Sunday, October 2, 2005

Sleepy The Winter

Sleepy The Winter Cover By Ame Strix

Sleepy, the Winter
crawls out of his lair
Dead leaves and frost-bites
snared tight in his hair.

Yawning in gales
naked trees bow
Gray rain pelts down,
from light-hoarding clouds.

Sleepy, the Winter
surveys his domain
snapping off twigs
with the snow that he's made.

Frosty eyes roaming wild
exposing vulnerable skin
Pinching nerves with bitterness
Scraping raw, slicing in.

Sleepy, the Winter
dances out in the cold
Blizzardly brave
glacially bold.

Laughing in blasts
creatures shiver and moan
Icy knives from his fingers
cut deep into bone.

Sleepy, the Winter
calls darkness a friend
puts mortals to sleep
so his fun can begin.

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