Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goddess Initiation

Goddess Initiation Cover

Book: Goddess Initiation by Franceska De Grandis

veryone possesses the spiritual, psychic, and worldly potential of a Goddess or God. In this breakthrough book, Francesca De Grandis brings years of experience as a shamanic counselor and traditional spiritual healer to reveal how you can cultivate and celebrate the secret, magical side of your nature. This month-to-month program of many practical exercises, rituals, and prayers will help you:

- Discover your innate wisdom
- Heal inner blocks to happiness and meaningful action in your life
- Achieve your goals and feel energized, strong, and capable
- Unleash creativity and passion for living
- Celebrate a vibrant and healthy sexuality

Based on traditional Celtic culture and the author's own successful and unique Third Road teaching, this enriching journey deep into the heart of shamanism and Goddess Spirituality will appeal to all seekers, not just Wiccans. A lyrical sourcebook of rituals, spells, mysticism, and mirth, Goddess Initiation is designed for everyone who wants to integrate commonsense Spirituatity -- and a bit of Faerie dust! -- into their everyday lives.

Download Franceska De Grandis's eBook: Goddess Initiation

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