Saturday, November 3, 2007

Spring Summer Poem

Spring Summer Poem Cover By: Shadow Hawk


Circling skyward on wings of fire,
Drawn aloft by heart's desire,
Endless expanses of starry night,
In Endless freedom he finds his delight.

Down below whispers rise to his ear,
The green earth lays calling, calliing him near,
Circling skyward he hears the sweet call,
And folding his wings, begins the great fall.

Wind whispers then sings then a great roar,
From the high heavens his body he tore.
Faster than Eagle he falls to the ground,
Till even the sky's call was lost in the sound.

Below lays the Earth, she holds out her arms,
Enfolding her Lover with her Endless charms,
Deeper he plummets into that fair place,
Blinded and bewildered by her loving grace.

Mountians and hills, river and sea,
Summon him near, and Answer his need,
Stretching her arms, she gathers him nigh,
As stonelike he falls, a mote from God's eye.

Hurry, oh hurry, she beckons him come,
As mountains surround him, blocking the sun,
His Breath is fire, igniting her love,
Her lover returns, from Sun far above.

Deep in her body he plunges his fire,
Passion to passion, fire strikes desire,
Shudderingly, shakingly, he rises above,
Surrounded by the warmth of his Lady's love.

Sinking once more, she pulls him near,
Gathering him close the stars reappear,
Deep in her body, awaiting the day,
Till once more, skyward, He rises to play.

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