Friday, August 13, 2010

The Keepers Of Imbolc

The Keepers Of Imbolc Cover (by: Deva A.M. Bluewing)

In silence they gather
Black robed against the Blacker
Waning Winter night
Tapers aglow with Faerie FyreThey descend from the high forestsTo the gentle fields of farming folkBecause the time draws nigh

Clasping each the other's hands
They dance through the darkness
All to-ing-and-fro-ing
With upturned faces
(Common eye hath never seen)

Faint silver-blueShimmering grows about themThe air is electricFertile with Love, Pregnant with Life

Beneath the soft white Quilting
Within the womb of Earth
The shimmering penetrates
A seed's shell

Blue-silver fading
Hands thrown high
In the instant b'twixt night and light
Dancing shadows dissolve
And upon the Sun's first ray
A whispered, "So Mote It Be...

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