Saturday, December 3, 2005


Spirituality Cover "What is `spirituality'? Does it matter much today?
And what is something `sacred'? Is it black and white...or grey?"
These were the queries of a youngster, and gave me pause for thought;
And as I rummaged through my mind, I found the words I sought.
"Spirituality is a relationship 'twixt the Universe and you,
And how you behave will manifest, no matter what you do!

It's a friendship with creation - with stones and plants and trees,
With birds and deer and butterflies...and even bumblebees;
It's knowing that the life you have, is found in them, as well;
It's awareness that creation is found in every realm,
And that all of it is sacred and all of it's divine!
That means it's very special - and will be for all time!

The answers to your questions are both black and white, and grey,
As spirituality and sacredness depends on you...each day!"
I pondered well his queries as he slipped out the door,
And wondered if I'd answered well - or if I should say more...
But looking out the window, I saw him smile at me,
And knew that I'd said plenty, as he reached out and hugged a tree!


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