Friday, December 16, 2005

I Am A Pagan

I Am A Pagan Cover I am a part of the whole of Nature.
The rocks, the animals, the plants, the elements are my relatives.
Other humans are my sisters and brothers, whatever their races, colors, ages, nationalities, creeds, or sexual preferences.
The earth is my Mother and the sky is my Father.
The sun and moon are my Grandparents, and the stars my ancestors.
I am part of this large family of Nature, not the master of it.
I have my own special part to play and I seek to play that part to the best of my ability.
I seek to live in harmony with others in the family of Nature, treating others with respect, not abuse...
I pay attention to the seasons within myself - of beginnings, growth, fruition, harvest, endings, rest, and beginnings again.
Life is a Circle with many cycles...
I acknowledge that the Divine is everywhere in the energy of life.
I am Animistic. I sense the life force in the oak tree on the hill, in the herbs in the garden, in the birds singing at my window, in the boulders on the hill, in myself, and yes, even in "things"such as my car and computer.
I understand that everything has its physical and non-physical aspects. The physical and spiritual are deeply intertwined, not separate, and one is not better than the other.
My worship is one of communion, not groveling.
I share my views with others when I sense it is right, but I do not proselytize - there are many ways, not one way, of spiritual growth.
My holy places are under the open sky ... in the Stone Circle in the oak grove on the top of the mound ... on the Vision Rock on the high cliff ... in the Garden in the fields ... in the Sweat lodge by the stream ... by the clear pool of the Sacred Spring ... in the Rainbow Cave in the valley.
Yet my worship can be anywhere ... my magick circle is portable.
I can call to the four quarters, to the earth and sky, and to the central spirit point wherever I may be.
I journey to the Otherworld in my dreams, my meditations... I fly with my Consciousness through time and space.
I return with insights.
I go between the worlds for healing, growth, and Transformation.
Psychic perception is a natural, not supernatural, part of my daily life.
I attune myself to the Four Elements of Nature - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - and to the fifth element, Spirit, which is the force that connects all.
I see these elements as parts of my self - my physical body is my earth, my intellect my air, my will my fire, my emotions my water, and my inner self is my spirit.
I endeavor to keep myself healthy and in balance in all these parts of Self.
I hear the cries of Mother Earth.
I see the pollution of the air, the soil, and the waters.
I see the games being played by nations with the fire of nuclear weapons.
I see spiritual pollution, too - selfishness, hatred, greed for money and power, despair.
I sense these things, but I sense, too, a cleansing, healing energy manifesting on the planet at this time.
I know that I can help bring the planet into greater balance by seeking balance in my own life.
I know that my attitudes and my way of living can make a difference.
I endeavor to be a channel for healing and balance.

Books in PDF format to read:

Jean Seznec - Survival Of The Pagan Gods
Daniel Haigh - The Anglo Saxon Sagas
Bertrand Russell - Why I Am Not A Christian
Arlo Bates - The Pagans
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Saturday, December 3, 2005


Spirituality Cover "What is `spirituality'? Does it matter much today?
And what is something `sacred'? Is it black and white...or grey?"
These were the queries of a youngster, and gave me pause for thought;
And as I rummaged through my mind, I found the words I sought.
"Spirituality is a relationship 'twixt the Universe and you,
And how you behave will manifest, no matter what you do!

It's a friendship with creation - with stones and plants and trees,
With birds and deer and butterflies...and even bumblebees;
It's knowing that the life you have, is found in them, as well;
It's awareness that creation is found in every realm,
And that all of it is sacred and all of it's divine!
That means it's very special - and will be for all time!

The answers to your questions are both black and white, and grey,
As spirituality and sacredness depends on you...each day!"
I pondered well his queries as he slipped out the door,
And wondered if I'd answered well - or if I should say more...
But looking out the window, I saw him smile at me,
And knew that I'd said plenty, as he reached out and hugged a tree!


Books in PDF format to read:

Raym - Spirit Guide A New Life Guide
Ashe - Journal Of Experimental Spirituality
Richard Weiss - Recipes For Immortality
Aleister Crowley - Ritual Viii
John Nash - Spirituality And Gender
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Rambling Meditation

A Rambling Meditation Cover
This is a rambling meditation
an indoctrination of the inspiration
and the hurricane of thought
that storms through my brain.
This is a directionless path
through the snowbanks
and sand dunes of my mind,
the archipelago of my dreams
and the haphazard scattering
of observations that fill all
the empty spaces.

How do we manufacture such intimacy
from such simplicity?
How do our hands know to fit together?
Do our minds speak
in secret to ensure they lean
the proper direction when we
are blind for a kiss?
Does your laughter fit on music lines
and who composes the melody
of our conversation?
Will the balance ever balance out
or will I be the heavier need
in this see-saw, my feet in the dirt
while yours hover in the sky?
Do you dream of me, do you miss me
when I’m gone? Will the weight
of what we’ve gone through sink your heart
or be the resistance you need
to soar?

These are the thoughts
that swirl through me like drops of blood
in sinks of white.

The silent wonder when the snow falls
and sunlight rides each flake to the earth
and the curiosity as to if you
saw it too.
Why the brush of your foot
against mine at night stops my heart
and why I reach for you through the darkness
of my slumber?
Have you ever loved like this before
or are we rewriting the rules as we go?
How do you know the ways to
calm me and silence the shake
when I lose myself?
How do you bring me home

Is home a place or is home a person
or is home the creation
of one soul out of two?
Are you proud of me like I am
proud of you?
Did you feel the strain of waiting
to meet in this life
and is it our first lap through?
How do you know when it’s tears I need
and when laughter alone will do?
Why do your lips have the power
to move me and make mountains
on my skin?
Why do your ears hold your hair
but still need my fingers
to replace it when it falls?
How do your eyes see me and what,
what am I missing?
The me you see is so much
so much more than the me
I thought I could be.
How did you save me and more than how
Do I save you like you save me
and am I enough when you deserve
so much more?
How can I be the more you’ve earned
because I am capable
of anything.
Do I say thank you
for the love you’ve given,
do I owe you my life?
You can have all I am all I have
without ever asking.

This is a rambling meditation
a silent affirmation
to One second of thought
that transpires in the space between our
lips parting and our eyes
opening again.
That one tiny moment of darkness
before your light finds its way
back in.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

Books in PDF format to read:

Francesca De Grandis - Goddess Initiation
Aleister Crowley - Book 4 Part I Meditation
Alan Wallace - Lucid Dreaming And Meditation

Keywords: supreme arcanite magician  magick rites  english 1953 bibliographies  introduction thelema  
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Friday, November 4, 2005

Magickal Reveries

Magickal Reveries Cover Magickal Reveries Dedicated to Bill Heidrick
...who opened the door...

I am as the Moon Our Light is ever changing Healing, gathering

copyright, Hugh Read, 1987 Permission is herby given for noncommercial reproduction of this copyrighted work, so long as it is reproduced in full and this notice is included.

As Capricorn begins the year darkly
From the depths of light
As the distant Sun
Begins Her Northward Path

Saturn begins her leaden rainbow dance
Giving form to time
The Gates to Formlessness
Make way for new forms

To emerge out of Saturnian Black
Gates of Formlessness
Are now used by wise souls
Seeking Endlessness

As new forms dance in, wise souls may dance out
To Eternity
To explore timeless states
And spaceless being

Saturn planet of time and timelessness
Space and spacelessness
Of limits and freedom
Is our leaden key

To the golden place of immortality
The Bliss of Saturn
Is sweet, rich bliss, indeed
In dark Capricorn

Agape is subtle wine, holy...pure
While Chubby Eros
Is a belching beer
Good old, sad old lust

Is Thelema will with desire charged
Is Thelema greed
Drunk on yeasty-rich lust
Rapine in her heart

Or is Thelema subtle will, divine
Heaven's Spirit scent
Beyond sight, will or mind
Like good Christian Faith

As Capricorn begins the year darkly
From the depths of light
As the distant Sun
Begins Her Northward Path

Saturn begins her leaden rainbow dance
Giving form to time
The Gates to Formlessness
Make way for new forms

To emerge out of Saturnian Black
Gates of Formlessness
Are now used by wise souls
Seeking Endlessness

As new forms dance in, wise souls may dance out
To Eternity
To explore timeless states
And spaceless being

Saturn planet of time and timelessness
Space and spacelessness
Of limits and freedom
Is our leaden key

To the golden place of immortality
The Bliss of Saturn
Is sweet, rich bliss, indeed
In dark Capricorn

Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Protect me, Mother,
In my loneliness

Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Lead me to earthly love
Lead me to my Self

Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Surround me with lovers
Who heal me with love

Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Allow me loving friends
Who heal me with love

Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Lead me to earthly love
Lead me to my Self

When bright spark was struck at dark equinox
Hard clarity came
As Sun struck Saturn
In His Earthy home

The Astral Year begins in Saturn's house
In chill mystery
The leaden wheel begins
Her twelve month circle

From Earth to Air to Water to Fire
Then again begin
Spinning wheel of magick
Through time and through space

Twelve stations of the Elemental Cross
Break the calender
Wear tattered calender
Like torn beggar's rags

Twelve mundane months slip over Heaven's Year
Solstice to solstice
Tearing the paper year
With ancient power

Now the dark solstice has come and has gone
Year is born anew
New Year's day ahead
Surly overlay

Vying with our more ancient starry year
The New Roman Year
Trys hard to hide the Gods
Nor can it hide them

For their power is born ever anew
Through the twelve stations
And deep in each month
Their Life births Magick

As Virgo dies the dark Crone encroaches
Hard with Grey Power
Harsh-shrivelled with Wisdom
Of a long chaste life

What seems to be ugly, mean grows in strength
Like a walnut shell
Wrinkled shell, wrinkled nut
Wrinkled wise, old brain

Cruel Death mercifully releases Beauty
Libra roses rise
Gentle Autumn breezes
Pink, red, soft petals

From peak to craggy peak the Horn'd One leaps
Fire in his eyes
Hard shouldered...white-hot chest
Antlered man on high

Blue lightening flashes from his bright-hot thighs
Swift knees crash through trees
In the ancient forest
Of my ancient mind

From those depths my ancient powers rise
Fire in my eyes
Soft heart hardens. Wisdom
Surges in my thighs

Knees and ankles loosen, muscles tighten
I am the Horn'd One!
I am He! I am Free!
Ancient One in me!

Affirmation: I am Pan! I am Cernunnos! I am the Horn'd One.
I am Shiva! I am He! I am Atman! I am Free!

Is Peace possible on Battlefield Earth
No. Not now, Kali
Your Yuga demands War
War is our teacher

Only through War can we learn to escape
Your prison of Time
The only Peace there is
Is hidden within

Each individual heart. Turn within
Make that your War
Exploit the Battlefield
By turning away

That is War enough in Kali's prison
Of Time and of Space
Learn to reverse the Field
And find your own Peace

The Kiss of Saturn is hot, black, fierce, deep
A hint of Wild Ass
In her blue-black hair
Breasts soft as black Lead

Moulten hips steaming with empowerment
Belly bold with Lust
That heals...and heals...and heals
Uranus! She cries.

"Wild Ass!" I reply. "I am set on you!"
My Wild Ass prances
"For I am Set, my Nepthys
My sweet Wild Ass

I come to claim your dark powers tonight
In Binah tonight
For we are in Binah
Deep set in Binah

Saturn am I! Shivah am I! I AM!
I am Atman! THAT!
I claim you Dark Nepthys
THAT we may be ONE!"

In Atman hide the Secrets of Maya
Terrible Maya
(When we are in Her Claws)
Is kind in Atman

There is a reversal in Atman
Of subtle beauty
Maya becomes God's Will
And I am as God

In Atman. I am as God, Will Supreme
Soft as a Feather
Strong, gentle, wise and firm,
Free! I am Atman!

I am Atman. I am Free. I am He.
In Atman, I AM
As God in Atman.
Free! I am Atman!

Golden Fire in my Heart, Immortal!
Dark Sacred Beetle
Flaming in my breast!

Hidden in the dung of my existence!
That filthy dung
I roll across my Sky
For all to distain

Hides The Stone of the Wise from prying eyes
And the Mid-night Sun
Hidden by dung-like Earth
Yet lighting the Moon

Hides behind my life lighting up my Soul
As I roll my dung
Making Soul immortal
As I roll my Stone

I met Minerva just now near her tree
Resting from battle
Her helmet on her knee
Hair tumbled on breasts

Parted by brass, surrounded by steel plate
Dark nipples glistened
With dew-like sweat of war
Pale arms quivering

Eager for battle's harsh life-death embrace
Yes! She said to me.
Hell yes! she said. Get laid!
Enter the battle.

My Virgins serve me well, my son! Get laid!
Let your juices flow!
(She spit an olive pit)
Get in there and fight!

She gathered her pale skirts around her hips
Stood, covering strong thighs
Took her shield, sword, helmet
With war shriek was gone

Do what thou wilt is the Whole of the Law
The time of The Will
Bursts forth Now, in the Spring
Implacable bud!

Let your Love burst forth and blossom freely
Thunder of roses
Unfettered by harsh will
Love willed to be Free

To soar with on Her Wings into New Heavens
Over pure New Earths
Love is Will purified
Love is Her own Law!

Sun is born again in primitive Light
With Arian Force
In the Spring House of Mars
New Life Exploding

From cold Winter's Icy dark Womb
Gives force to our Wills
Time of re-SOL-ution
We are born again

Juices of Spring wash us from Winter Womb
As Spring buds push out
We drop from Her belly
Like damp, new born colts

This is the time to re-SOL-ve our new lives
With Nature's Forces
Supporting and healing
As Old Winter dies

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Kelly Link - Magic For Beginners
Samael Aun Weor - Magic Runes
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hymn To Artemis

Hymn To Artemis Cover by FRATER U.'.D.'.

Artemis, my sibyl sibling
huntress of the earthy skies,
wayfaress in silver rippling -
in your hands my power lies ...lies my dream and all my making
muted might in liquid pose,
lies my giving and my taking,
caressing friends and smiting foes
in your light and metal sheen,
waxing, waning, touched, unseen,
ever-moving curv‚d bow
ever-whirring arrow's flow
to the core of mine own heart
hitting mark, a gentle dart
strikes my body, strikes my soul,
fondles part and fondles whole
towards my ever-pulsing spell:
give me heaven, give me hell
take from me what makes me sink
with your sleight of hand and wink -

Goddess of the nightly sweep,
through the starlit mires seep,
never solemn, yet possessed,
by your mastery expressed,

all your vision's harvest keeps ...
all your vision's harvest keeps ...

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede

Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede Cover

Book: Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede by Judy Harrow

All religions began with somebody's sudden flashing insight, enlightenment, a shining vision. Some mystic found the way and the words to share the vision, and, sharing it, attracted followers. The followers may repeat those precise and poetic words about the vision
until they congeal into set phrases, fused language, repeated by rote and without understanding. Cliches begin as great wisdom - that's why they spread so fast - and end as ritual phrases, heard but not understood. Living spirituality so easily hardens to boring religious routine, maintained through guilt and fear, or habit and social opportunism - any reason but joy.

We come to the Craft with a first generation's joy of discovery, and a first generation's memory of bored hours of routine worship in our childhood. Because we have known the difference, it is our particular challenge to find or make ways to keep the Craft a living,
real experience for our grandchildren and for the students of our students.

I think the best of these safeguards is already built into the Craft as we know it, put there by our own good teachers. On our Path, the mystic experience itself is shared, not just the fruits of mysticism. We give all our students the techniques, and the
protective/supportive environment that enable almost every one of them to Draw the Moon and/or Invoke the God. This is an incredibly radical change from older religions, even older Pagan religions, in which the only permissible source of inspiration has been to endlessly
reinterpret and reapply the vision of the Founder (the Bible, the Book of the Law, the Koran, ... ). The practice of Drawing the Moon is the brilliant crown of the Craft.

Download Judy Harrow's eBook: Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

Sleepy The Winter

Sleepy The Winter Cover By Ame Strix

Sleepy, the Winter
crawls out of his lair
Dead leaves and frost-bites
snared tight in his hair.

Yawning in gales
naked trees bow
Gray rain pelts down,
from light-hoarding clouds.

Sleepy, the Winter
surveys his domain
snapping off twigs
with the snow that he's made.

Frosty eyes roaming wild
exposing vulnerable skin
Pinching nerves with bitterness
Scraping raw, slicing in.

Sleepy, the Winter
dances out in the cold
Blizzardly brave
glacially bold.

Laughing in blasts
creatures shiver and moan
Icy knives from his fingers
cut deep into bone.

Sleepy, the Winter
calls darkness a friend
puts mortals to sleep
so his fun can begin.

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Alfred Elton Van Vogt - The Witch
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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Be A Goddess

Be A Goddess Cover

Book: Be A Goddess by Franceska De Grandis

Are you looking for the spell to find inner wisdom – or perhaps just a new car? Are you seeking the magic formula to turn around a run of bad luck or put romance in your life? Let Celtic Shaman Francesca De Grandis be your guide through this highly entertaining workbook of unique rites and incantations. De Grandis, a living example of the passion, sensuality, and unique individuality celebrated by the Celtic faerie tradition, believes that everyone can use a little magic in their lives. Be a Goddess! is a remarkable down-to-earth introduction to the mysticism, techniques, and integrity of this ancient religion. Humerous and illuminating, Be a Goddess! is organized into fifteen practical lessons that will lead you through the rites of the shamanic journey. De Grandis reveals Celtic rituals and spells for building your self-confidence, bringing health and wealth into your life, and expressing your own brand of bewitching sexuality. Indulge yourself and learn how to find the goddess within you.

I have been a practicing Witch for about 13 years. I am also a book-junkie. Combine the two and you find a person who spends way too much money on new books relating to Wicca, Magic, and the Goddess as they come out. I am perpetually on a quest for books which offer something unique as opposed to regurgitating the same old information.

"Be a Goddess" is definately unique.

Tradition states that one studies for "a year and a day" before dedicating oneself to Wicca. However very few books touch on this learning practice. Very few books attempt to guide someone, learning on their own, toward an organized learning process. In this title, Francesca De Grandis does that and more. There are 15 lesson chapters, complete with assignments and rituals, meant to each span one week of study and practice. By following this down-to-earth reference you will get a working practical knowledge of the Wiccan faith.

The book challenges the reader to look deep within, to examine the self. To look at how we view life, at our fears, our hopes, and how we connect to the Divine. We are challenged to find time in our daily life for Spirit, to make time for ritual, and to realize that everything around us is sacred, that everything is an opportunity to honor the Gods. What I like most about this text is that instead of focusing on simply the "book knowledge" of the religion, it goes into the spiritual work. This is something usually reserved for group training and left out of most beginner books.

What a glorious find!!!!

Whether you are studying Wicca for the first time or whether you are a seasoned Witch who simply wants to rededicate yourself to your chosen religious Path "Be a Goddess" can be of great assistance. It makes a wonderful addition to any magickal library as well as a lovely gift for a novice. All in all it is a fine example of what a Wiccan text should be! My one complaint is that it does put more focus on the female aspect of the Divine. If your tradition of Wicca reflects more of a balance of male/female, God/Goddess this may not make the best first reference.

In brief, Wicca is an earth based, nature oriented religion which honors the Divine as God and Goddess. It celebrates the cycles of the seasons and the phases of the moon. It teaches that we should live our lives striving to harm none. Please look for other articles I have written on this subject. (book review by Jiastar)

Download Franceska De Grandis's eBook: Be A Goddess

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Peter Carroll - Liber Kaos
Aleister Crowley - Absinthe The Green Goddess
Franceska De Grandis - Be A Goddess
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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Heaven Is A Resting Place

Heaven Is A Resting Place Cover I reject the mortal fear
Which brings on doctrine-strife,
For I have seen with poet's eyes
The Door twixt Death and Life.
I know not what might lie beyond;
That time is yet to come.
Heaven is a resting-place,
A home to journey from.

The churchmen argue overmuch
On who is out and in,
On how they should be organized,
And how their neighbors sin.
The flag is not the nation;
The whole is more than sum;
Heaven is a resting-place,
A home to journey from.

When God is shrunk to fit a Church,
The Greater Part is lost,
The Holy Ghost too oft gets thrown
When "heathen trash" is tossed.
If God's knocked down to Patriarch,
Full half of God's struck dumb.
Heaven is a resting-place,
A home to journey from.

I shall fear not for my friends,
Nor worry for my kin,
And when I face that bright-lit Door
I'll joyfully go in.
All those dear to me will join
The Feast of Friends to come:
Heaven is a resting-place,
A home to journey from.

Copyright (c) 1988 by Sourdough Jackson

Books in PDF format to read:

Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell
Georg Lomer - Seven Hermetic Letters
Lil Bow Wow - What Is A Warlock
The Troth - Heathen Bookhoard A Reading List
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Witch Words Poems Of Magic And Mystery

Witch Words Poems Of Magic And Mystery Cover

Book: Witch Words Poems Of Magic And Mystery by Robert Fisher

A Collection of witch poems, spells and charms for everything from curing cramp to Banishing fear. The editor has compiled four other anthologies for children - "Pet Poems", "Ghosts Galore", "Amazing Monsters" and "Funny Folk". Grade 3 Up Enchantment abounds in this rich poetry collection filled with the magic and mystery promised by the book's subtitle. Fisher has chosen a wide variety of verses by authors ranging from Shakespeare to two nine year olds who capture the mood of this genre. Some selections are sinister or gory; others offer scary fun, intriguing riddles, or captivating nonsense. There are several incantations including the one from ``Macbeth.'' ``Witch Nastee Spella's Hallowe'en Stew'' by Wes Magee and ``Recipe'' by Shelagh McGee show the fun involved in using language. Both could easily trigger student attempts at original poetry. Included also are selections by masters such as Walter de la Mare, Robert Herrick, Robert Graves, and Eleanor Farjeon. Old English ballads provide poetic music. Felts' pen-and-ink illustrations come alive on each page, offering humor, wonder, and mystery. These round out an excellent anthology which, like Fisher's earlier collections, Amazing Monsters (1982) , Ghosts Galore (1983) , and Funny Folk (1986, all Faber) , could hook youngsters on poetry.

Buy Robert Fisher's book: Witch Words Poems Of Magic And Mystery

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Max Heindel - The Rosicrucian Mysteries
William Henry Davenport Adams - Witch Warlock And Magician Historical Sketches Of Magic And Witchcraft
Louise Jackson - Witches Wives And Mothers
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another One For Jim Morrison

Another One For Jim Morrison Cover Where did he go, that vision-mad soul?
What did he see on his quest?
Who did he meet at the end of his night?
Why did he fail the test?

The shaman is old, a new must be found,
Take the young ones to a height.
Those who would be a shaman must jump.
The one who survives will be right.

He jumped--the serpent-strength filled his soul.
He jumped--the new lizard king.
He jumped--to the Lady he feared would be there.
He jumped--but rose not to take wing.

And I would now follow that worthy's descent,
would dare Medicine's dive.
For I love the path he blazed for us all,
But I, unlike him, shall survive.

jump--the snakes I feared buoy my soul.
jump--my spirit now sings.
jump--to the Lady I know will be there.
jump--can it be I've grown wings?

Copyright (c) 1988 by Sourdough Jackson

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Nick Farrell - Notes On Geomancy
Richard Weiss - Recipes For Immortality
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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Myths Of The Norsemen From The Eddas And Sagas

Myths Of The Norsemen From The Eddas And Sagas Cover

Book: Myths Of The Norsemen From The Eddas And Sagas by Helene Adeline Guerber

The religion of a people who could produce such a literature as this must be worthy of study, especially as we can see the results of northern heathenism developing until the end of the tenth century without interference either from Christian thought or from the Latin culture so closely bound up with it. The doors between Scandinavia and the East were still open when this literature came into being, and memories of a pre-Christian Celtic culture yet remained alive. It is a setting of another kind from that to which we have grown accustomed, that of Mediterranean influences impinging early on the Germanic world; and there are great riches awaiting the explorers of the realm of thought in that complex and vigorous age about which all too little is known. Of men’s attitude to life the literature tells us much, and we must recognise the strength amid sanity of it; how much can it tell us of their thoughts Concerning Death and the soul? This work is an attempt to begin the answer to this question, and if it can reveal something of the variety and richness of the lost religion of the North it will have served its purpose. Originally this book formed Part of a thesis accepted in 1940 for the degree of Ph.D. in the University of Cambridge. It was while holding a research studentship from Newnham College that I completed the Greater Part of the work, and my first acknowledgment must be to the College for the generous help it has provided. To Professor and Mrs. Chadwick I owe more than can be easily expressed: the discovery of both the inspiration and discipline of research, and unfailing help, both with practical advice and encouragement, the whole of the way. I would like also to thank Mr. and Mrs. J. M. de Navarro and Mr. G. N. Garmonsway for many suggestions and for their sympathetic interest; and Miss G. D. Willcock, who read the book in manuscript, and Miss Helen Brown, who read the proofs and assisted with the index, for their helpful criticism and support. Finally my thanks are due to the Syndics of the University Press for undertaking the publication of this book, despite the difficulties of war-time, and to its Staff for the courtesy and efficiency they have shown throughout. (H. R. ELLIS)

Download Helene Adeline Guerber's eBook: Myths Of The Norsemen From The Eddas And Sagas

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Jantina Helena Looijenga - Runes Around The North Sea And On The Continent
William Godwin - The Lives Of The Necromancers
Helene Adeline Guerber - Myths Of Northern Lands
Helene Adeline Guerber - Myths Of The Norsemen From The Eddas And Sagas
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Friday, July 15, 2005

Death And The Lady

Death And The Lady Cover As I walked out one morning in May
The birds did sing and the lambs did play
The birds did sing and the lambs did play
I met an old man, I met an old man
I met an old man by the way

His head was bald, his beard was grey
His coat was of a myrtle shade
I asked him what strange countryman
Or what strange place, or what strange place
Or what strange place he did belong

"My name is Death, cannot you see?
Lords, dukes, and ladies bow down to me
And you are one of those branches three
And you fair maid, and you fair maid,
And you fair maid must come with me"
"I'll give you gold and jewels rare
I'll give you costly robes to wear
I'll give you all my wealth in store
If you'll let me live, if you'll let me live
If you'll let me live a few years more"

"Fair lady, lay your robes aside
No longer glory in your pride
And now, sweet maid, make no delay
Your time is come, your time is come
Your time is come and you must away"

And not long after this fair maid died
"Write on my tomb," the lady cried,
"Here lies a poor distressed maid
Whom Death now lately, whom Death now lately
Whom Death now lately hath betrayed"

@death Printed in the Penguin book of English folksongs

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Goddess Of The Night

Goddess Of The Night Cover Deep in Shadow, hidden from sight,
Wandering by, like a thief in the night.
Slipping through cracks in Reality's wall,
Flying alone through Chaos' Hall.

Alone in the world, away from the Light,
Except for the company of the Goddess of the Night.
Deep is the Well of Humanity's Soul,
And deeper still the place I must go.

Hawk on the Wing, silent in flight,
Hunter unseen, hidden by night.
Lost in the Shadow, beyond mortal sight,
Ascending beyond the Gods' lofty height.

Wings of Fire carry me free,
Far from this place I will be.
Left behind the ones I knew,
Fellow travelers there are but few.
Chaos spins by unblinking eyes,
Reality splits and reason flys,
None can follow me in this Place,
Lost to the world without a trace.

Realities come and Realities fall,
Yet onward I fly heeding the Unknown call.
Farther and faster the message I heed,
Flying alone, spurred on by need.

None may go where Chaos hold court,
But there my mind seems to cavort.
Alone and silent I scream in the dark,
While visions and sunbursts tear me apart.

Realities flow with plastic speed,
Angels and Demons from me do feed.
The world whirls wildly around the Tree,
But soon, I know, I will be free.


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Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Poetry Of The Gods
Aleister Crowley - The Mass Of The Phoenix
Ea Wallis Budge - Legends Of The Gods
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Thursday, July 7, 2005

City Of God A Rhapsody

City Of God A Rhapsody Cover

Book: City Of God A Rhapsody by Aleister Crowley

Crowley wrote the poem during his travels in pre-revolutionary Russia, and first published it in The English Review in 1914 and republished it in the 1940s. He recalled in his 'Confessions' that "I expressed the soul of Moscow in a poem "The City of God" .... it is a "hashish dream come true". This is a facsimile of that edition, published anonymously, probably in London in the 1970s.

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: City Of God A Rhapsody

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Aleister Crowley - City Of God A Rhapsody
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Unicorn Treasury Stories Poems And Unicorn Lore

The Unicorn Treasury Stories Poems And Unicorn Lore Cover

Book: The Unicorn Treasury Stories Poems And Unicorn Lore by Bruce Coville

Filled with the most popular legends about the mythical unicorn and including original poems and stories, this Collection brings together the singular talents of Bruce Coville, Madeleine L'Engle, Jane Yolen, C. S. Lewis, Myra Cohn Livingston, and many others. A perfect companion to Coville's own bestselling Unicorn Chronicles and an ideal gift for the child who has always wondered about these glorious beasts, The Unicorn Treasury is sure to find a large and enduring audience.

THE UNICORN TREASURY is an absolute gem. Within the pages you will find the following: Bruce Coville (The Lore of the Unicorn, Homeward Bound - both short stories/essays), Megan Lindholm (The Unicorn in the Maze - short story/essay), William Jay Smith (Unicorn - poem), Margaret Greaves (A Net to Catch the Wind - short story/essay), Myra Cohn Livingston (Riddle - poem), Madeleine L'Engle (The Valley of the Unicorns - excerpt from A Swiftly Tilting Planet), Beatrice Farrington (Ragged John - poem), E.V. Rieu (The Paint Box - poem), Jane Yolen (The Transfigured Hart - excerpt from The Transfigured Hart, and The Boy Who Drew Unicorns - short story/essay), Ella Young (The Unicorn - poem), Ardath Mayhar (The Snow White Pony - short story/essay), C.S. Lewis (What News the Eagle Brought - excerpt from The Last Battle), Nicholas Stuart Gray (Unicorn - poem), Patricia C. Wrede (The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn - short story/essay), Shirley Rousseau Murphy (Starhorn - poem), Jennifer Roberson (The Court of the Summer King - short story/essay), and Audrey Alexandra Brown (The Strangers - poem).

THE UNICORN TREASURY is a Book That will be cherished by readers of all ages, young or old, for years to come. Each story/poem is filled with enchanting magic, and wonderful characters, who you will be able to relate to in one way or another. The descriptions are lovely, and make for a wonderful read the whole way through. Make sure you're comfortable when you begin reading this wonderful treasury, for you won't want to put it down until you're completely through with it.

Buy Bruce Coville's book: The Unicorn Treasury Stories Poems And Unicorn Lore

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Paracelsus - The Treasure Of Treasures For Alchemists
Joseph Fort Newton - The Builders A Story And Study Of Masonary
Hargrave Jennings - The Rosicrucians Their Rites And Mysteries
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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Essay On Enochiana

Essay On Enochiana Cover

Book: Essay On Enochiana by Dean Hildebrandt

This essay is intended to provide an overview of my take on Enochian magic. It incorporates my earlier essay on the watchtower hierarchy and part of my essay on the calls. The interested reader is referred to my other essays for fuller information on the various parts of the system. My work builds on that of Benjamin Rowe in a number of repects, as will be noted as we go along. It also incorporates the I Ged material which Runar Karlsen has received, consisting of calls, tablets, and names for the various groups mentioned in the original calls, as well as observations various people on the enochian-l email list have made. I should also mention here that I tend to buy Patricia Shaffer's take on the letters and that I do not buy most of the Golden Dawn's take on the material. The GD seems to have been primarily interested in fitting the material with the rest of their system, rather than with exploring it in itself. As I'm not particularly interested in the GD system per se, I will only mention their system occasionally in passing.

Download Dean Hildebrandt's eBook: Essay On Enochiana

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Dean Hildebrandt - Essay On Enochiana
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Asatru Poem Footsteps North

Asatru Poem Footsteps North Cover Uller's son, I am called,
By the shave pates, Steven,
Overlong they held me,
They hold my Blood kin still.

One of their scholar-priests
Taught more than Church would want,
Of Life beyond this Life,
From Past, to Now, and On.

He spoke of Heart and Mind,
Of Honor, Word and Deed,
He set my Thoughts awing,
To find what Church had hid.

I stayed inside the fold,
A dog becoming Wolf,
There came the day I left,
Alone and without Troth.

My steps ranged far and wide,
Through Dark and Light I trod,
Crossing In and Uten Gards,
I sought for Faith and Truth.

A wizard, then a witch,
Magician and adept,
Agnostic, deist, Zen,
Pantheist, then, myself.

To hills and woods I came,
A bluff above a lea,
A little hut was raised,
By six in friendship built.

With purpose clearly set,
An inner vision shared,
A time of cleansing thought,
In sweat lodge hot and dim.

I closed my eyes and strode
Beyond Midgard that night,
To skin clad hunting lodge,
A guest by fireside.

A huntsman studied me,
I returned gaze for gaze,
His eyes sought mine and held,
He nodded, smile gave.

Again I sat with friends,
In hut now cold and dark,
We went out under sky,
For torch lit blessing rite.

Those friends have gone their way,
As I have traveled mine,
To find the hunter's name,
And earn the smile's Worth.

My footsteps headed North,
My Kinlore to explore,
To follow bowman's path,
To find from whence he came.

My grasp of Kinlore grew,
I came to know Bow God,
His Holy Kin and Kith,
And words of Wisdom fair.

The Yew Lord spoke no words,
I heard Him anyway,
A Worthy Life to Live,
Upon the Middle Earth.

By Honor, Word and Deed,
By Host Frith and by Strength,
By Holy Uller's Ring,
A Man of Troth at last.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Blood Cover Is that you that I hear?
Your footsteps on the ground above my head.
Your hands apon the headstone that bears my name.
You are a dweller in the night! Beware I bite!
On cloak as black as sin, I float, I fly.
In hunger burning bright, seaking prey.
Life is flowing deep within.
I send it bubbling fourth.
and then I drink it in again.
Another night, never day.
Away away, into the dark I flee!
where I might hide.
waiting for another night.
Did you hear?
Did you see?
Do you flee?
Or is that your hand I find near mine?
In the dark! Dwellers in the night!
Beware we bite!


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Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Book
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Today The Moon Is There

Today The Moon Is There Cover Hugh Read

In that mighty, non-human Power Place
Of mind that Is Not
Lord of the Galaxy
Can you hear my cry

For fulfilment of my broken being
Faulted, cracked, torn
From that first painfilled day
Of savage, late birth

Send to me streamers of healing power
That will make me new
Of more eternal stuff
Than this failed human

Being is moulded from...fill in the sad cracks
Seal the aweful breaks
Smooth and fill the fissures
With eternity

That I may serve humanity wisely
With pleasure and joy
Being more than human
Helping others grow

Into the same places of dark powerThat are full of light
That I hunger to touch
And to feed upon
Touch me now, this day
Lord of the Galaxy
Put me on thy Way
Lord of the Galaxy
Put me on my Way

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Rainbows Cover by Jennifer Holding

Where dwelleth my Lady in this land of Night?
She dwelleth in stars and satin moonlight.
She veileth her visage 'neath clouds spun of silk,
And the Night-Sky's a river of my sweet Mother's milk.

Where dwelleth my good Lord on this Summer's day?
He dwelleth in birdsong and fragrance of hay.
He sleeps by the river with pipes in his hand,
And he sends his love smiling through the fruit of the land.

Where dwelleth my Lady at Morning's first light?
And where is my Lord on the eve of the Night?
At Luna's last shining, or Sun's final ray,
Their passion paints Rainbows 'tween the Night and the Day!

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The Lore Of Brosingamene

The Lore Of Brosingamene Cover All day had Freyja, most lovely of the Goddesses,
played and romped in the fields.
Then did She lay down to rest.

And whilst She slept deft Loki, the Prankster,
the Mischief-Maker of the Gods,
did espy the glimmering of Brosingamene,
formed of Galdra, Her constant companion.

Silent as night did Loki move
to the Goddess' side and, with fingers formed
over the ages in lightness, did remove the silver circlet
from about Her snow-white neck.

Straightway did Freyja arouse, on sensing its loss.
Though He moved with the speeds of the winds
yet Loki She glimpsed as He passed swiftly from sight
into the Barrow that leads to Dreun.

Then was Freyja in despair.
Darkness descended all about Her to hide Her tears.
Great was Her anguish. All light, all life,
all creatures joined in Her doom.

To all corners were sent the Searchers,
in quest of Loki; yet knew they,
they would not find him. For who is there may descend
into Dreun and return again from thence?

Excepting the Gods themselves and, alack,
mischievous Loki. So it was that,
still weak from grief, Freyja Herself elected
to descend in search of Brosingamene.

At the portals of the Barrow was She challenged
yet recognized and passed. The multitude of souls within
cried joyfully to see Her yet could She not tarry
as She sought Her stolen light.

The infamous Loki left no trail to follow,
yet was He everywhere past seen. Those to whom She spake
held to Freyja - Loki carried no Jewel as He went by.
Where, then, was it hid?In despair She search for an age.

Hearhden the mighty, smith of the Gods,
did arise from His rest
to sense the bewailment of the souls
to Freya's sorrow.

Striding from His smithy, to find the cause of the sorrow,
did He espy the Silver Circlet
where Loki Mishief-Maker had laid it:
upon the rock before His door.

Then all was clear. As Hearhden took hold
of Brosingamene, did Loki appear before Him,
His face wild with rage. Yet would Loki not attack Hearhden,
this Mighty Smith whose strength was know even beyond Dreun.

By wiles and tricks did He strive to get
His hands upon the silver circlet.
He shape-shifted; He darted here and there;
He was visible then invisible. Yet could He not sway the smith.

Tiring of the fight, Hearhden raised His mighty club.
Then sped Loki away. Great was the Freyja's Joy
when Hearhden placed Brosingamene
once more about Her show-white neck.

Great were the cries of Joy from Dreun and above.
Great were the thanks that Freyja,
and all Men, gave to the Gods
for the return of Brosingamene.

It was that Hulda, Goddess of the Nether-Realms
appeared with Loki and spake to Freyja,
saying that She could not leave Dreun without payment.
Freyja was again in despair, saying that She had nothing.

Loki it was that said
She held Brosingamene about Her neck.
Freyja wailed and cried, saying that She
could not give up Her Jewel.

Hulda then said to Her that were She to give
Brosingamene to Loki to hold for half the year,
then could She but take Her leave of Dreun.
After a time, Freyja agreed, saying that She would let Him hold it.

So it was that Brosingamene passed to Loki
for half the year. Then was Freyja again in despair.
And the Darkness once again descended
all about Her to hide Her tears.

Again, Great was Her anguish. And once again,
All Light, All Life, All Creatures
joined in Her doom.

So it is that during that half of the wheel of the year when Loki doth hold Brosingamene, that Freya despairs; the Darkness decends, and the world doth grow cold.And when Freya receives the Jewel, Her Joy knows no bounds; the Darkness is replaced by the Light, and the world becomes warm.

Copyright 1991 by: Rathulvf Jamesson Odhinsgodhi

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

On Death

On Death Cover And at last there was Death,
the end which is the Beginning,
and Death spoke to me saying -
I am Hecate - the Old One, the Wise One, the Dark One.
I am Kali - the Dancer of Death, the Goddess of the Grave.
I am Lilith - the Devourer, the Destroyer.
I am the ancient Perfume of the Kalma.
I am as the Harpies and Sirens, whose
gentle song was the song of Death.
I am your worst fears and your deepest desires
But above all else, I am Woman and Mother -
and my womb is both haven and portal;
and I shall give you birth a thousand times!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

From The Goddess

From The Goddess Cover By Lady Selene

As the moonlight shines from up above
The Goddess sends down all Her love
To all creatures great and small
She shows no favorites, just loves us all
In our hearts she doth instill
An harm ye none, do as thou will
So any time you're feeling down
Take the time to look Around
You'll be surprised at what you see
And she created it all for you and me.

Blessed Be

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Aristotle - On The Soul
Leo Ruickbie - Imbolc Festival Of The Goddess Brigid
Benjamin Rowe - Xxxi Hymns To The Star Goddess
Ea Wallis Budge - Legends Of The Gods
Franceska De Grandis - Be A Goddess
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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Shaman Call

The Shaman Call Cover The Night Bird's call draws evening near,
Stars and planets in the Darkening Sky appear,
People of the day to their beds retire,
Except for some Old Souls about a fire.

Sounds begin to rule the night,
As the Sun's bright rays fade from sight.
Evening noises begin to grow,
Cricket, Owl, and Wolf's lone howl.

Deeper into the Night we go,
The landscape lit by the fire's glow,
One old man begins to sway,
And one lone drum begins to play.

Boom goes the drumbeat soft and slow,
Tapping out the Heartbeat of the World Below,
Boom echoes the drumbeat's call to go,
To begin the ride to the World Below.
The flames leap high into the night,
And the World around us takes to flight,
Senses shift in the darking light,
And the Darkest Cave draws our sight.
Enter the Cavern, down we speed,
Into the Underworld the Drumbeat leads.
Faster than Dragon, than Hawk, than Snake,
Down the path the Shaman's feet race.
Deeper and deeper into the Womb of the Night,
Till up ahead appears the Light.
Boom thunders the drum, and the walls seem to shake,
And out of the Cavern I stop by a lake.
I look around and I see Land so bright,
That I know mortal eyes have never beheld this sight.
In the Sky wheels Gods and Dragons in Flight,
While bathing in the Lake is the Goddess of the Night.
Her eyes see me clearly and I'm pierced by their Sight,
There is no hiding in the Night of Her Light.
The Animals come to Her call as she sings,
And drumbeat from above gives me wings.
Into the Sky my form changes still,
On Hawk wings I ascend from the hill.
Higher and higher into the Magical Sky,
I soar on Wings lit in Magical Fire.
This Bond, this chain, this freedom sublime,
The Shaman's gift, boon, bane, the Drumbeat Divine.
The Dream that brings Visions into the Night,
The Night that is brighter than any Daylight.
The sight of a Tree draws me near,
The Great World Tree has brought me here.
The Tree of All Knowledge grows out of sight,
Even Hawk eyes are dimmed by it's light.
Form changes swiftly, Snake am I now,
Across the World Tree I wander uncowed.
The Tree of Life, of Knowledge, of Power and Death,
The Tree that for Shaman will give Shaman Breath.
The Drum fills my body,
My brain is on fire,
Visions of Forces dance in the Light,
And the drumbeat caresses me, somewhere in the Night.
The Tree fades from view,
My Soul takes to flight,
And into the World, Dragon Stalks the Night.
Back to the Cavern the worm passes nigh.
Drumbeat calls, caresses, commands,
Back to the Waking World the drumbeat demands.
Up Through the cave I ascend in the Night,
Form shifts so slightly in my bemused sight.
Dragon claws to Human feet,
And to the fire where the Shaman meet.
Around the fire slowly the Drummer keeps beat,
Drawing home the Voyagers to the fire's night heat.
Glazed expressions look into the night,
But in Shaman's eye is still the Light.
Slack faced expressions for others to see,
But in Shaman's eye, is the Fire that Frees.
Shaman stares into the fire,
Then quietly into the night he retires.
Off to his rest he fades from sight,
Until the Drum calls once more to Night's Light.

Shadow Hawk

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Anton Szandor Lavey - The Satanic Rituals
Anonymous - The Enochian Calls
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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Beneath The Full Moon

Beneath The Full Moon Cover Come, I will sing it in your ear:
Your dancing days are come.
All the feeling you hold dear
Will lift your spirit some;
Dance until the rosey dawn
All in a gay, glad rag.
I carry the Sun in a golden cup,
The Moon in a silver bag.

And I will sing you merrily
nto my ring of dooms,
And I will twine into your hair
A wreath of maiden blooms.
You'll turn, when dancing days wane low
To Crone, but not to Hag.
I carry the Sun in a golden cup,
The Moon in a silver bag.
Maiden grows to Mother,
And mother into Crone,
Dance, My darling daughter,
Beneath My rounded Moon.
Dance in argent splendor
Until your Spirits flag.
I carry the Sun in a golden cup,
The Moon in a silver bag.

Copyright (c) 1988 by Sourdough Jackson

Books in PDF format to read:

Eliphas Levi - The Conjuration Of The Four Elements
Aristotle - On The Soul
Michael Ford - The Book Of The Witch Moon
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Feeding The Flame
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