Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blessing The Earth For Planting

Blessing The Earth For Planting Cover
O gentle Air, we do come before Thee
To ask that your gentle tender breezes kiss
The plants that will come forth.

O fearful Fire, we do come to ask that
Your hot heat be but a gentle warmth
To help the plants grow.

O Water of Life, we do come before Thee
To ask your gentle waters to bring life
To the tender plants that come forth.

O Great Mother, let thy dark womb care
For the tender seeds, to push them up when
The time is right for the plants to come into full bloom.

We do thank Thee Diana. Mother of All Living Things and Giver of Life.

Blessed Be.

(offer wine to Lord & Lady – ground may be consecrated with element before planting)

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