Saturday, June 25, 2005

Essay On Enochiana

Essay On Enochiana Cover

Book: Essay On Enochiana by Dean Hildebrandt

This essay is intended to provide an overview of my take on Enochian magic. It incorporates my earlier essay on the watchtower hierarchy and part of my essay on the calls. The interested reader is referred to my other essays for fuller information on the various parts of the system. My work builds on that of Benjamin Rowe in a number of repects, as will be noted as we go along. It also incorporates the I Ged material which Runar Karlsen has received, consisting of calls, tablets, and names for the various groups mentioned in the original calls, as well as observations various people on the enochian-l email list have made. I should also mention here that I tend to buy Patricia Shaffer's take on the letters and that I do not buy most of the Golden Dawn's take on the material. The GD seems to have been primarily interested in fitting the material with the rest of their system, rather than with exploring it in itself. As I'm not particularly interested in the GD system per se, I will only mention their system occasionally in passing.

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