Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beowulf An Anglo Saxon Epic Poem

Beowulf An Anglo Saxon Epic Poem Cover

Book: Beowulf An Anglo Saxon Epic Poem by Lesslie Hall

The world that Beowulf depicts and the heroic code of honor that defines much of the story is a relic of pre–Anglo-Saxon culture. The story is set in Scandinavia, before the migration. Though it is a traditional story—part of a Germanic oral tradition—the poem as we have it is thought to be the work of a single poet. It was composed in England (not in Scandinavia) and is historical in its perspective, recording the values and culture of a bygone era. Many of those values, including the heroic code, were still operative to some degree in when the poem was written. These values had evolved to some extent in the intervening centuries and were continuing to change. In the Scandinavian world of the story, tiny tribes of people rally around strong kings, who protect their people from danger—especially from confrontations with other tribes. The warrior culture that results from this early feudal arrangement is extremely important, both to the story and to our understanding of Saxon civilization. Strong kings demand bravery and loyalty from their warriors, whom they repay with treasures won in war. Mead-halls such as Heorot in Beowulf were places where warriors would gather in the presence of their lord to drink, boast, tell stories, and receive gifts. Although these mead-halls offered sanctuary, the early Middle Ages were a dangerous time, and the paranoid sense of foreboding and doom that runs throughout Beowulf evidences the constant fear of invasion that plagued Scandinavian society.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

May Day

May Day Cover Dance with me around the springtide flames.
Let the joy of the season
Be celebrated in the movement of our bodies.
Whirling, stomping, swaying
To the music in our blood.
Let the feeling of freedom
Carry us towards the peak of night.
Our voices lift to the heavens in praise
Of this tide and all it's blessings.
The renewal of all
In land, love and life.
Share wine and oatcake with me,
Let us give it from our lips.
And there, by the Beltane fires
Enraptured by the light.
With the blessings of the world upon us,
The world, new and fresh and bright..
Come to me beside the Beltane fire
When all round is black.
Lay with me by the Beltane fire.
Take me beside the Beltane fire
And let our spirits join in flight.

by Moontoadie – copyright 2003, printed with permission

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Blessing Of Food

Blessing Of Food Cover
Thank Thee Great Goddess
For the bounty before me
A gift of thy great abundance

Thank you for sustaining my life
I receive your gift of food in gratitude

by Abby Willowroot

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