Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Woman Answer To Man Question By Lena Lathrop

A Woman Answer To Man Question By Lena Lathrop Cover Do you know you have asked for the costliest thing
Ever made by the hand above —
A woman's heart, and a woman's life
And a woman's wonderful love?

Do you know you have asked for this priceless thing
As a child might ask for a toy,
Demanding what others have died to win,
With the reckless dash of a boy?

You have written my lesson of duty out,
Man-like you have questioned me;
Now stand at the bar of my woman's soul
Until I shall question thee.

You require your mutton shall always be hot,
Your socks and your shirt be whole;
I require your heart to be true as God's stars,
And as pure as heaven your soul.

You require a cook for your mutton and beef;
I require a far better thing.
A seamstress you're wanting for socks and shirts;
I look for a man and a king.

A king for the beautiful realm called home,
And a man that the maker, God,
Shall look upon as he did the first
And say, "It is very good."

I am fair and young, but the rose will fade
From my soft, young cheek one day,
Will you love me then 'mid the falling leaves,
As you did 'mid the bloom of May?

Is your heart an ocean so strong and deep,
I may launch my all on its tide?
A loving woman finds heaven or hell
On the day she is made a bride.

I require all things that are grand and true,
All things that a man should be;
If you give all this, I would stake my life
To be all you demand of me.

If you cannot do this — a laundress and cook
You can hire, with little to pay,
But a woman's heart and a woman's life
Are not to be won that way.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Bell Of The Garden

Sweet Bell Of The Garden Cover "Sssssh," mother's teaching now
And She's wearing the face of a child
Moonfaced self sure maiden
Not quite wild

She's bearing snails and centipedes
She's laughing in the sun
She's Walking in the lowlands now
And She's only just begun

She's singing in the cricket's song
She's dancing in the dew
She's come, Sweet Bell of the Garden
To enchant you.

-Merry- June 5, 1995

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Is The Buddha Emptiness The Brahmin Brahman

Is The Buddha Emptiness The Brahmin Brahman Image
In the high Hindu Vedanta teachings, the goal of the spiritual path is the realization of one's ultimate identity with Brahman, the Absolute, which is said to underlie all existence. Brahman, the indivisible, eternal, uncreated, is also called "the Deathless"-that place beyond birth and death, beyond the world.

Gautama the Buddha was acclaimed as a challenger and radical reformer of the decaying Brahminism of his time. One of the revolutionary ideas that he taught was the doctrine of Emptiness, said to be the cornerstone of Buddhist understanding. "What he meant by Emptiness has been over the ages a source of much debate (even the close disciples of Buddha didn't understand it properly). "Is Emptiness, as many believe it to be, a radical departure from the concept of the all-pervading eternal Brahman of the Vedas, or is Emptiness the Buddha's description of what is, in essence, none other than the Vedantic Brahman?

In other words... Is Emptiness nothing? Or is it something?

"How the BRAHMINS, describe BRAHMAN: "

In the highest golden sheath is Brahman,

stainless, without parts;

Pure is it, the light of lights.

This is what the knowers of the Self know.

The sun shines not there,

nor the moon and stars,

these lightnings shine not,

where then could this fire be?

His shining illumines all this world.

Brahman, verily, is this Deathless.

- Mundaka Upanishad

How the Buddha describes Emptiness:

Where water, earth, heat

and wind find no footing,

there no stars gleam,

no sun is made visible,

there shines no moon,

there the darkness is not found;

When the sage, the brahmin,

himself in wisdom knows this place

he is freed from the form

and formless realms,

from happiness and suffering.

- the Udana

Source: What is Enlightenment Magazine Article. :: ::

Also more resource on Buddha's Emptiness Concept

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pet Blessings

Pet Blessings Cover
Spoken - As needed, perhaps even on a regular basis to bless and protect your furkids. No materials are required however you may want to anoint your pets forehead with some protection oil, this is optional.

Dog Blessing

Hecate, Dark Mother
In protecting this home
In your place as is right
Stands one of your own
In defending this house
And all creatures within
Your sacred beast
A true loyal friend.
Keep him from harm
As he guards all he loves
And watch over him
So below, as above.


Blessing For Dogs

Diana, Goddess of the Wind
Keeper of dogs both fierce and mild
Hold (name of pet) safely in your arms
And protect this creature from all harm
And should the day come that he/she roams
Guide him/her to the path back home
Bless (name of pet) with a joyful life
Free of hardship, stress and strife

Blessing For Cats

Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield (name of pet) from all hurt and harm
And keep him/her always safe and warm
Watch over (name of pet) from day to day
And guide him/her home, if he/she should stray
And grant him/her much happiness
and a good life free of strife and stress.


Cat Blessing

O great Goddess Bast, I ask
That you keep (name) at home
Safe from all mischief
And wanting to roam
Grant the contentment
Known to his/her race.
See that he's/she's happy
In this his/her rightful place

Author unknown

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Is The Law

Love Is The Law Cover Do what thou wilt is the Whole of the Law
The time of The Will
Bursts forth Now, in the Spring
Implacable bud!

Let your Love burst forth and blossom freely
Thunder of roses
Unfettered by harsh will
Love willed to be Free

To soar with on Her Wings into New Heavens
Over pure New Earths
Love is Will purified
Love is Her own Law!

Sun is born again in primitive Light
With Arian Force
In the Spring House of Mars
New Life Exploding

From cold Winter's Icy dark Womb
Gives force to our Wills
Time of re-SOL-ution
We are born again

Juices of Spring wash us from Winter Womb
As Spring buds push out
We drop from Her belly
Like damp, new born colts

This is the time to re-SOL-ve our new lives
With Nature's Forces
Supporting and healing
As Old Winter dies

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Invokation To The Goddess

Invokation To The Goddess Cover
Beloved is the mistress of the velvet night
The velvet night is bejewelled with stars
The stars are the pearls of the ocean deep
The ocean deep is thy hidden realm
Thy hidden realm is full of the bounties of mystery and spirit
Spirit is called by the tides
The tides are the silvered rays of thy glorious face
Turning darkness into light

By the rising of the silvered moon
We call to thee Lady of the rivers and streams
We call to thee from endless oceans and sacred pools
Lady of the tides, of the cycles of life
Mother, Queen and lover of the lord of the sun
We call to thee
Silvered one, flowing one
We Invoke thee!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Morning Prayer

A Morning Prayer Cover
Oh Great Goddess
Bless this day
Keep me safe and whole

Oh Great Goddess
Bless my path
Help me to act on thy wisdom

Oh Great Goddess
Bless my family
Living on this Earth

by Abby Willowroot

Books in PDF format to read:

Sandra Ingerman - Shamanic Journeying A Beginner Guide
Aleister Crowley - Concerning Blasphemy

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Imbolc Charm

The Imbolc Charm Image
In the Belly, Growing!

Hearth Keeping, Earth Stirring

Light Rising, Bread Baking

I keep the Feast of Imbolc!

Bride of the Hearth-Fire, you I call

Lady of the Sacred Well,

Bannock Mother, Font of Sustenance

Take now this offering, here at my Fire.

Bride of the Skills, to you I call

Queen of Poetry, Queen of Artifice

Queen of Healing, Goddess of Inspirations

Take now this offering here at my Fire.

Foster Mother, Cattle Mother

Fire Mother, Well Mother

Beneath your Mantle of Stars

I give you this sacrifice, Mother of Blessing.

Milk of the Mother, Come fill the Cauldron

Let the Land grow soft with your warmth

Let your milk come into the world,

Let me gain every good in the growth of the season

By the Blessing of the lady of Fire and Water!

So, Brigid and all you Powers, I give you welcome at my Fire. Let your light be reflected in my spirit, let your ale flow in my veins. I raise this glass to you, and drink to your divine power. Let me know the health, wealth and wisdom of the Gods and Spirits on this holy feast of Imbolc! So be it!

"Offerings: oat-cakes and milk. Work the rite at your own hearth or home."

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A Healing Prayer

A Healing Prayer Cover Oh Great Goddess
Mother of Mercy and Healing

Send the energy of Hygeia
to nourish from Her Sacred Bowl

Send the energy of Brigid
to heal with waters of Her Sacred Well

Send the energy of Demeter
to restore life to withering cells

Send the energy of Quan Yin
to bless the healing with peace

Send Your healing wisdom to the body
to restore its sacred balance

Thank You Great Goddess
Mother of All Life

by Abby Willowroot

Books in PDF format to read:

Anonymous - Wicca Beliefs And Practices
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Crawling Chaos
Paul Foster Case - The Life Power

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Squaring The Circle

Squaring The Circle Cover
Bear your heart to the single-eyed sky
lest your thoughts should calcify
and your insights dry up summerwise.

Squaring the circle of your life,
joyously circumambulate the green tree
that stretches heavenward
and begets its wondrous fruit of remembrance.

Deny no one the solace of dreaming
and gently etch your kindness
into the weathered granite of all souls.

As you touch the antipodes
stretched out between forgotten pathways
and tomorrow's muted shadows,
you unhinge the drowsy self-repeating cosmos
and unbolt the portal of the ever-present Now.

by Georg Feuerstein

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