Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last Night I Did Divination

Last Night I Did Divination Cover Last night I did Divination on the flat plane of a parking lot.
I was able to see the fate of worlds and the destinies of men
In the streaks of oil and spilled anti-freeze
I marked as significant
the precise placement
of cigarette butts
and mangled soda cans
I heard the cry of the Kalahari
at three a.m.
standing alone on a black concrete desert.
Borders seemed menacing, and the air was sweltering
and the Gates of the Ages
had opened
and were gazing forth into this very moment.
The air was so still and quiet and sticky
I paced about in a cotton shift
for none were about
to see me bathing in those lonely moments

Afterward I tried to rest reclining amidst scores of dying candles
wax dripping madly
like sap
into my table
into the earth.

Morning Glory has left my mind now.
She has not yet returned my body
There was no cool to the morning

Now I
await the steamy slowness
of late May
in Georgia
the mother's land.

Sarah Thomas

Sarah is a mystical nun who lives in Georgia. She just received her Master of Divinity from an Episcopalian college, and now teaches at a school for troubled girls and boys. Copyright (c) 1995 belongs to the author.

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