. Nor do thou deceive thyself. It is easy to tell the live force from
the dead matter. It is no easier to tell the live snake from the dead snake.
16. Also concerning vows. Be obstinate, and be not obstinate. Understand
that the yielding of the Yoni is one with the lengthening of the Lingam.
Thou art both these; and thy vow is but the rustling of the wind on Mount
17. How shalt thou adore me who am the Eye and the Tooth, the Goat of the
Spirit, the Lord of Creation. I am the Eye in the Triangle, the Silver Star
that ye adore.
18. I am Baphomet, that is the Eightfold Word that shall be equilibrated
with the Three.
19. There is no act or passion that shall not be an hymn in mine honour.
20. All holy things and all symbolic things shall be my sacraments.
21. These animals are sacred unto me; the goat, and the duck, and the ass,
and the gazelle, the man, the woman and the child.
22. All corpses are sacred unto me; they shall not be touched save in mine
eucharist. All lonely places are sacred unto me; where one man gathereth
himself together in my name, there will I leap forth in the midst of him.
23. I am the hideous god, and who mastereth me is uglier than I.
24. Yet I give more than Bacchus and Apollo; my gifts exceed the olive and
the horse.
25. Who worshippeth me must worship me with many rites.
26. I am concealed with all concealments; when the Most Holy Ancient One
is stripped and driven through the market place, I am still secret and apart.
27. Whom I love I chastise with many rods.
28. All things are sacred to me; no thing is sacred from me.
29. For there is no holiness where I am not.
30. Fear not when I fall in the fury of the storm; for mine acorns are
blown afar by the wind; and verily I shall rise again,
and my childeren about me, so that we shall uplift our forest in Eternity.
31. Eternity is the storm that covereth me.
32. I am Existence, the Existence that existeth not save through its own
Existence, that is beyond the Existence of Existences, and rooted deeper than
the No-Thing-Tree in the Land of No-Thing.
33. Now therefore thou knowest when I am within Thee, when my hood is
spread over thy skull, when my might is more than the penned Indus, and
resistless as the Giant Glacier.
34. For as thou art before a lewd woman in Thy nakedness in the bazaar,
sucked up by her slyness and smiles, so art thou wholly and no more in part
before the symbol of the beloved, though it be but a Pisacha or a Yantra or a
35. And in all shalt thou create the Infinite Bliss and the next link of
the Infinite Chain.
36. This chain reaches from Eternity to Eternity, ever in triangles
not my symbol a triangle?
ever in circles
is not the symbol of the
Beloved a circle? Therein is all progress base illusion, for every circle is
alike and every triangle alike!
37. But the progress is progress, and progress is rapture, constant,
dazzling, showers of light, waves of dew, flames of the hair of the Great
Goddess, flowers of the roses that are about her neck, Amen!
38. Therefore lift up thyself as I am lifted up.
Hold thyself in as I am master to accomplish. At the end, be the end far
distant as the stars that lie in the navel of Nuit, do thou slay thyself as I
at the end am slain, in the death that is life, in the peace that is mother
of war, in the darkness that holds light in his hand, as an harlot that
plucks a jewel from her nostrils.
39. So therefore the beginning is delight, and the end is delight, and
delight is in the midst, even as the Indus is water in the cavern of the
glacier, and water among the greater hills and the lesser hills and through
the ramparts of the hills and through the plains, and water at the mouth
thereof when it leaps forth into the mighty sea, yea, into the mighty sea.

(The Interpretation of this Book will be given to members of the Grade of
Dominus Liminis on application, each to his Adeptus.)

ConfMail V4.00
* Origin: Operation Do Do Bird - New York, New York, (718) 499-9277 (1:107/666

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Marion Crawford - The Witch Of Prague
Alexander Mackenzie - The Prophecies Of The Brahan Seer
Anonymous - The Prophecies Of Paracelsus

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Woman Alone

A Woman Alone Image
When she cannot be sure
which of two lovers it was with whom she felt
this or that moment of pleasure, of something fiery
streaking from head to heels, the way the white
flame of a cascade streaks a mountainside
seen from a car across a valley, the car
changing gear, skirting a precipice,
When she can sit or walk for hours after a movie
talking earnestly and with bursts of laughter
with friends, without worrying
that it's late, dinner at midnight, her time
spent without counting the change...
When half her bed is covered with books
and no one is kept awake by the reading light
and she disconnects the phone, to sleep till noon...
self-pity dries up, a joy
untainted by guilt lifts her.
she has fears, but not about loneliness;
fears about how to deal with the aging
of her body--how to deal
with photographs and the mirror. She feels
so much younger and more beautiful
than she looks. At her happiest
--or even in the midst of
some less than joyful hour, sweating
patiently through a heatwave in the city
or hearing the sparrows at daybreak, dully gray,
toneless, the sound of fatigue--
a kind of sober euphoria makes her believe
in her future as an old woman, a wanderer,
seamed and brown,
little luxuries of the middle of life all gone,
watching cities and rivers, people and mountains,
without being watched; not grim nor sad,
an old winedrinking woman, who knows
the old roads, grass-grown, and laughs to herself...
She knows it can't be:
that's Mrs. Doasyouwouldbedoneby from The Water Babies,
no one can walk the world any more,
a world of fumes and decibels.
But she thinks maybe
she could get to be tough and wise, some way,
anyway. Now at least
she is past the time of mourning,
now she can say without shame or deceit,

O blessed Solitude.

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An Opening Blessing

An Opening Blessing Cover
A Native American tradition called for blessing a gathering by invoking the powers of the six directions. This morning, we will repeat this brief invocation with the help of the traditional Indian smudge sticks.

(Lights the sticks, extinguishes the flames, and uses the sticks to brush smoke in the directions indicated.)

(Below) We call on the power of Mother Earth, the Great Turtle, strong support for all humankind, bring to us patience and the ability to take one step at a time. Powers of the Earth, be with us!

(South) Powers of the South, Sacred Mouse, teacher of Trust and Innocence. Let us find again our innocent eyes, our playful trust in each other and in other humans. Powers of the South, the Mouse, be with us!

(West) Powers of the West, place of Intuition and of the power of woman, Great Bear, bringer of dreams. Teach us the ability to go inside ourselves and discover the truth within. Powers of the West, Great Bear, be with us!

(North) Powers of the North, home of the Great Buffalo, spirit of wisdom and knowledge. Bring us the wisdom to share with each other and to provide for one another. Powers of the North, Buffalo, be with us!

(East) Powers of the East, come, source of light and illumination, Eagle, creature of great heights. Give us the gift of sight, that we may see clearly the path ahead. Powers of the East, Eagle, be with us!

(Above) Powers of the Sky, Great Spirit, come, bring all healing and infinite guidance. Sun that shines bright upon all our days. Powers of Earth, of south, west, north, and east, be with us as the sun in the sky!

(Turns to the audience.) The traditional blessing of power came through the scenting of others with the smoke from smudge sticks like these, composed of sage, cedar or other substances. As I have ceremonially blessed this service, now let each of you do the same to the other.

(Each person uses the smudge stick on one other person.)

(From the American Indian Tradition)

Further reading (free e-books):

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Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eclogue Iv

Eclogue Iv Image
"Eclogue IV"

Muses of Sicily, let's sing a nobler song,
For trees and humble tamarisks do not appeal to all.
If we sing about the woods, let them be worthy of a consul.
The final age the Sibyl told has come to pass;
The great cycle of the centuries is born anew.
The Virgin now comes back, and Saturn's reign returns;
A new first-born descends from heaven's height.
Look kindly, pure Lucina, on this boy whose birth
Will end the iron race at last, and raise a golden race
Throughout the world. Now your Apollo reigns.
And Pollio, in your consulship, this glorious age
Will dawn, and the mighty months begin their onward march.
With you to lead, all lingering traces of our sins
Will be erased, and free the earth from endless dread.
He will receive the life divine, see gods and heroes
Intermingle, and he himself be seen by them,
And through his father's goodness, rule a world at peace.
But first, child, the untilled earth will give you little
Gifts: wandering ivy with cyclamen everywhere,
Smiling acanthus mingling with Egyptian beans.
Goats will come home, their udders full of milk,
All by themselves; and cattle will not fear huge lions.
Your very cradle will shower you with caressing flowers.
The snake will die, and treacherous poison-plants
Will die, and Assyrian spice grow everywhere.
And then, as soon as you can read of famous men
And of your father's deeds, and know what manhood means,
Soft spikes of corn will slowly turn the fields to gold,
And reddening grapes will hang down from neglected briars,
And hardy oak-trees sweat with honeydew.
Yet lingering traces of our ancient sin
Will still make men attempt the sea in ships, encircle
Towns with walls, and cut deep furrows in the earth.
A second Tiphys then there'll be, a second Argo,
To carry chosen heroes. Even second wars there'll be,
And great Achilles will be sent once more to Troy.
Later, when strengthening years have made a man of you,
The merchant will forsake the sea, and pine-wood ships
Exchange their goods no more. All lands will grow all things.
Earth will not feel the hoe, nor vines the pruning-knife.
The sturdy ploughman now will free his oxen from the yoke.
Wool will not have to counterfeit its hue,
For in the fields, the ram will change the colour of his fleece,
From softly-glowing purple to a saffron gold;
And natural red will clothe the grazing lambs.
'Let centuries like these come soon', the Fates cried
To their spindles, in concord with the steadfast will of destiny.
Dear child of gods, great progeny of Jupiter,
Take up your gloriousness - the time will soon be here.
Look how the cosmos trembles in its vaulted mass,
The land, the ocean's reaches, and the unfathomable sky.
Look how they all rejoice in the age that is to be!
If then the final days of my long life remain
And I have breath to celebrate your deeds,
Then neither Linus nor Orpheus from Thrace will vanquish me
In song, however much one has his mother's, one his father's, help -
Orpheus Calliop"e's, and Linus fair Apollo's.
If even Pan should challenge me, with Arcady as judge,
Pan too, with Arcady as judge, would own defeat.
So come, then, little boy, and greet your mother with a smile
(She carried you for ten long, painful months).
So come, then, little boy. A child who has not smiled upon his mother,
No god thinks worthy of his table, nor goddess of her bed.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Cool Air
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Three Lives

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Love Secret

Love Secret Cover Never seek to tell thy love,
Love that never told can be;
For the gentle wind doth move
Silently, invisibly.

I told my love, I told my love,
I told her all my heart,
Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears.
Ah! she did depart!

Soon after she was gone from me,
A traveller came by,
Silently, invisibly:
He took her with a sigh.

by William Blake

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Mama San Ra Ab Rampa - Flor Silvestre
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Street
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Removing The Barriers To Spaceflight

Removing The Barriers To Spaceflight Image
Before the ritual begins, distribute paper and have an airplane-folding session.

TECHNO-LESSON #1: Making Fire

He tries to light the fire with firesticks; She then enters, lights the charcoal with the sacred Bic, and hands it to He, who lights the quarter candles with it and hands it back to She, who lights the altar candles.

Bless the Elements (She)

By the oceans that fed our grandparents

And the oceans that will house our grandchildren

I bless and purify this being of water.

By the Earth from which our grandparents rose

And the Earth which our grandchildren will watch rise

I bless and purify this being of earth.

By the wood fires of our grandparents

And the fusion fires of our grandchildren

I bless and purify this being of fire.

By the airy realms our grandparents studied

And the airy realms our grandchildren will walk

I bless and purify this being of air.

Cast the Circle (He)

As the Moon cuts a Circle round the Earth

As the Earth cuts a Circle round the Sun

So I cut this Circle round us.

As the rains wash the mountains

As the oceans wash the beaches

So I cleanse this Circle and we within it with Water and Salt.

As the Moon charges the restless waters

As the Sun charges all that is green and growing

So I charge this Circle and we within it with Air and Fire.

Invoke Quarters (She)

I invoke thee, Mighty Ones of the East; bring us Your gifts of wisdom; watch over us in this Circle. Come to us in the name of Athena WiseWeaver! Hail and Welcome!

I invoke thee, Mighty Ones of the South; bring us Your gifts of will; watch over us in this Circle. Come to us in the name of Brigid Smith Mistress! Hail and Welcome!

I invoke thee, Mighty Ones of the West; bring us Your gifts of understanding;
watch overus in thisCircle. Come tous in thename of Poseidon Ship Master!
Hail and Welcome!

I invoke thee, Mighty Ones of the North; bring us Your gifts of dedication;
watch over us in this Circle. Come to us in the name of Ptah CraftsMaster!
Hail and Welcome!

We are now between the worlds.


TECHNO-LESSON #2: Overcoming Physical Shortcomings

Chant: She Changes Everything She Touches

He & She begin the chant, She drumming. Her shoulder starts acting up; He gets out the Casio (tempo -2, any 4/4 rhythm). For the chant, mix verses as is pleasing.

She changes everything She touches and

Everything She touches, changes.

She changes everything She touches and

Everything She touches, changes.

We are the changers

Everything we touch can change.

Change us, touch us;

Touch us, change us.

Everything that dies is born again

In a new place, on a new day.

Everything that's lost is found again

On a new day, in a new way.

Io, Kore!

Io, Kore!

Io, Persephone!

TECHNO-LESSON #3: Supplementing Abilities

First, He & She 'argue' about who's going to lead it, jokingly asking if anyone in Circle wants to do background music; then He gets pathworking with music on audio tape. When pathworking is done, folks should still be in light trance; the next thing is to concretize the working by distributing pens so that people can put whatever they symbols they think are appropriate on their airplanes.

POWER CHANT: A rising OM; which at peak leads into Countdown. At
"Liftoff", throw the planes upwards (when done, planes can either be kept or HP/S should offer to see that they get burned.

(* Note *
) (* Note *) Don't forget to Ground (* Note *) (* Note *)


Earth below us

Drifting, falling

Floating weightless

Coming home

TECHNO-LESSON #4: There is no Techno-Lesson #4.


Topics for Discussion:

(0) Why we invoked the particular guys

(1) Best and Worst side of technology

(2) Incorporating tech with Wicca

(3) Space Travel & Wicca: not leaving Her dead when we go

(4) More respecters of Earth involved with control of tech

(5) Whatever else...


I thank Thee, Mighty Ones of the North for Your presence at our rite, and ere You depart for Your earthy realms we bid You Hail and Farewell, in the name of Ptah Crafts Master.

I thank Thee, Mighty Ones of the West for Your presence at our rite, and ere You depart for Your watery realms we bid You Hail and Farewell, in the name of Poseidon Ship Master.

I thank Thee, Mighty Ones of the South for Your presence atour rite, and ere You depart for Your fiery realms we bid You Hail and Farewell, in the name of Brigid Smith Mistress.

I thank Thee, Mighty Ones of the East for Your presence at our rite, and ere You depart for Your airy realms we bid You Hail and Farewell, in the name of Athena Wise Weaver.


Fire, seal the Circle round; let it fade beneath the ground; Let all things be as they were since the beginning of time.

(3 times)



Athame(s) & cingula


Censer & Incense


Salt dish & salt

Altar & quarter candles

Libation bowl

Cakes & wine

Robes (optional, depending on participants)

God & Goddess symbols


(1) Firesticks & Sacred Bic

(2) Paper and pens for paper airplanes

(3) Cassette deck and pathworking cassette

(4) Drum and Casio w/ rhythm generator

(5) Talking stick (optional)

by; Skydancer & Triton

Proteus Coven, NYC

(c) 1987 Perihelion Press. Reprinted by permission.

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Anonymous - Rep Insight The Witches Resource Pack

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Phases Of The Moon

Phases Of The Moon Image
Samuel Butler was an English satirist that aimed his sharp pen at the like of Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans [Hudibras]. He also poked fun of the new Royal Science society and wrote a poem called "The Elephant in the Moon"

Professor Bill Ashworth wrote...

In the poem, a group of virtuosi have trained their telescope on the moon and observed a war going on, a lunar conflict of epic proportions. Not only did they see swarming armies of lunar combatants, but one side was even using elephants! The dilettantes promptly sat down to write up their discovery, "and, for the general satisfaction, to print it in the next Transaction," referring to the now famous journal of the Royal society, then brand new. While they labored, their servants were busy as well: "The foot-boys, for diversion too, As having nothing else to do, Seeing the telescope at leisure, Turn'd virtuosoes for their pleasure." The servants took the telescope apart, and found a mouse in the tube, the true elephant on the moon, along with swarms of flies and gnats, which made up the lunar armies. Butler was one of many outsiders who found the activities of the early Royal Society ludicrous, as men with too much money and time on their hands, and too little wit, collected two-headed calves, looked at mold under the microscope, and tried to transfuse sheep's-blood into a dog. Fortunately for the likes of Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton, the Royal society weathered the storm.

The Elephant in the Moon


Samuel Butler

A learned society of late,

The glory of a foreign state,

Agreed, upon a summer's night,

To search the Moon by her own light;

To make an inventory of all

Her real estate, and personal;

And make an accurate survey

Of all her lands, and how they lay,

As true as that of Ireland, where

The sly surveyors stole a shire:

T' observe her country, how 'twas planted,

With what sh
' abounded most, or wanted;

And make the proper'st observations

For settling of new plantations,

If the society should incline

T' attempt so glorious a design.

This was the purpose of their meeting,

For which they chose a time as fitting;

When at the full her radiant light

And influence too were at their height.

And now the lofty tube, the scale

With which they heaven itself assail,

Was mounted full against the Moon;

And all stood ready to fall on,

Impatient who should have the honour

To plant an ensign first upon her.

When one, who for his deep belief

Was virtuoso then in chief,

Approved the most profound, and wise,

To solve impossibilities,

Advancing gravely, to apply

To th' optic glass his judging eye,

Cried, 'Strange!' - then reinforced his sight

Against the Moon with all his might,

And bent his penetrating brow,

As if he meant to gaze her through;

When all the rest began t'admire,

And, like a train, from him took fire,

Surprised with wonder, beforehand,

At what they did not understand,

Cried out, impatient to know what

The matter was they wondered at.

Quoth he, 'Th'inhabitants o'th Moon,

Who, when the sun shines hot at noon,

Do live in cellars underground,

Of eight miles deep, and eighty round,

In which at once they fortify

Against the sun and th' enemy,

Which they count towns and cities there,

Because their people' civiller

Than those rude peasants, that are found

To live upon the upper ground,

Called Privolans, with whom they are

Perpetually in open war;

And now both armies, highly enraged,

Are in a bloody fight engaged,

And many fall on both sides slain,

As by the glass 'tis clear, and plain.

Look quickly then, that every one

May see the fight before 'tis done.'

With that a great philosopher,

Admired, and famous far and near,

As one of singular invention,

But universal comprehension,

Applied one eye, and half a nose

Unto the optic engine close.

Quoth he, 'A stranger sight appears

Than e'er was seen in all the spheres,

A wonder more unparalled,

Than ever mortal tube beheld;

An elephant from one of those

Two mighty armies is broke loose,

And with the horror of the fight

Appears amazed, and in a fright;

Look quickly, lest the sight of us

Should cause the startled beast t'imboss.

It is a large one, far more great

Than e'er was bred in Africa yet;

From which we boldly may infer,

The Moon is much the fruitfuller.

Samuel Butler [Wikipedia]

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Snow Cover Goddess is beautiful dressed in white
The tiny white crystals that fall through the night
They fall so gentle, don't make a sound
As they drift to Earth and lay on the ground

Looking up, snow melts on my face
as I leave behind the hectic pace
I'm in another world, one of love
communing with the Goddess above

Drawing the power from all around me
one with Her, I truely wish to be
This is the quest for which I strive
It is my reason for being alive

Standing alone, staring at the sky
I feel a tear coming to my eye
The feeling of peace is awesome you see
I feel the Goddess surrounding me

(C) 1989 - Steve Earl

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Hypnos
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Echoes From The Gnosis Vol X The Hymn Of The Robe Of Glory

Echoes From The Gnosis Vol X The Hymn Of The Robe Of Glory Cover

Book: Echoes From The Gnosis Vol X The Hymn Of The Robe Of Glory by George Robert Stowe Mead

The Hymn of the robe of glory is also known as the Hymn of the pearl and belongs to the Acts of Thomas, which were written in Edessa around 225. The hymn narrates how a prince encounters the ‘robe’ which he had left behind ‘at home’ (in heaven):

At once, as soon as I saw it,
The Glory looked like my own self.

The idea of the mirror image as a spiritual double can also be found in Mani, and in the Gospel of Thomas (logos 84), part of the Nag Hammadi discovery of 1945:

When you see your likeness you rejoice.
But when you see your images
which came into being before you,
and which neither die nor become manifest,
how much you will have to bear!

Echoes from the Gnosis(1906) is a series of monographs under the title Echoes from the Gnosis (recently republished in a centennial edition) summarizing his insights into the formation of the Gnostic world-view. By this time Mead had published eight works on various aspects of the early Christian world and on “The Theosophy of the Greeks.” Together with his outstanding translations of the Hermetic books, these works established his reputation as one of the foremost English scholars in his broadly chosen fields. Mead was the first modern scholar of Gnostic tradition. A century later, the corpus of his work remains unequaled in breadth and insight.

Download George Robert Stowe Mead's eBook: Echoes From The Gnosis Vol X The Hymn Of The Robe Of Glory

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George Robert Stowe Mead - Echoes From The Gnosis Vol X The Hymn Of The Robe Of Glory
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Riding The Black Horse

Riding The Black Horse Cover (By: Holly Solt)

While visiting the stars by the dark lake last night
I was sitting on a rock that was bathed in pale moonlight

Along the rocky shore did I see a running child
who stopped where I was seat, said "hallo..." and then smiled

He asked if I believed in fairy folk, did I...
I answered him "of course" and he winked his little eye

He asked me if I ever talked to one, somehow
I leaned forward and whispered "you mean, before just now?"

Then a foggy mist rolled in and covered up the shore
covered up the sky till I could see no more

I heard the horse's breathing as it raced across the sand
and it scared me something awful when someone grabbed my hand

and pulled me high upon the horse as it passed my sitting place
while wind blew fast and cold and damp as if we were running a race

then we stopped and I looked up and saw a mountain's wall
the fog did lift, I turned and looked and saw a man so tall

His hair and beard were colored all red like sunset's skies
and springtime's green of new born leaves were the color of his eyes

He pointed at the mountain & said, "make you not a sound,
while the black horse takes us safely to a more familiar ground"

Then, we walked right through that mountain! As is there were no wall
And once inside was blackness, no all

I could barely take a breath, I was blind and could not see
was like a blanket of nothing had wrapped itself round me

Then, the most amazing thing, the most amazing sight
we walked out of that mountain into a land of light

I blinked my eyes and squinted the colors were so bright
it confused my very senses was this not still night?

We slid off of the horse and it slowly walked away
then there were many things that the sunset man did say...

I remember seeing children of all the different races
I remember there was love in all the people's faces

I could choose to be alone with the colors everywhere
If I did not understand a thing, the sunset man was there

I woke up in the morning at first a little mad
when I realized it all was just a dream I had

But then I got to thinking of the horse and of the light
and the sunset man who's taken me to see them in the night

and I figured it was something, that I was supposed to tell
otherwise, I wouldn't have remembered it so well

So, do not fear the mountains...and do not fear the night...
Sometimes we walk through darkness, before we see the light.

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Ode To The Goddess Ceres

Ode To The Goddess Ceres Image













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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Goddess Is Alive

The Goddess Is Alive Cover Moon shines down upon a sea of Light,
Shifting sands lay singing in the Heart of the Night.
I looked upon a scene that gripped me to the core,
White-clad maidens below were dancing on the shore.

Sweet sounds slipped from moon-lit throats,
Wind whipped hair abound,
Lit by the light within and without,
The Women circled 'round.

As I stood, water engulfed my feet,
My body swayed to your Heavenly Heart beat.
Wind and wave and fire light,
Paled in my mind Earthly delight.

Time slipped by me as you held your embrace,
And windblown spray covered my face.
Protected deep within your Womb,
I could feel the tender pain of Life's bloom.

Candles flared high as the Dance progressed,
Deep inside with a healing touch you blessed.
All around, wind, wave and fire shouted of your life,
Your light speared deep within, soothing my strife.

Divine Mother, Goddess of Light,
To you I come seeking protection from the night.
Come home to shelter within your arm,
Surrounded by Love, hidden from harm.

Holy Mother, Queen of Heaven and Earth,
From you we all trace our Birth.
Heavenly Goddess, light from above,
Shine down upon us, we pray for your Love.

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A Tree Song

A Tree Song Cover by Rudyard Kipling

Of all the trees that grow so fair,
Old England to adorn,
Greater is none beneath the sun,
Than Oak, and Ash, and Thorn.
Sing Oak, and Ash, and Thorn, good sirs,
(All of a Midsummer morn!)
Surely we sing of no little thing,
In Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Oak of the Clay lived many a day,
Or ever Aeneas began.
Ash of the Loam was a Lady at home,
When Brut was an outlaw man.
Thorn of the Down saw New Troy Town
(From which was London born);
Witness hereby the ancientry
Of Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Yew that is old in churchyard-mould,
He breedeth a mighty bow.
Alder for shoes do wise men choose,
And beech for cups also.
But when ye have killed, and your bowl is spilled,
And your shoes are clean outworn,
Back ye must speed for all that ye need,
To Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Ellum she hateth mankind, and waiteth
Till every gust be laid,
To drop a limb on the head of him
That any way trusts her shade.
But whether a lad be sober or sad,
Or mellow with wine from the horn,
He will take no wrong when he lieth along
'Neath Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!
Oh, do not tell the priest our plight,
Or he would call it a sin;
But--we have been out in the woods all night,
A-conjuring Summer in!
And we bring you good news by word of mouth --
Good news for cattle and corn --
Now is the Sun come up from the south,
With Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Sing Oak, and Ash, and Thorn, good sirs
(All of a Midsummer morn)!
England shall bide till Judgement Tide,
By Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

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Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Iv The Hymn Of Jesus

Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Iv The Hymn Of Jesus Cover

Book: Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Iv The Hymn Of Jesus by George Robert Stowe Mead

The hymn of Jesus is part of the Acts of the apostle John, a text rejected at the second council of Nicaea (787). Mead thought it was ‘almost certain’ that the hymn was actually a mystery rite, and ‘possibly the earliest Christian rite to have survived’. Modern scholars still think this is a very plausible suggestion and assume the intention was to meditate on the text and reach an altered state of consciousness. The Hymn of Jesus in Mead’s version was set to music by the composer Gustav Holst in 1916.

Echoes from the Gnosis(1906) is a series of monographs under the title Echoes from the Gnosis (recently republished in a centennial edition) summarizing his insights into the formation of the Gnostic world-view. By this time Mead had published eight works on various aspects of the early Christian world and on “The Theosophy of the Greeks.” Together with his outstanding translations of the Hermetic books, these works established his reputation as one of the foremost English scholars in his broadly chosen fields. Mead was the first modern scholar of Gnostic tradition. A century later, the corpus of his work remains unequaled in breadth and insight.

Download George Robert Stowe Mead's eBook: Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Iv The Hymn Of Jesus

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George Robert Stowe Mead - Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Iv The Hymn Of Jesus
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Norse Mythology Legends Of Gods And Heroes

Norse Mythology Legends Of Gods And Heroes Cover

Book: Norse Mythology Legends Of Gods And Heroes by Peter Andreas Munch

The Norwegian original on which the present translation is based was written by Peter Andreas Munch, the founder of the Norwegian school of history. Munch’s scholarly interests embraced also many related subjects, such as general history, archaeology, geography, ethnography, linguistics, and jurisprudence. His varied labors have in large part stood the test of time. His most important work, the “History of the Norwegian People” (Det norske folks historie, 8 vols. 1851–63) covering the period of Norway’s ancient independence ending with the Kalmar Union of 1397, still remains a source book and a point of departure for historians. The great significance of Munch’s scholarship lies in its influence upon the modern renascence of Norwegian culture. In the middle of the nineteenth century he was the most conspicuous intellectual force in the country, as Wergeland had been before him and as Bjornson came to be after him. The national spirit in Norway, which has steadily gained strength, owes a heavy debt to the gifted leaders of an earlier generation, not least among whom was Munch. As an historian, as an editor of Old Norse poetry and saga, as a recorder of the venerable myths and legends of the race, he did yeoman service in establishing a sense of historical continuity between the Norway of the past and the Norway of the present. Since his day, Norwegians have labored in the fields of history, folklore, and related subjects, deepening and strengthening that fruitful sense of national consciousness which he did so much to awaken.

Munch’s handbook of Norse Mythology, which first appeared in 1840, was originally written as a supplementary volume to a school text on the history of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. As a book for students and as a work of general reference it has maintained its popularity. The third edition (1922) from which the translation is made, was prepared by Professor Magnus Olsen of the University of Oslo, in response to the demand for an up-to-date treatment of the entire subject. He found it advisable, however, to revise Munch’s work rather than to attempt a wholly original book, since he was thus able to incorporate the results of later research in a volume which had long enjoyed both popular and scholarly approval. The value of Munch’s work has been greatly increased through Professor Olsen’s revision.

The English translation is intended as a companion volume to two other books published in the SCANDINAVIAN CLASSICS series, The Prose Edda, translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, and The Poetic Edda, translated by Henry Adams Bellows. Norse Mythology will serve alike the student of Old Norse literature, and the general reader who seeks an authoritative guide through the world of Northern myth and legend. My thanks are due to Professor Magnus Olsen for permission to translate the work, and to Professor William Witherle Lawrence, of Columbia University, Chairman of the Publications Committee of the American-Scandinavian Foundation, for many valuable suggestions. - S. B. H.

Download Peter Andreas Munch's eBook: Norse Mythology Legends Of Gods And Heroes

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Kathleen Daly - Norse Mythology A To Z
Peter Andreas Munch - Norse Mythology Legends Of Gods And Heroes
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Introduction To The Elder Edda

Introduction To The Elder Edda Cover

Book: Introduction To The Elder Edda by John Ronald Tolkien

The Elder Edda is not a single continuous narrative, but a collection of poems, most of which are preserved in the Konungsbok, or Codex Regius (King's Book), copied in Iceland about A.D. 1270. The poems are the work of many poets. Their language suggests that they were composed between 800 and 1100 A.D. and first written down between 1150 and 1250 A.D. The poems are a rich source of Information for culture and belief among the Vikings. They are not, however, purely Scandinavian. Christian Irish influence is likely, while the Sigurd story draws on actual events among the tribes that invaded the Roman Empire between 350-600 A.D.

The Elder Edda first came to scholarly attention in the seventeenth century as antiquarian interest in the non-classical past was growing in Europe. It was published in its entirety just as intense romantic and nationalistic interest in the perceived tribal ancestors of the European nation states emerged towards the end of the eighteenth century. This interest, combined with the new science of philology, ensured popular and scholarly interest in texts like the Elder Edda. Some of the lays were available in bowdlerized versions even for children by the later nineteenth century. In the hands of Richard Wagner, the Elder Edda became the foundation of one of the century's masterpieces. While northern legends and the Scholarship based on it were misused by the Nazis to develop and further their ideas of race, they are seriously misrepresented by such ideas. In the 1960s, the poet W. H. Auden in collaboration with an Old Norse scholar, Paul B. Taylor, produced a Translation of sixteen of the poems.

Download John Ronald Tolkien's eBook: Introduction To The Elder Edda

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mock On Mock On Voltaire Rousseau

Mock On Mock On Voltaire Rousseau Cover
Mock on, mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau;
Mock on, mock on; ‘tis all in vain!
You throw the sand against the wind,
And the wind blows it back again.

And every sand becomes a gem
Reflected in the beams divine;
Blown back they blind the mocking eye,
But still in Israel’s paths they shine.

The Atoms of Democritus
And Newton’s Particles of Light
Are sands upon the Red Sea shore,
Where Israel’s tents do shine so bright.

by William Blake

Books in PDF format to read:

Alan Macfarlane - Witchcraft In Tudor And Stuart Essex
Michal Jerabek - The Book Of Enoch Vol I The Watchers

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