Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crone Blessing

Crone Blessing Cover
We call you now,
Ancient One,
From the times before the Beginning,
From the place before time,
We call to you, Dark Moon,
Mighty One,
By all your names
Spoken and unspoken,
Rhea, Mother of Time,
Macha, Lady of Power,
Baba Yaga of the forests,
Kali, Dark Mother,
Hecate of the Crossroads,
Bless us
And bless the Crones
Of our circle,
First among sisters.
Bless them, bless them, bless them,
Mighty Ones,
We thank you.


My heart was dancing
and the sunny blades of grass
bowed in a gentle breeze.
For one brief afternoon
I felt at one with everything
and knew no cares.
Then, by next morning,
the brilliance had faded
and keen shadows had returned.
The venerable crone
had granted me supernal joy,
and I never thanked her
for this unexpected blessing.
But often I picture her kindly face
with a grateful heart.

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