Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sacred Trees

Sacred Trees Cover Sacred trees
You among all creation deserve high honor.
For all your long life your arms you raise,
Heaven-ward in endless praise,
Leaves upturned to the sun,
To the face of the God of Life.

Sacred trees
You among all creation deserve love.
You give of yourself freely, as laden branches bend.
You give of yourself completely, your fruit, your wood; your end
Becomes a new Beginning
As you return your gift of life
And once again to the body of Mother Earth.

Sacred trees
You among all creation deserve sanctification.
Giving of yourself, from without and within
You sow no hate, you make no sin
You give to us the breath of life, even as you die.
Pray we too, learn to live as trees.

Raven Le May '95

Raven is a woman of spirit living in Ohio, who describes her Spirituality as having a Pagan Heart and a Catholic soul. She is publishing a book of her poems in the near future. Copyright (c) 1995 belongs to the author.

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