Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thank You Goddess

Thank You Goddess Cover
Oh Goddess
Bless this food
Which is your body

Bless this day
With your abundance
Bless my spirit
With your light

Thank you great Protectress

by Abby Willowroot

Books in PDF format to read:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Other Gods
Francesca De Grandis - Be A Goddess

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Calling Quarters

Calling Quarters Cover


Watchers of Air
reveal the light
wind in your hair
armies in flight


Watchers of Fire
power of might
start the pyre
burn it bright


Watchers of Water
rise from the sea
chorus of daughters
blessed be


Watchers of Earth
bring me the key
grown in the dirt
so mote it be



Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the East, thou gentle sprites and airy sylphs, soaring eagle and sweet butterfly, Eurus master of the Eastern wind, be with us in laughter and in thought, bring us the bracing dawn wind and memories of fragrant Spring. I do summon, stir and call you up- Come! Be welcome in this our rite. Blessed be.


Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the South, thou leaping salamanders and firey ones, lion in passion and dragon in power, phoenix arising pure an whole from the flame, Notus, master of the South wind, be with us in passion and in truth, bring us the warmth of the hearthfire and the summer sun, and the clear sight of noonday. I do summon, stir and call you up- Come! Be welcome in this our rite. Blessed be.


Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the West, thou deep-dwelling undines and swift-flowing naiads, loving dolphin and hidden eel, Zephyrus master of the Western wind, be with us in feeling and in vision, in the evening tide's mystery and the upwelling autumn dreams. I do summon, stir and call you up-Come! Be welcome in this our rite. Blessed be.


Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the North, thou Gnomes of the within the earth and oreads of the mountain forest, bear slow and sure and bull of great strength, and tunneling worms whose work insures life, Boreas master of the north wind and ruler of the winds, here at the dwelling place of the gods be with us in solid strength and permanence, giving us sure knowledge of nature's ever-renewed cycles, the safe womb of night and the slow movement of winter. I do summon, stir and call you up, Come! Be welcome here in this our rite.

A Quick Solitary Quarter Call

(when you're in a hurry! lol)

I welcome the East--bring your winds here,
Blow away doubt, confusion, and fear!
I welcome the South--let your fire glow,
Let desire and passion of life through me flow!
I welcome the West--let your healing rain,
Wash away negative feelings and pain!
I welcome the North--bring stability,
Strength and balance here to me!
The Quarters are called and the circle's cast,
To raise the power and send it fast,
And when my sacred work is done,
Bless the magick that I've begun!


Further reading (free e-books):

Anonymous - Wicca Beliefs And Practices
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Candlelight
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Crawling Chaos

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Invokation Of Goddess Diana

Invokation Of Goddess Diana Cover
Great Diana,
Lovely goddess, spirit of the wilderness
She who's voice is of the wind
She who's glory shines unbound
May your light lead us to your mysteries
And bless us with your strength and wisdom
to live with respect to the eternal spirits

In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of nature, childbirth, hunting and the protector of the weak. She is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis and she represents the Sacred Feminine, the female aspect of deity. Princess Diana bore the same attributes by being a protector of the environment, taking care of the weak in her missions in third world countries and by giving birth to the future heirs of England’s throne. Oak tree groves were especially sacred to the Goddess Diana. In Roman times, Diana’s groves and sanctuaries were always in the wild, outside of the boundaries of the city. Such hidden temples were found all across Europe. To further the resemblance with the Goddess bearing her name, Lady Diana was buried in a grove in her home town (more on this later). The Goddess Diana is often depicted with deers and doves.

The female principle is often represented by the moon, where the Moon goddess is opposite to the Sun god . The feminine energy is also commonly associated with the planet Venus, represented in symbolism by a five petal flower – the rose. The goddess figure appears unmistakably in all religions, even in Christianity as the Virgin Mary. These symbols representing the female deity exist since prehistoric times and were preserved and diffused through pagan mysteries and through mystic Judeo-Christian teachings. Today’s students of the occult easily recognize and interpret those symbols. We will later explain how they have been used to associate Lady Di with the concept of the sacred feminine.

Further reading (free e-books):

Michael Jordan - Dictionary Of Gods And Goddesses
Aleister Crowley - The Invocation Of Thoth
James Eschelman - Invocation Of Horus

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Bedouin Song By Bayard Taylor

Bedouin Song By Bayard Taylor Cover From the desert I come to thee,
On a stallion shod with fire,
And the winds are left behind
In the speed of my desire.
Under thy window I stand,
And the midnight hears my cry:
I love thee, I love but thee,
With a love that never shall die.

Books in PDF format to read:

Abdul Alhazred - Necronomicon Wilson Hay Turner Langford Version
Walter Scott - Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft
Michael Ford - Luciferian Sorcery And Set Typhon

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