Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spiritual Stairs

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Knowing and understanding the true impermanence nature of this fleeing world,

and meditating on it,

you will become a monk in your heart.

Don't be a monk on outer,

but become one inside the deep inner.

Wear the dress of modesty and humblness,

knowing that you are not worth,

and never worth infront of the Eternal Glory.

Be conscious of your utter nakedness of your limited conditions and every weakness.

The whole earth is a monastery for you, and you are nothing but a nomad.

Living all the time at preparation to leave at any time.

With every moment passing you move more closer to your 'home'.

So prepare for the journey back 'home'.

The home of your soul's destiny.

The best attachment you can shed is your false, illusory ego.

But that path is not easy, so shed all other attachments everyday, every moments.

Chant the mantra of life, rejoice in it

Because you are given the consciousness of the Divine.

Live in the rememberance of the Real.

Rejoice that you are gifted with the soul to live.

So live fully, and love fully.

If you carry a heart, let it be pure.

Surely the pure heart shines incomparably with all its glory.

Polish it with rememberance so that His Glory you can reflect back.

If you practice dharma,

practice the dharma of Truth.

Let the Ultimate Reality be your object of dharma.

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