Sunday, April 15, 2007


Storm Cover
Lightning flashing, wind howls through trees,
Storm is rising, Mortals flee.
Like armies marching, clouds parade by,
Thunder shaking, rain hides the sky.

Earth trembles under Titan's fist,
As Elementals meet in their violent tryst.
Jagged bolts from Heaven descend
and Tree their goal to rend.

Fierce are the powers of the storm,
Chaos rules and dissolves Reality's form.
Fear walks the Earth in the Lightning's stark Kiss,
While rain hides the Shadows in Unholy mists.

But like all things this to must pass,
And after a time, storm ceases to harass,
The wind abates and the thunder mutes,
And Lightning ends it's violent pursuit.

Sun peeks shyly from behind Thunderhead,
And a faint rainbow across the sky does thread.
One lone frog begins to sing,
And a few bright birds take to wing.

Slowly the mortal creatures crawl forth,
To bask in the Sun's strengthening warmth,
But even as the light returns to day,
Elsewhere Storm will enter the fray.

Storm into peace, night into day,
This is the circle, the Divine at play.
First one then the Other is the cycle of Life,
No stagnation, no quiet, just unending strife.

The Circle of Life is the Game we play,
While upon this Earth our bodies decay,
And when our storm of Life goes by,
Into the Light we must all die.

Life into death, dark into light,
This is the Circle, the Divine delight,
To experience death, and be reborn from the night,
To once again behold Divine Starlight.

Circling endlessly Eons fly past,
But even this too in the end won't last,
When the last sparrow falls and night draws to a close,
The last to die is one final rose.
When all is merged in Divine Bliss,
And nothing is left the Divine to kiss,
Then up from the wells of Chaos will flow,
New Life, new forms the Divine to know.

Cycle upon cycle, Life upon death,
The Eternal cycle, Brahman's breath,
Form into Chaos, Chaos into form,
This is the Rule to which Life will conform.

One rule for life, one rule alone,
That nothing is Changeless, and Chaos follows form,
One Rule for Day and One rule for Night,
That Nothing is Eternal in the Eternal's sight.

Shadow Hawk , 03-12-89

Books in PDF format to read:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Street
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Tomb
Aleister Crowley - To Man

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Call To The Lord And Lady

A Call To The Lord And Lady Cover She lives and breathes upon the Earth
Her wheel spins round the hub of June
She is the web of life and birth
Her smile floats softly with the moon
Heart of life, and caring mother
Loving sister, noble princess
Firebird spirit, restless lover
Shadowy hidden sorceress
His strength is there in mountains high
His lightning flys from air and cloud
His horn heralds the wild hunt's ride
He quickens forest, roaring proud
Children's friend, protecting father
Watchful Brother, noble fighter
Laughing wise one, dark magister
Player of pipes, thoughtful sheperd
Their faces many, countless names
Pan, Diana, Zeus, Astarte
Teachers from dreams, oracle's flames
Speak, and guide us within our hearts

J.A.B. 14 Feb 89

Books in PDF format to read:

Anthony Arndt - Asatru The Northern Way
Valentina Izmirlieva - All The Names Of The Lord
Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition
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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The River

The River Cover In the midst of death and violence
A light kindling in my heart
Is Beginning to warm my soul
With new life.

I look back at the white water boiling behind me
With a shuddering anger at the treacherous, roiling white light.
I look ahead at the broad, black expanse
Smooth, yet turbulent and rich with wonderful power.

Deep moments of peace are the essence of what is Coming
Deep pools of bliss are the essence of what is coming
Troubles are the food that nourishes a peaceful life
Troubles gently feed bliss with subtle flavours of delight

I bow to all the Deities who are Bringing me wealth unmeasured
And I thank the Lord, and I thank the Lady, and I thank my Self.

Hugh Read 02-15-89

Books in PDF format to read:

Paul Foster Case - The Life Power
Anonymous - The Ripley Scroll
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - The Hermit
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Three Lives
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