Sunday, October 12, 2008

Earth Birth

Earth Birth Cover By: Holly Solt

In a time Before the mortal
when magic came to birth
evil and good in conflict
with the Powers of the earth

Long ago, and far away
a time we don't remember
for we had yet to come to earth
for earth was still an ember...

Mountains black and oceans grey
the sky was black and foul
and air was only fog and mist
and torrid winds would howl

Then from the sky a soft wind blew
and dots of light appeared
and rain fell down upon the earth
that was so scorched and seared

Evil fought with good
and the earth shook with fear
canyons and the continents
from earthquakes did appear

Then dragons flew as birds
and beasts were treetop tall
and love was soon to be
the magic of it all

Old evil hid beneath the earth
and made the center burn
and waited for the time and place
that it could have it's turn

And love produced the day
and light shone all Around
and Love proclaimed it's victory
by giving life a sound

Now mortals walk upon the earth
and think to be so grand
to rule the very planet
the ground on which they stand

Mortal minds cannot accept
the battle carries on
good and evil will exist
long after earth is gone.

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