Monday, March 15, 2010

Strange Changes

Strange Changes Cover I met you first on darkened moors,
one night beneath a cobalt moon
We walked the hills, climbed rugged tors
the wind sang sweet cold eerie tunes

Then you were quick to dance,
your lustrous hair a flowing breeze
When I chanced to glance at you
I saw your body rearrange
taking the shape of a yew tree
Strange change I strange...

The second time I saw you playing a sea nymph
on a black sand beach
We swam Together Through the surf,
I Touched the sea, but you I could not reach

Then you were quick to laugh,
your mirth a shiny aura
I paused to stare
while you shimmered in the air
taking a Griffin's form
Strange change I cried...too strange

The last time I saw you
acting like a wilderness child
Canadian tundra frozen and bleak,
animal magic free and wild

Presenting your true self
while the wolves remained silent
The Moon howled in delight
as you kissed me softly in the arctic night
and left me standing on a melting world
full of strange changes...very strange...

by Zhuavastou c1996

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