Monday, June 12, 2006

Fiery Lady

Fiery Lady Cover Fiery Lady,
We see Thy brightness
In the flickering flames
And rejoice in the reassurance of Thy presence.
We hear Thy voice
In the cracking roar of a Sabbat bonfire,
And give thanks
For the awesome intensity
Of it's unquenchable burning.
We smell Thy spiraling aroma
As flaming fingers
Consume our offerings of fragrant resins,
Transforming them
Into the Incense of our adoration.
We feel Thy warmth
By a Winter's hearthside blaze,
And are comforted
By it's dancing heat.
We taste Thy magick
In simmered stews from cauldrons
Over Kitchen fires
And are satisfied with fullness.
We stand before Thee
In awe of these Physical senses
Which convey to us
Thy presence in the world!

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