Thursday, July 30, 2009

It S A Dragon Party

It S A Dragon Party Image
ANY BRAVE AND ADVENTUROUS LITTLE BOY IS SURE TO HAVE DREAMED UP BATTLING DRAGONS OR EVEN OWNING ONE!This is one reason why dragon parties are always such a big hit when it comes to birthdays.

This theme will surely brighten up any boy's eyes and bring a lot of excitement. Get the party started by sending out dragon invitations with matching wordings too. Here are some to try out.


For something simple short, this can be used.

Tom is turning Eight!

Come have some cake

To help us celebrate

Sunday, March 13

76 Cody Ridge Road

3 PM

RSVP 580-444-7014

Let guests know about your party theme with this wording.

It's a Dragon Party!

Take out the cake

Don't forget the candles too

Tom is turning eight

Come to 76 Cody Ridge Road

On Sunday, March 13

3 o'clock in the afternoon

Regrets to 580-444-7014

Get all your brave little guests excited with this.

Join Tom on is 8th Birthday

As he journeys to a land not so far away

To slay a dragon on his special day!

Go on an adventure with him on

March 13, Sunday

Make your way to Tom's kingdom

76 Cody Ridge Road

3:00 PM

Save a Seat (580-444-7014)

Brace guests for a lot of fun and excitement with this wording.

Get ready for some

Dragon Taming Fun

As Tom turns 8!

Mark the date March 13, Sunday

Ride your dragon to 76 Cody Ridge Road

Don't be late 3 o'clock PM

RSVP 580-444-7014

Make sure guests are ready for some great fun with this one.

Take out your swords,

Put up your shields,

It's time to slay

The Birthday Dragon

Join Tom on March 13, Sunday

At 76 Cody Ridge Road

3 o'clock in the afternoon

Regrets only 80-444-7014

NEED MORE INSPIRATION? Dragon party invitations come with a lot of options. Take some time to look around and you will surely find some great ideas for the party too.

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