Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Rambling Meditation

A Rambling Meditation Cover
This is a rambling meditation
an indoctrination of the inspiration
and the hurricane of thought
that storms through my brain.
This is a directionless path
through the snowbanks
and sand dunes of my mind,
the archipelago of my dreams
and the haphazard scattering
of observations that fill all
the empty spaces.

How do we manufacture such intimacy
from such simplicity?
How do our hands know to fit together?
Do our minds speak
in secret to ensure they lean
the proper direction when we
are blind for a kiss?
Does your laughter fit on music lines
and who composes the melody
of our conversation?
Will the balance ever balance out
or will I be the heavier need
in this see-saw, my feet in the dirt
while yours hover in the sky?
Do you dream of me, do you miss me
when I’m gone? Will the weight
of what we’ve gone through sink your heart
or be the resistance you need
to soar?

These are the thoughts
that swirl through me like drops of blood
in sinks of white.

The silent wonder when the snow falls
and sunlight rides each flake to the earth
and the curiosity as to if you
saw it too.
Why the brush of your foot
against mine at night stops my heart
and why I reach for you through the darkness
of my slumber?
Have you ever loved like this before
or are we rewriting the rules as we go?
How do you know the ways to
calm me and silence the shake
when I lose myself?
How do you bring me home

Is home a place or is home a person
or is home the creation
of one soul out of two?
Are you proud of me like I am
proud of you?
Did you feel the strain of waiting
to meet in this life
and is it our first lap through?
How do you know when it’s tears I need
and when laughter alone will do?
Why do your lips have the power
to move me and make mountains
on my skin?
Why do your ears hold your hair
but still need my fingers
to replace it when it falls?
How do your eyes see me and what,
what am I missing?
The me you see is so much
so much more than the me
I thought I could be.
How did you save me and more than how
Do I save you like you save me
and am I enough when you deserve
so much more?
How can I be the more you’ve earned
because I am capable
of anything.
Do I say thank you
for the love you’ve given,
do I owe you my life?
You can have all I am all I have
without ever asking.

This is a rambling meditation
a silent affirmation
to One second of thought
that transpires in the space between our
lips parting and our eyes
opening again.
That one tiny moment of darkness
before your light finds its way
back in.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

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