Monday, November 17, 2008

Riding The Black Horse

Riding The Black Horse Cover (By: Holly Solt)

While visiting the stars by the dark lake last night
I was sitting on a rock that was bathed in pale moonlight

Along the rocky shore did I see a running child
who stopped where I was seat, said "hallo..." and then smiled

He asked if I believed in fairy folk, did I...
I answered him "of course" and he winked his little eye

He asked me if I ever talked to one, somehow
I leaned forward and whispered "you mean, before just now?"

Then a foggy mist rolled in and covered up the shore
covered up the sky till I could see no more

I heard the horse's breathing as it raced across the sand
and it scared me something awful when someone grabbed my hand

and pulled me high upon the horse as it passed my sitting place
while wind blew fast and cold and damp as if we were running a race

then we stopped and I looked up and saw a mountain's wall
the fog did lift, I turned and looked and saw a man so tall

His hair and beard were colored all red like sunset's skies
and springtime's green of new born leaves were the color of his eyes

He pointed at the mountain & said, "make you not a sound,
while the black horse takes us safely to a more familiar ground"

Then, we walked right through that mountain! As is there were no wall
And once inside was blackness, no all

I could barely take a breath, I was blind and could not see
was like a blanket of nothing had wrapped itself round me

Then, the most amazing thing, the most amazing sight
we walked out of that mountain into a land of light

I blinked my eyes and squinted the colors were so bright
it confused my very senses was this not still night?

We slid off of the horse and it slowly walked away
then there were many things that the sunset man did say...

I remember seeing children of all the different races
I remember there was love in all the people's faces

I could choose to be alone with the colors everywhere
If I did not understand a thing, the sunset man was there

I woke up in the morning at first a little mad
when I realized it all was just a dream I had

But then I got to thinking of the horse and of the light
and the sunset man who's taken me to see them in the night

and I figured it was something, that I was supposed to tell
otherwise, I wouldn't have remembered it so well

So, do not fear the mountains...and do not fear the night...
Sometimes we walk through darkness, before we see the light.

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