Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Lore Of Brosingamene

The Lore Of Brosingamene Cover All day had Freyja, most lovely of the Goddesses,
played and romped in the fields.
Then did She lay down to rest.

And whilst She slept deft Loki, the Prankster,
the Mischief-Maker of the Gods,
did espy the glimmering of Brosingamene,
formed of Galdra, Her constant companion.

Silent as night did Loki move
to the Goddess' side and, with fingers formed
over the ages in lightness, did remove the silver circlet
from about Her snow-white neck.

Straightway did Freyja arouse, on sensing its loss.
Though He moved with the speeds of the winds
yet Loki She glimpsed as He passed swiftly from sight
into the Barrow that leads to Dreun.

Then was Freyja in despair.
Darkness descended all about Her to hide Her tears.
Great was Her anguish. All light, all life,
all creatures joined in Her doom.

To all corners were sent the Searchers,
in quest of Loki; yet knew they,
they would not find him. For who is there may descend
into Dreun and return again from thence?

Excepting the Gods themselves and, alack,
mischievous Loki. So it was that,
still weak from grief, Freyja Herself elected
to descend in search of Brosingamene.

At the portals of the Barrow was She challenged
yet recognized and passed. The multitude of souls within
cried joyfully to see Her yet could She not tarry
as She sought Her stolen light.

The infamous Loki left no trail to follow,
yet was He everywhere past seen. Those to whom She spake
held to Freyja - Loki carried no Jewel as He went by.
Where, then, was it hid?In despair She search for an age.

Hearhden the mighty, smith of the Gods,
did arise from His rest
to sense the bewailment of the souls
to Freya's sorrow.

Striding from His smithy, to find the cause of the sorrow,
did He espy the Silver Circlet
where Loki Mishief-Maker had laid it:
upon the rock before His door.

Then all was clear. As Hearhden took hold
of Brosingamene, did Loki appear before Him,
His face wild with rage. Yet would Loki not attack Hearhden,
this Mighty Smith whose strength was know even beyond Dreun.

By wiles and tricks did He strive to get
His hands upon the silver circlet.
He shape-shifted; He darted here and there;
He was visible then invisible. Yet could He not sway the smith.

Tiring of the fight, Hearhden raised His mighty club.
Then sped Loki away. Great was the Freyja's Joy
when Hearhden placed Brosingamene
once more about Her show-white neck.

Great were the cries of Joy from Dreun and above.
Great were the thanks that Freyja,
and all Men, gave to the Gods
for the return of Brosingamene.

It was that Hulda, Goddess of the Nether-Realms
appeared with Loki and spake to Freyja,
saying that She could not leave Dreun without payment.
Freyja was again in despair, saying that She had nothing.

Loki it was that said
She held Brosingamene about Her neck.
Freyja wailed and cried, saying that She
could not give up Her Jewel.

Hulda then said to Her that were She to give
Brosingamene to Loki to hold for half the year,
then could She but take Her leave of Dreun.
After a time, Freyja agreed, saying that She would let Him hold it.

So it was that Brosingamene passed to Loki
for half the year. Then was Freyja again in despair.
And the Darkness once again descended
all about Her to hide Her tears.

Again, Great was Her anguish. And once again,
All Light, All Life, All Creatures
joined in Her doom.

So it is that during that half of the wheel of the year when Loki doth hold Brosingamene, that Freya despairs; the Darkness decends, and the world doth grow cold.And when Freya receives the Jewel, Her Joy knows no bounds; the Darkness is replaced by the Light, and the world becomes warm.

Copyright 1991 by: Rathulvf Jamesson Odhinsgodhi

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