Saturday, May 23, 2009


Guardians Cover She calls the power to
Women in Circle dance.
She drums the Heartbeat forth,
drowning out Darkening.

Dragoning magic rites,
blindfolded, sword sharpened,
firelit, the other woman
beckons the Hearkening.

Singing with tambourines,
Conscience bared, FireJumpers;
leaping the passions that
threaten the journeying.

Meditate mystery,
Back through the labyrinth
sacred of ancient ones,
corridors echoing.

Drums she the Silver Chord
tying their spirits down;
sounding the pressure waves
pushed forth by blood surging.

Smoke draws the elements
Thunder and Lightening.
Wise one in Center is
singing the Ripening.

Back from the Underground
sleepwalk the Dreaming Ones.
Up through the thicket and
stone are they wandering.

She who is warding Death,
ceases with brandishing.
Open is Circle and
ended the Gathering.

Mary Riversong
Copyright 2002

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