Friday, April 16, 2010

Elements Poem

Elements Poem Cover

Fire on Fire
Light and Power,
Warmth and Energy
They did generate.

Earth joined them then
To Life She gave Birth
And solid Foundations built.

Along came Water
Some Channels to carve
Through which all Energies flow.

Around them All
The Air did blow
Winds of Thought and Deed

Power raised, Power spread
Thus It Was
So Mote It Be.

To The Elements:

Born of Air
Learning, Wisdom
Blowing, Drifting
We are.

Born of Fire
Warming, Devouring
Sizzling, Crackling
We are.

Born of Water
Healing, Cleansing
Gushing, Flowing
We are.

Born of Earth
Grounded Strongly
of the Mother
We are.

by Alernon

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