Thursday, September 22, 2005

Witch Words Poems Of Magic And Mystery

Witch Words Poems Of Magic And Mystery Cover

Book: Witch Words Poems Of Magic And Mystery by Robert Fisher

A Collection of witch poems, spells and charms for everything from curing cramp to Banishing fear. The editor has compiled four other anthologies for children - "Pet Poems", "Ghosts Galore", "Amazing Monsters" and "Funny Folk". Grade 3 Up Enchantment abounds in this rich poetry collection filled with the magic and mystery promised by the book's subtitle. Fisher has chosen a wide variety of verses by authors ranging from Shakespeare to two nine year olds who capture the mood of this genre. Some selections are sinister or gory; others offer scary fun, intriguing riddles, or captivating nonsense. There are several incantations including the one from ``Macbeth.'' ``Witch Nastee Spella's Hallowe'en Stew'' by Wes Magee and ``Recipe'' by Shelagh McGee show the fun involved in using language. Both could easily trigger student attempts at original poetry. Included also are selections by masters such as Walter de la Mare, Robert Herrick, Robert Graves, and Eleanor Farjeon. Old English ballads provide poetic music. Felts' pen-and-ink illustrations come alive on each page, offering humor, wonder, and mystery. These round out an excellent anthology which, like Fisher's earlier collections, Amazing Monsters (1982) , Ghosts Galore (1983) , and Funny Folk (1986, all Faber) , could hook youngsters on poetry.

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