Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Rite

Great Rite Image
by Vivienne West
(For J.M., commemorating Full Moon 30/1/91)

Still is the night, and the clock silent.
Water from somewhere drips,
A breeze moves amongst your hairs.

The Bird, her beak poised, watches
As I caress you, child,
With an absent movement of my hands,
My mind elsewhere.

She of the Silver Wheel
Wheeling in darkness her silver overhead
Watches more than passively
As in Her name I take you and bless you;

And the Dark Hunter,
Jewels in His belt,
Takes you for His own,
Takes me in your flesh
His magical scabbard at His side,
Sword outraised, unutterably distant
Yet manifest here in you...

And I, primal woman and primal queen,
Feel Her powerful darkness stirring
And shouldering me aside within my own flesh
As I call Her forth, She of the sky-castle
Spinning dizzily overhead seen unseen;

And I stand by and watch as the Hunter fills your body
(you, no doubt, standing by and watching)
As the Dark Lady fills my body and clothed in our flesh
They mate

(...but I did not tell you, nor did you ask that this is the time of my greatest fertility...)

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

It S A Dragon Party

It S A Dragon Party Image
ANY BRAVE AND ADVENTUROUS LITTLE BOY IS SURE TO HAVE DREAMED UP BATTLING DRAGONS OR EVEN OWNING ONE!This is one reason why dragon parties are always such a big hit when it comes to birthdays.

This theme will surely brighten up any boy's eyes and bring a lot of excitement. Get the party started by sending out dragon invitations with matching wordings too. Here are some to try out.


For something simple short, this can be used.

Tom is turning Eight!

Come have some cake

To help us celebrate

Sunday, March 13

76 Cody Ridge Road

3 PM

RSVP 580-444-7014

Let guests know about your party theme with this wording.

It's a Dragon Party!

Take out the cake

Don't forget the candles too

Tom is turning eight

Come to 76 Cody Ridge Road

On Sunday, March 13

3 o'clock in the afternoon

Regrets to 580-444-7014

Get all your brave little guests excited with this.

Join Tom on is 8th Birthday

As he journeys to a land not so far away

To slay a dragon on his special day!

Go on an adventure with him on

March 13, Sunday

Make your way to Tom's kingdom

76 Cody Ridge Road

3:00 PM

Save a Seat (580-444-7014)

Brace guests for a lot of fun and excitement with this wording.

Get ready for some

Dragon Taming Fun

As Tom turns 8!

Mark the date March 13, Sunday

Ride your dragon to 76 Cody Ridge Road

Don't be late 3 o'clock PM

RSVP 580-444-7014

Make sure guests are ready for some great fun with this one.

Take out your swords,

Put up your shields,

It's time to slay

The Birthday Dragon

Join Tom on March 13, Sunday

At 76 Cody Ridge Road

3 o'clock in the afternoon

Regrets only 80-444-7014

NEED MORE INSPIRATION? Dragon party invitations come with a lot of options. Take some time to look around and you will surely find some great ideas for the party too.

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Aloha A Full Moon Blessing

Aloha A Full Moon Blessing Cover Serge King -- a Full Moon blessing

The only Temple of Peace worth building
Is in your heart, Serge
Is in the human heart
In your students hearts

Peace can not be won with money, Serge
Peace can not be bought
Nor can peace be sold
But peace must be earned

In loving, selfless service to us all
Giving, regiving
Just for the Joy of It
THAT is Aloha

Aloha is never prosperity, Serge
Bought with the money
Tinkling in your pocket
Aloha is free

Giving, regiving in poverty
Sings an ancient song
Full of Joy, Bliss and Love
The true coin of Peace

A so is giving, regiving in wealth
A thing of beauty
Filled with ancient glory

With Blessings and thanks, I give you this gift
May it touch your heart
And open your heart
May it touch all hearts

ALOHA, Serge King! Date: 01-22-89

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Him Lower The Wand

Him Lower The Wand Image
052/068 Sat 16 Sep 1989 15:44:00
From: Aleister Crowley
To: All
Subj: Liber Reguli, Part 1
Attr: local

* Original: FROM.....Tony Iannotti (107/666)
* Original: TO.......Rajas (107/666)
* Forwarded by.......OPUS 107/666


A: A: publication in Class D. Being the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast:
an incantation proper to invoke the Energies of the Aeon of Horus, adapted
for the daily use of the Magician of whatever grade.


The Oath of the Enchantment, which is called The Elevenfold Seal.

The Animadversion towards the Aeon.
1. Let the Magician, robed and armed as he may dee to be
fit, turn his face towards Boleskine, that is the House of The Beast
666. {Note 1: Boleskine House is on Loch Ness, 17 miles from Inverness,
Latitude 57.14 N. Longitude 4.28 W.}
2. Let him strike the battery 1-3-3-3-1.
3. Let him put the Thumb of his right hand between its index
an medius, and make the gestures hereafter following.

The Vertical Component of the Enchantment.
1. Let him describe a circle about his head, crying NUIT!
2. Let him draw the Thumb vertically downward and touch
the Muladhara Cakkra, crying, HADIT!
3. Let him, retracing the line, touch the centre of his breast

The Horizontal Components of the Enchantment.
1. Let him touch the Centre of his Forehead, his mouth, and
his larynx, crying AIWAZ!
2. Let him draw his thumb from right to left across his face
at the level of the nostrils.
3. Let him touch the centre of his breast, and his solar plexus,
crying, THERION!
4. Let him draw his thumb from left to right across his breast,
at the level of the sternum.
5. Let him touch the Svadistthana, and the Muladhara Chakkra,
crying, BABALON!
6. Let him draw his thumb from right to left across his
abdomen, at the level of the hips.
(Thus shall he formulate the Sigil of the Grand Hierophant, but dependent
from the Circle.)

The Asseveration of the Spells.
1. Let the Magician clasp his hands upon his Wand, his fingers
and thumbs interlaced, crying LAtSAL! EHMA!
(Thus shall be declared the Words of Power whereby the
Energies of the Aeon of Horus work his will in the World.)

The Proclamation of the Accomplishment.
1. Let the Magician strike the Battery: 3-5-3, crying

ConfMail V4.00
* Origin: Operation Do Do Bird - New York, New York, (718) 499-9277 (1:107/666

053/068 Sat 16 Sep 1989 15:45:00
From: Aleister Crowley
To: All
Subj: Liber Reguli, Part 2
Attr: local

* Original: FROM.....Tony Iannotti (107/666)
* Original: TO.......Tamas (107/666)
* Forwarded by.......OPUS 107/666


The Enchantment.
1. Let the Magician, still facing Boleskine, advance to the
circumference of his circle.
2. Let him turn himself towards the left, and pace with the
stealth and swiftness of a tiger the precincts of his circle,
until he complete one revolution thereof.
3. Let him give the Sign of Horus (or The Enterer) as he
passeth, so to project the force that radiateth from Boleskine
before him.
4. Let him pace his path until he comes to the North; there
let him halt, and turn his face to the North.
5. Let him trace with his wand the Averse Pentagram proper
to invoke Air (Aquarius).
6. Let him bring the wand to the centre of the Pentagram and
call upon NUIT!
7. Let him make the sign called Puella, standing with his
feet together, head bowed, his left hand shielding the
Muladhara Cakkra, and his right hand shielding his
breast (attitude of the Venus de Medici).
8. Let him turn again to the left, and pursue his Path as
before, projecting the force from Boleskine as he passeth;
let him halt when he next cometh to the South and face
9. Let him trace the Averse Pentagram that invoketh Fire
10. Let him point his wand to the centre of the Pentagram,
and cry, HADIT!
11. Let him give the sign Puer, standing with feet together,
and head erect. Let his right hand (the thumb extended
at right angles to the fingers
) be raised, the forearm
vertical at a right angle with the upper arm, which is
horizontally extended in the line joining the shoulders.
Let his left hand, the thumb extended forwards and the
fingers clenched, rest at the junction of the thighs (Attitude
of the gods Mentu, Khem, etc.
12. Let him proceed as before; then in the East, let him make
the Averse Pentagram that invoketh Earth (Taurus).
13. Let him point his wand to the centre of the pentagram,
and cry, THERION!
14. Let him give the sign called Vir, the feet being together.
The hands, with clenched finger and thumbs thrust out
forwards, are held to the temples; the head is then bowed
and pushed out, as if to symbolize the butting of an horned
beast (attitude of Pan, Bacchus, etc.). (Frontispiece,
Equinox I, III

ConfMail V4.00
* Origin: Operation Do Do Bird - New York, New York, (718) 499-9277 (1:107/666

054/068 Sat 16 Sep 1989 15:48:00
From: Aleister Crowley
To: All
Subj: Liber Reguli, Part 3
Attr: local

* Original: FROM.....Tony Iannotti (107/666)
* Original: TO.......Satvas (107/666)
* Forwarded by.......OPUS 107/666

15. Proceeding as before, let him make in the West the
Averse Pentagram whereby Water is invoked.
16. Pointing the wand to the centre of the Pentagram, let him
call upon BABALON!
17. Let him give the sign Mulier. The feet are widely
separated, and the arms raised so as to suggest a crescent.
The head is thrown back (attitude of Baphomet, Isis in
Welcome, the Microcosm of Vitruvius
). (See Book 4,
Part II
18. Let him break into the dance, tracing a centripetal spiral
widdershins, enriched by revolutions upon his axis as he
passeth each quarter, until he come to the centre of the
circle. There let him halt, facing Boleskine.
19. Let him raise the wand, trace the Mark of the Beast, and
cry AIWAZ!
20. Let him trace the invoking Hexagram of The Beast.
21. Let him lower the wand, striking the Earth therewith.
22. Let him give the sign of Mater Triumphans (The feet are
together; the left arm is curved as if it supported a child;
the thumb and index finger of the right hand pinch the
nipple of the left breast, as if offering it to that child
Let him utter the word EHMA!
23. Perform the spiral dance, moving deosil and whirling
Each time on passing the West extend the wand to the
Quarter in question, and bow:
a. "Before me the powers of LA!" (AL, to West.)
b. "Behind me the powers of AL!" (LA, to East.)
c. "On my right hand the powers of LA!" (AL, to North.)
d. "On my left hand the powers of AL!" (LA, to South.)
e. "Above me the powers of ShT!" (tS, leaping in the air.)
f. "Beneath me the powers of ShT!" (tS, striking the ground.)
g. "Within me the Powers!" (in the attitude of Phthah erect, the
feet together, the hands clasped upon the vertical wand.)
h. "About me flames my Father's face, the Star of Force and
i. "And in the Column stands His six-rayed Splendour!"
(This dance may be omitted, and the whole utterance chanted in
the attitude of Phthah.)


This is identical with the First Gesture.

ConfMail V4.00
* Origin: Operation Do Do Bird - New York, New York, (718) 499-9277 (1:107/666

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Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Wisdom Of The Ancients

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

To The Unknown Goddess

To The Unknown Goddess Image
Will you conquer my heart with your beauty; my soul going out from afar?

Shall I fall to your hand as a victim of crafty and cautious shikar?

Have I met you and passed you already, unknowing, unthinking and blind?

Shall I meet you next session at Simla, O sweetest and best of your kind?

Does the P. and O. bear you to meward, or, clad in short frocks in the West, Are you growing the charms that shall capture and torture the heart in my breast?

Will you stay in the Plains till September--my passion as warm as the day?

Will you bring me to book on the Mountains, or where the thermantidotes PLAY?

When the light of your eyes shall make pallid the mean lesser lights I pursue, And the charm of your presence shall lure me from love of the gay "thirteen-two";

When the peg and the pig-skin shall please not; when I buy me Calcutta-build clothes;

When I quit the Delight of Wild Asses; forswearing the swearing of oaths ;

As a deer to the hand of the hunter when I turn 'mid the gibes of my friends;

When the days of my freedom are numbered, and the life of the bachelor ends.

Ah, Goddess! child, spinster, or widow--as of old on Mars Hill whey they raised To the God that they knew not an altar--so I, a young Pagan, have praised The Goddess I know not nor worship; yet, if half that men tell me be true, You will come in the future, and therefore these verses are written to you.


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Song Of The Holly Fairy

The Song Of The Holly Fairy Cover
O, I am green in Winter~time,
When other trees are brown;
Of all the trees (So saith the rhyme)
The holly bears the crown.
December days are drawing near.
When I shall come to town,
And carol-boys go singing clear
Of all the trees (O hush and hear!)
The holly bears the crown!
For who so well-beloved and merry
As the scarlet Holly Berry?
Flower Fairies of the Winter,

Cicely Mary Barker

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayer To Selene For Any Operation

Prayer To Selene For Any Operation Image
This hymn from the Greek Magical Papyri, is addressed to Selene even though it is clearly a hymn to Hekate. The confusion of title probably arose from the syncretisation of the goddesses in the hymn, with Selene being mentioned first.

It is an awesome invocation, and perfect for use on this, The Night of Hecate Trivia (The night of the crossroads.)

The invocation is meant to be accompanied by an offering. In keeping with other contemporary magickal practices, fragrant resins and herbs are used for positive magick. Incenses such as storax, myrrh, sage, frankincense, and (surprisingly) a fruit pit are recommended.

When calling up such a powerful and terrible deity, it's always a good idea to bring protective charms, generous offerings, and a spirit of deep respect and reverence.


O three-faced Selene, come to me beloved mistress

Graciously hear my sacred spells;

Image of Night, Youthful One,

Dawn-born, light-bringer to mortals

Who rides upon fierce-eyed bulls.

O Queen, you who drive your chariot

On equal course with Helios,

You dance with the triple forms of the triple Graces

As you revel with the stars.

You are Justice and the thread of the Fates,

Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos,

O Three-headed One you are

Persephone, Megaira and Allecto

O One of many shapes who arm your hands

With terrible dark-glowing lamps,

Who shakes locks of fearsome serpents at your brow,

Whose mouths send forth the roar of bulls,

Whose womb is thick with reptile scales,

At whose shoulders are rows of venomous serpents,

Bound across your back beneath murderous chains.

O Night-bellower, Lover of solitude,

Bull-faced and Bull-headed One

You have the eyes of bulls and the voice of dogs.

Your forms are hidden in the legs of lions.

Your ankle is wolf-shaped,

and savage dogs are friendly to you,

Wherefore they call you Hekate, Many-named, Mene,

Cleaving the air like arrow-shooting Artemis,

O Goddess of Four faces, Four names, Four ways,

Artemis, Persephone, Deer-shooter, Night-shiner,

Thrice-resounding, Triple voiced, Three-headed, Thrice-named Selene O Trident-bearing One of Three faces,

Three necks, Three Ways,

Who holds undying flaming fire in triple baskets.

You frequent the Three Ways

and are Mistress of the Three Decads.

Be gracious unto me who is invoking you

and hearken favourably.

You encompass the vast world at night,

You make the Daemones shudder

and the Immortals tremble,

O Many-named Goddess who brings glory to men,

Whose children are fair, O Bull-eyed One, Horned One,

Nature, All-mother, who brings forth both Gods and men,

You roam around Olympus and traverse

the wide and fathomless Abyss,

You are the Beginning and End,

and you alone are Mistress of All:

For from you are All things, and in you,

Eternal One, do All things end.

You bear at your brow an everlasting diadem,

The unbreakable and irremovable bonds of great Cronos,

And you hold in your hands a golden sceptre

Which is encircled by a formula

inscribed by Cronos himself

Who gave it to you to bear in

order that all things remain steadfast:

'Overpowerer and Overpowered One

Conqueror of men and Damnodamia,

You rule Chaos, Araracharara ephthisikere,

Hail Goddess and attend your epithets,

I offer you this incense Child of Zeus

Arrow-shooter, Heavenly One, Goddess of Harbours,

Mountain-roamer, Goddess of Crossroads,

Nocturnal One of the Underworld, Shadowy One of Hades,

Still One who frightens, having a feast among the graves.

You are Night, Darkness and broad Chaos,

For you are Necessity hard to escape

You are Fate, you are Erinys and the Torture,

You are the Murderess and Justice

You hold Cerberus in Chains,

You are steely-blue with serpent-scales,

O serpent-haired and Serpent-girdled One,

Blood-drinker, Death-bringer who breeds corruption,

Feaster on hearts,

Flesh-eater who devours those who died before their time,


Driver to the Wanderings of Madness,

Come to my sacrifices and fulfil this task for me.

~From the Greek Magical Papyri

~And also: Hekate Liminal Rites

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Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition
John Dee - The Practice Of Enochian Evocation

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank You For This Day

Thank You For This Day Cover
Thank You for this day on Earth
Ancient Mother who gave me birth
Healing Mother who keeps me strong
Crone Mother who brings each new dawn

Thank You for the gift of being
For blessing me with the wonders of seeing
For the sounds and feeling of laughter
and the wisdom learned through pain

Spirit Mother bless me, tomorrow with a day again

by Abby Willowroot

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of Osiris
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Haunter Of The Dark

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Elements Hymn

Elements Hymn Cover
At one with the Universe
My spirit is free
All creation pulses in me

Floating upon the wind
Sparking with the energy of fire
Flowing with the waters
Dancing the rhythms of Earth

Spinning and Spiraling
into Elemental re-birth
The magic of being renews

Floating upon the wind
Sparking with the energy of fire
Flowing with the waters
Dancing the rhythms of Earth

Between the Moon and Sun

by Abby Willowroot

Books in PDF format to read:

Herbert Stanley Redgrove - Alchemy Ancient And Modern
Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton V Ars Nova

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Monday, July 13, 2009


London Cover
I wander thro’ each charter’d street,
Near where the charter’d Thames does flow,
And mark in every face I meet
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

In every cry of every Man.
In every Infant’s cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forg’d manacles I hear.

How the Chimney-sweepers cry
Every black’ning Church appalls;
And the hapless Soldier’s sigh
Runs in blood down Palace walls.

But most thro’ midnight streets I hear
How the youthful Harlot’s curse
Blasts the new born Infant’s tear
And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse.

by William Blake

Books in PDF format to read:

Matthew Ikonen - Warlocks Handbook
Al Azif - Necronomicon

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hindu Gods Other Ganesh Mantras

Hindu Gods Other Ganesh Mantras Image
1. AUM SHRI GANESHAYA NAMAH. It means praise to Lord Ganesha". This is the mantra of invocation, adoration and worship. It is repeated at the beginning of religious ceremonies and matra recitation to invoke Ganesha's blessings for the auspicious beginning of a task, project, change of life, community undertaking or simply to offer Him praise. This mantra is usually taught to children for their good education. It increases their memory power, and they become successful in their examinations. Of course, people of any age may use this mantra when taking courses in a school or university, and for success in attaining their degree.

2. AUM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA. This is Lord Ganesha's mula ("root") mantra. It is also known as His bija mantra, for it combines Ganesha's bija ("seed") sound, "GUM," with the phrase, "Praise be to Ganapati"." This is a mantra from Ganapati Upanishad. One may always use it before beginning a journey, new career or job, or before entering into any new contract or business so that impediments are removed and your endeavor may be crowned with success.

3. AUM VAKRATUNDAYA HUM. This is a very powerful mantra. When something is not working properly, individually or universally, nationally or internationally, or when the minds of the people turn crooked, negative, depressed or discouraged, the attention of Ganesha may be drawn by this mantra to straighten their ways. The HUM symbolizes "Delay no more, my Lord, in straightening the paths of the crooked-minded ones"." In addition, this mantra could also be used for healing any spinal deficiency, such as curvature of the spine or curved limbs. Dedicate 1,008 repetitions of this holy word to straighten and heal such deficiencies.

4. AUM KSHIPRA PRASADAYA NAMAH. Kshipra means instantaneous. If some danger or negative energy is coming your way and you don't know how to get rid of that trouble, with true devotion, practice this mantra for quick blessing and purification of one's aura.

5. AUM SHRIM HRIM KLIM GLAUM GAM GANAPATAYE VARA VARADA SARVA JANAMME VASHAMANAYA SVAHA. There are several bija (seed) mantras in this mantra. Among other things, it signals, "Shower Your blessings, O Lord. I offer my ego as an oblation"."

6. AUM SUMUKHAYA NAMAH. This mantra has a lot of meaning, but to make it simple, it means you will be always very beautiful in soul, in spirit,in face, everything. By meditating on this mantra, very pleasing manners and a beauty comes on you. Along with that comes peace, which constantly dances in your eyes; and the words you speak are all filled with that power of love.

7. AUM EKADANTAYA NAMAH. Ekadanta refers to one tusk in the elephant face, which means God broke the duality and made you to have a one-pointed mind. Whoever has that oneness of mind and single-minded devotion will achieve everything.

8. AUM KAPILAYA NAMAH. Kapila (red) means that you are able to give color therapy. You are able to create colors around yourself and around others, bathe them in that color and heal them. As per the mantra you create, so will you create the colors. Another meaning is "wish cow," the "cow of plenty." It means that whatever you wish, that comes true. There is a wish-cow inside you. Whatever you wish, especially for healing others, comes true immediately.

9. AUM GAJAKARNIKAYA NAMAH. The ears of Ganesha, the elephant, are constant fanning, which means people may talk a lot,but you are not receiving inside anything other than that which is important.It also means that you can sit anywhere and tune this cosmic television (the body) with seven channels (chakras) and all 72,000 nadis, to any loka and be able to hear ancestors, angels, the voice of God or the voice of prophets. That kind of inner ear you will develop through this mantra.

10. AUM LAMBODARAYA NAMAH. This means you feel that you are this universe. It means that all the universes are within you. Like an entire tree is in the seed, the whole universe is in the sound of creation, which is Aum, and that Aum consciousness in you makes you feel that you are the universe. Therefore, if you say, realizing the oneness with the universe, "shanti to the world" every day, then the grace of God will come and there will be world peace, universal peace. It is the universes within Aum and Aum within you.

11. AUM VIKATAYA NAMAH. This means realizing this world as a dream or a drama. When you are in that high consciousness, this whole world looks like a dream. All of us have taken a role. We have to play our role in life as wife or husband or children or citizens, all consistent with the role we have taken. When an actor bitten by a sponge cobra that is brought on the stage falls, the entire audience cries; but that boy who has fallen knows it was not a real cobra and he is not dead. Life is a drama --definitely life in this material world, this physical world of ego, is a drama. But inside, like the boy on the stage who is quite happy knowing that he didn't die by the bite of the sponge cobra, like that, the truth never dies in us; it is immortal. So everything else you consider as drama. That consciousness comes to you by knowing this mantra.

12. AUM VIGHNA NASHANAYA NAMAH. This mantra invokes the Lord Ganesha to remove every impediment in your life and in your works. By constant meditation on this mantra, all obstacles and blocked energy in your physical and astral bodies are released.

13. AUM VINAYAKAYA NAMAH. Vinayaka is the name of Ganesha in the golden age. So by realizing this mantra, your life will have a golden age. In your office, in your work, you'll be the boss. Vinayaka means something under control. Vinayaka means the Lord of problems.

14. AUM GANADHYAKSHAYA NAMAH. This mantra is so important. Suppose you have a group, a country, neighbors, or any kind of group therapy, group healing or a whole country needing healing, then you have to bring that entire group to your mind's arena and say this mantra. A group healing takes place by this mantra.

15. AUM BHALACHANDRAYA NAMAH. In Sanskrit, bhala means the forehead center. Chandra means the crescent moon. Bhalachandra means that chakra from where the nectar drips. That is the secret of all healing. It is to feel yourself as Siva, identifying yourself with the Truth and feeling constantly that you are carrying the crescent moon, the symbol of growth and nectar and peace.

"from "Loving Ganesa"

by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

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Sunday, July 5, 2009


Pandemonium Cover Hi, ho, it's Spring again,
Out of my eye's corner
I Thought I saw the Horned Man, the Green Man
Charging down the glen,

It was not Pan,
I did not get that freezing in the bone,
Half fear, half ecstacy.
Perhaps I was mistook,
And only wished I saw,

And maybe Pan is playing in a rock band,
Traveling in a wave of liquorous riot,
George 'Something' and the Destroyers

Sonia Brock

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