Friday, November 19, 2010

Goddess Are Part Of One

Goddess Are Part Of One Image
Durwydd, 1989-90


Blessings upon thee, O creature of water, I cast out from thee all impurities and uncleanness of the spirits of phantasm, confusion, or any other influence not for the free will of all.

Blessings be upon this creature of salt; let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth thence from, and let all good enter therein. Wherefore I bless thee and invoke thee, that thou mayest aid me.

I take this salt of the Earth, Blessed with the will of Fire; I take this water of spirit, Exorcised with mind of merit;

I mix them with words of power, Dedicated to every Tower.

By the power of moon and sun,
By the power of Spirit, earth and sea,
God and Goddess are part of One,
As I Will, so mote it be!

Casting Of The Circle

I conjure thee, O circle of power,
As thou encircle every Tower.
That thou beest a place of Truth, Joy and love,
Encircling Flight of Eagle, Hawk and Dove.
Mighty Aegis of the Lady and Lord,
Rampart of thought, action and word.
To work in Peace, Powerful and Free,
Who walk between two worlds conjure thee;
A boundary to Protect, Concentrate and Contain,
That Power raised here be not in vain.

Wherefore do I bless thee and consecrate thee,
in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia.

Sealing Of The Circle

(seal with water/salt mixture)

With potion of earth and water, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking air and fire!
With potion of earth and air, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking fire with water!
With potion of earth, air, and fire, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking water with the Earth!

As the four directions are brought to merge,
Let influence of the mighty ones converge!

(Seal with Censer)

With Incense and air of Mind,
East to South, I do Bind!

With Incense and air of mind,
South to West, I do Bind!

With Incense and air of Mind,
West to North, I do Bind!

With Incense and air of Mind,
North to East Completion Find!

(Seal with Candle)

With the Fire of emotion and will
East to South, our dedication fulfill!

With the Fire of veneration and Will,
South to West, our allegiance fulfill!

With the Fire of Devotion and Will,
West to North, our consecration fulfill!

With the Fire of Commitment and will,
From North to East, This inscription fulfill!

Within the circle All wills be free,
The circle is sealed, So Mote it Be!

Setting The Watchtowers

Ye Lords of the Eastern Tower,
Airy Lords of Spirit;
Let your influence of Power,
Aid our minds with merit!
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard
the circle.

Ye Lords of Southern Power
Fiery Lords of Will.
Pray do grace your Tower,
Your Powers to fulfill!
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard
the circle.

Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West,
Watery Lords of Death and Initiation;
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard
the Circle.

Ye Northern Lords of the Earth,
Though we be yet but Mortals;
Bless our work with worth,
Boreas, guardian of Northern portals.
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard
the Circle.

Goddess and God, I would know,
As 'tis above, so 'tis below
Blessings on this work, please bestow!

This be my will, true and free,
I do so will, so mote it be

Invocation Of The Elements

Air, Fire, Water, Earth,
Elements of astral birth,
I call you now; attend to me!
In the Circle, rightly cast,
Safe from curse or blast,
I call you now, attend to me!

From cave and desert, sea and hill,
By wand, blade, and pentacle,
I call you now, attend to me!
This Is my will, so mote it be!

Also try this free pdf e-books:

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Francesca De Grandis - Goddess Initiation

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Few More Songs

Few More Songs Image

Kill A Tree
From: Ali Katz

to the tune of "Jingle Bells":

Dashing to the mall in a fleet of rented trucks,
a million hairless apes are out to spend some plastic bucks.
It's Christmas time again -- or maybe World War Three --
and to keep their spirits happy now, they've got to kill a tree.

Oh, kill a tree, kill a tree, kill a tree for Christ.
(Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, accept this sacrifice.)
Kill a tree, kill a tree, kill a tree for Christ,
not sure what we're doing, but it seems to work out nice.

We know we each deserve a ton or two of crap,
but to keep the goodies coming now, we've got to spill some sap,
and string electric lights, and raise the ritual star,
and bribe our friends and families to forget what jerks we are.

And kill a tree... (etc.)

We always kill a tree. That's always been enough
for videos and GI Joes and all that kiddy stuff.
But Mommy wants a Harley, and Daddy wants a boat;
that's prob'ly gonna cost at least a chicken and a goat.

But kill a tree... (etc.)

To enhance everyone's holiday cheer, I highly recommend singing this one at the mall. But depending on where you live, you may want to make sure you've got a good bail bondsman's number first.
"Lord Of The Ants
By: Karl Lembke

(tune: "Lord of the Dance")

Well we cleansed with sugar 'cause the salt was gone,
And the color was right though the substance might be wrong,
And when the water dried, it was sticky, my oh me,
It attracted all of the ants, you see,

Ants, ants, all over they shall be,
I am the lord of the ants, you see.
I'll crawl on you, and you'll itch from me,
And you'll dance with ants in your pants, said he.

We have ants in the carpets and we've ants in the drapes,
We have ants in the kitchen dancing galliards on the grapes,
We have ants in the bedroom and what may be more fun,
We have ants in our circles now from sun to sun.

'What to do' cried the priestess, 'what to do' cried the priest,
'All the baits and the sprays haven't helped us in the least,
'The buggers eat it up and it only makes us sick,
'All in all I'd say it is no pic-nic!'


We stood round the fire while the flames lept up high,
With the sound of the sirens wailing up to the sky,
Though the bug bombs exploded it could still have been worse,
At least now we're free of the ant lord's curse!

(spoken: "Oh hell!")

"It's from a Pagan version of the song CIRCLES. I'm not sure who wrote it - I want to say a group of women in Lansing, Mich. Unfortunately, my copy says


Tune: Windmills

(1) In days gone by, when the world was much younger,
Men wondered at Spring, born of Winter's cold knife,
Wondering at the games of the moon and the sunlight,
They saw there the Lady and Lord of all life.

CHORUS: Around and around, and around turns the good Earth,
All things must change as the seasons go by,
we are the children of the Lord and the Lady,
Whose mysteries we know, but will never know why.

(2) In all lands the people were tied to the good Earth,
Plowing and sowing, as the seasons declared,
Waiting to reap of the rich golden harvest,
Knowing her laughter in the joys that we shared.


(3) Through Flanders and Wales and the green lands of Ireland,
in the kingdoms of England and Scotland and Spain,
Circles grew up all along the wild coastlines,
And worked for the land, with the Sun and the rain.

(4) Circles for healing, and working the weather,
Circles for knowing the Moon and the Sun,
Circles for thanking the Lord and the Lady,
Circles for dancing the dance never done.


(5) And we who reach for the stars in the heavens,
Turning our eyes from the meadows and groves,
Still live in the love of the Lord and the Lady,
The greater the circle, the more the love grows.

Chorus twice.

Blessed be, and keep dancing.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Melita Denning - The Aurum Solis
Medieval Grimoires - The Grimoire Of Honorius
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Moon Bog

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A Full Moon Blessing

A Full Moon Blessing Image
The only Temple of Peace worth building
Is in your heart, Serge
Is in the human heart
In your students hearts

Peace can not be won with money, Serge
Peace can not be bought
Nor can peace be sold
But peace must be earned

In loving, selfless service to us all
Giving, regiving
Just for the Joy of It
THAT is Aloha

Aloha is never prosperity, Serge
Bought with the money
Tinkling in your pocket
Aloha is free

Giving, regiving in poverty
Sings an ancient song
Full of Joy, Bliss and Love
The true coin of Peace

A so is giving, regiving in wealth
A thing of beauty
Filled with ancient glory

With blessings and thanks, I give you this gift
May it touch your heart
And open your heart
May it touch all hearts

by ALOHA, Serge King

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - What The Moon Brings
Anonymous - Full Moon Rite

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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Earth Is Gaia

The Earth Is Gaia Cover
Living, breathing, growing
Sentient, conscious, spiritual
In pain

Gaia is my Goddess, my Mother
The soil beneath my feet
The waters that flow and are still
The wind in the trees
The myraid beings that share my home

I am Gaia too
A sentient, spiritual agent in "Gaia-unfolding"
I am here to love, to nurture,
To feel person- and planet-pain, and to heal.

So may it be

Further reading (free e-books):

Frederick Hadland Davis - The Persian Mystics Jami
Rabbi Michael Laitman - The Path Of Kabbalah
Eleanor Hull - The Northmen In Britain

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Samhain Blessing

Samhain Blessing Cover
Earth-maker, Pain-bearer, Life-giver,
Source of All That Is and that Shall Be,
Father and Mother of us all,
Lord and Lady in whose arms is Peace.
The hallowing of your Names echoes through the Universe!

Sunrise and Sunset,
Night and Day,
Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall,
We give you Thanks for such Gifts.

Mountain and Valley,
Grassland and Desert,
Glacier, Avalanche, Mist and Snow,
We ask your Blessings for the Land.

Rabbit and Cattle,
Moth and Dog,
Panther, Salmon, Raven and Hawk,
We seek your Blessings for these Creatures.

Seers and Priestesses,
Witches and Priests,
Artists, Writers, Parents and Teachers,
We ask your Blessings for Those who Give to Others.

With the Bread we need for today, Feed us.
In the Hurts we absorb from one another, Heal us.
In the times of Fear, Strengthen us.
In the arms of the Lord and Lady, we dwell Unafraid.
We Bless the Earth-maker, the Pain-bearer, the Life-Giver.

Further reading (free e-books):

Hrafnagaldr Odi - Odin Ravens Song
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Samhain Recipes
Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 45 May 2010 Samhain Blessings

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Chalice Blessing

Chalice Blessing Cover
HP: Be it known that a man is not greater than a woman
HPS: Nor is woman greater than man
HP: For what one lacks
HPS: The other can provide
HP: As the athame is to the male
HPS: So is the cup to the female
HP/S: And when conjoined, they become one in truth. For there is no greater magick in all the world than that of love.

Further reading (free e-books):

Aleister Crowley - White Stains
Frater Achad - Chalice Of Ecstasy

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Song To Diana

Song To Diana Image
Queen and huntress, chaste and fair,
Now the sun is laid to sleep,
Seated in thy silver chair
State in wonted manner keep:
Hesperus entreats thy light,
Goddess excellently bright.
Earth, let not thy envious shade
Dare itself to interpose;
Cynthia's shining orb was made
Heaven to clear when day did close:
Bless us then with wished sight,
Goddess excellently bright.
Lay thy bow of pearl apart,
And thy crystal-shining quiver;
Give unto the flying hart
Space to breathe, how short soever:
Thou that mak'st a day of night,
Goddess excellently bright.

by Benjamin Jonson

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Aleister Crowley - To Man
Dean Hildebrandt - Essay On Enochiana

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