Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Augoeides Prayer

The Augoeides Prayer Image
In the name of Genius "Most High", "Most Profound".
I am one with the Holy Supernal Will:
In Love, Passion "Genius Most High", "Most Profound,
Master of Detached Ardour
" Beauty:
No God do I worship, No God do I seek.
I do my Will and pursue Thy Clarity,
Masterful in Refinement, Delicacy "Love is the law of Thine Epiphany: Will set upon unlimited Ecstasy!
The Spirit of Genius is with me:
It is about me "all over me".
My Genius hath no god, nor any master, nor any equal:
And Nothing shall stand before the face of my Holy Supernal Will.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Outsider
Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of The Desert
Anonymous - The Prophecies Of Paracelsus

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

House Blessing 3

House Blessing 3 Cover
In the spirit of house blessings, and because I'm basically a kitchen witch at heart, and like little projects over serious ritual, I offer some selections gleaned from Cunningham's The Magical Household. I'm typing these without permission but with the hope that they'll inspire you to pick up the Cunningham book, because it's wonderful stuph...

For the doorway:

Suspend over the door a fresh sprig of dill, tied with a blue cord (or red, if you prefer), to prevent those who mean you harm from entering.

Cross two needles, and stick into or tie onto a corner of your doormat, to prevent evil from entering.

Grind Dragon's Blood herb into a powder and sprinkle it on door and window sills, to protect your house from harm.

"Witch Bottles"

Powder some more Dragon's Blood herb with a small quantity of sugar and salt, and place in a small corked or screw-lidded bottle. Shake and seal with red wax, then place it where it won't be found (or at least not easily seen). This will ensure harmony and peace within the house.

Place three new needles, three new pins, and three new nails in a glass jar. Fill with salt and shake vigorously nine times. Seal with white wax and place in kitchen cupboard where it will not be seen. This protects your food from contamination.

Gather rosemary, along with several needles and pins, into a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid or cork. When full, pour in red wine and shake. Seal with black or red wax, and place in an inconspicuous place in the apartment. If you own your own house, bury this at the furthestmost corner of your property. The book also adds this:

As you're filling the jar, say these words...
"Pins, needles, rosemary, wine,
In this witch's bottle of mine;
Guard against harm and enmity;
This is my will; so Mote it Be!"

Personally, I'm not hip on anything but, "Hey, Gods? It's me again", but I know, I'm CONSIDERABLY less formal than most!

An Anti-Theft Sachet

Mix caraway, rosemary, juniper berries, and elder leaves or mistletoe, and place into white square of cloth. Tie with white yarn and hang prominently. I'd assume either at the place you think thieves are most likely to enter--this being an anti-theft sachet--or at every entrance and doorway. This will require more cloth and more herbs, but most of the above are fairly inexpensive.

Finally, on Moving Day itself:

Bring two things into the house first: a small amount of salt, half to be scattered upon crossing the threshhold, and a small loaf of bread. Break the bread into as many pieces as you have people moving in, with one extra piece for the gods' portion. Sprinkle a dash of salt on each piece; share, when you have a moment. (I'd say have water on hand as well--at the very least, to clear the salt!) Next, bring in an apple and do the same thing--Cunningham recommends a fruit and cheese basket--I'd stick with just the apple and maybe a few slices of cheddar, or something. Lastly, bring in a sturdy chair and place it either near the apple and bread bits, or facing the door. This ensures that you will never know poverty, for there is bread and salt, hunger, for there is fruit (and cheese), and instability (for there's your stable chair guarding the door. After that, heave and lift until you're moved in!

A Note: I think ritual is very important, and I do admire rituals I've picked up here and those I've found on my own. In the long run, though, I know myself well enough to think that if I have to wait for a certain day and have a certain robe on, or need a special tool or altar lay-out, it'll never happen. But I can put my hands on needles, pins, wine and spices at virtually any time, and can easily make up witch's bottles for the shelves and cupboards, sachets for the windows, and incenses for household protection and cleansing. These simple items can have just as much power as just about any major ritual, and are sometimes easier to "whip up" for the busy pagan...

Further reading (free e-books):

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Lurking Fear
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nursing You

Nursing You Cover
On the first night
of the full moon,
the primeval sack of ocean broke,
& I gave birth to you
little woman,
little carrot top,
little turned-up nose,
pushing you out of myself
as my mother
me out of herself,
as her mother did,
& her mother's mother before her,
all of us born
of woman.

I am the second daughter
of a second daughter
of a second daughter,
but you shall be the first.
You shall see the phrase
"second sex"
only in puzzlement,
wondering how anyone,
except a madman,
could call you "second"
when you are so splendidly
conferring even on your mother
firstness, vastness, fullness
as the moon at its fullest
lights up the sky.

Now the moon is full again
& you are four weeks old.
Little lion, lioness,
yowling for my breasts,
rowling at the moon,
how I love your lustiness,
your red face demanding,
your hungry mouth howling,
your screams, your cries
which all spell life
in large letters
the color of blood.

You are born a woman
for the sheer glory of it,
little redhead, beautiful screamer.
You are no second sex,
but the first of the first;
& when the moon's phases
fill out the cycle
of your life,
you will crow
for the joy
of being a woman,
telling the pallid moon
to go drown herself
in the blue ocean,
& glorying, glorying, glorying
in the rosy wonder
of your sunshining wondrous self.

by Erica Jong

Books in PDF format to read:

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky - Studies In Occultism
Confucius - Confucian Canon
Phil Hine - On Cursing

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Winter Goddess Invokation

Winter Goddess Invokation Cover
From the darkness of night's embrace
We call to thee
Lady of the Hidden Flame

We call to thee from barren hills as yet
Unwarmed by thy child's newborn face
We call to thee
Nurturer of the Sun
Keeper of the Cycle of Life
We call to thee
Kindler of the flame between the Worlds

Queen of the Longest Night
We invoke thee from the depths of thy mournful love
Return the light to our lives
We invoke thee.

Further reading (free e-books):

Aleister Crowley - International
Francesca De Grandis - Goddess Initiation

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lady Light

Lady Light Cover My Lady Moon upon my window crept
Weeping want of you.
And touches me with silver light
The way I need you to.
She smiles soft.
Holds in her light
The Wisdom of all time.
The knowing of the magick ways
Of want and need and wine.
Hail her, who doth touch
Both our seeking eyes
And comfort there in knowing that
We're one beneath her light.

Contributed and authored by Moontoadie

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Aleister Crowley - La Gitana
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Twilight
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Candlelight
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Spring Summer Poem

Spring Summer Poem Cover By: Shadow Hawk


Circling skyward on wings of fire,
Drawn aloft by heart's desire,
Endless expanses of starry night,
In Endless freedom he finds his delight.

Down below whispers rise to his ear,
The green earth lays calling, calliing him near,
Circling skyward he hears the sweet call,
And folding his wings, begins the great fall.

Wind whispers then sings then a great roar,
From the high heavens his body he tore.
Faster than Eagle he falls to the ground,
Till even the sky's call was lost in the sound.

Below lays the Earth, she holds out her arms,
Enfolding her Lover with her Endless charms,
Deeper he plummets into that fair place,
Blinded and bewildered by her loving grace.

Mountians and hills, river and sea,
Summon him near, and Answer his need,
Stretching her arms, she gathers him nigh,
As stonelike he falls, a mote from God's eye.

Hurry, oh hurry, she beckons him come,
As mountains surround him, blocking the sun,
His Breath is fire, igniting her love,
Her lover returns, from Sun far above.

Deep in her body he plunges his fire,
Passion to passion, fire strikes desire,
Shudderingly, shakingly, he rises above,
Surrounded by the warmth of his Lady's love.

Sinking once more, she pulls him near,
Gathering him close the stars reappear,
Deep in her body, awaiting the day,
Till once more, skyward, He rises to play.

Books in PDF format to read:

Hellmut Ritter - Picatrix In German
Douglas Colligan - Strange Energies Hidden Powers
Aleister Crowley - Ahab And Other Poems
Edred Thorsson - Siegfried Adolf Kummer Rune Magic
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Friday, November 2, 2007

Invokation To The God

Invokation To The God Cover
Beloved is the hunter who rules the wood
The wood is a land without end
Without end is the bounty of tree and stag
Majestic is thy realm
Thy realm entwines the secret glade as the vine reaches to the skies
The skies are warmed by thy radiant face
Thy power undimmed by the velvet cloak of night

By the last light of the sun
We call to thee O Horned one of forest and glade
We call to thee from crowned hills and sacred vales
Lord of the Hunt, Protector of Game
Warrior, King and lover of the Queen of night
We call to thee
Shining one, Radiant one
We invoke thee!

Further reading (free e-books):

John Ronald Tolkien - Introduction To The Elder Edda
Aleister Crowley - The Invocation Of Thoth
James Eschelman - Invocation Of Horus

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