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Prayer To Selene For Any Operation

Prayer To Selene For Any Operation Image
This hymn from the Greek Magical Papyri, is addressed to Selene even though it is clearly a hymn to Hekate. The confusion of title probably arose from the syncretisation of the goddesses in the hymn, with Selene being mentioned first.

It is an awesome invocation, and perfect for use on this, The Night of Hecate Trivia (The night of the crossroads.)

The invocation is meant to be accompanied by an offering. In keeping with other contemporary magickal practices, fragrant resins and herbs are used for positive magick. Incenses such as storax, myrrh, sage, frankincense, and (surprisingly) a fruit pit are recommended.

When calling up such a powerful and terrible deity, it's always a good idea to bring protective charms, generous offerings, and a spirit of deep respect and reverence.


O three-faced Selene, come to me beloved mistress

Graciously hear my sacred spells;

Image of Night, Youthful One,

Dawn-born, light-bringer to mortals

Who rides upon fierce-eyed bulls.

O Queen, you who drive your chariot

On equal course with Helios,

You dance with the triple forms of the triple Graces

As you revel with the stars.

You are Justice and the thread of the Fates,

Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos,

O Three-headed One you are

Persephone, Megaira and Allecto

O One of many shapes who arm your hands

With terrible dark-glowing lamps,

Who shakes locks of fearsome serpents at your brow,

Whose mouths send forth the roar of bulls,

Whose womb is thick with reptile scales,

At whose shoulders are rows of venomous serpents,

Bound across your back beneath murderous chains.

O Night-bellower, Lover of solitude,

Bull-faced and Bull-headed One

You have the eyes of bulls and the voice of dogs.

Your forms are hidden in the legs of lions.

Your ankle is wolf-shaped,

and savage dogs are friendly to you,

Wherefore they call you Hekate, Many-named, Mene,

Cleaving the air like arrow-shooting Artemis,

O Goddess of Four faces, Four names, Four ways,

Artemis, Persephone, Deer-shooter, Night-shiner,

Thrice-resounding, Triple voiced, Three-headed, Thrice-named Selene O Trident-bearing One of Three faces,

Three necks, Three Ways,

Who holds undying flaming fire in triple baskets.

You frequent the Three Ways

and are Mistress of the Three Decads.

Be gracious unto me who is invoking you

and hearken favourably.

You encompass the vast world at night,

You make the Daemones shudder

and the Immortals tremble,

O Many-named Goddess who brings glory to men,

Whose children are fair, O Bull-eyed One, Horned One,

Nature, All-mother, who brings forth both Gods and men,

You roam around Olympus and traverse

the wide and fathomless Abyss,

You are the Beginning and End,

and you alone are Mistress of All:

For from you are All things, and in you,

Eternal One, do All things end.

You bear at your brow an everlasting diadem,

The unbreakable and irremovable bonds of great Cronos,

And you hold in your hands a golden sceptre

Which is encircled by a formula

inscribed by Cronos himself

Who gave it to you to bear in

order that all things remain steadfast:

'Overpowerer and Overpowered One

Conqueror of men and Damnodamia,

You rule Chaos, Araracharara ephthisikere,

Hail Goddess and attend your epithets,

I offer you this incense Child of Zeus

Arrow-shooter, Heavenly One, Goddess of Harbours,

Mountain-roamer, Goddess of Crossroads,

Nocturnal One of the Underworld, Shadowy One of Hades,

Still One who frightens, having a feast among the graves.

You are Night, Darkness and broad Chaos,

For you are Necessity hard to escape

You are Fate, you are Erinys and the Torture,

You are the Murderess and Justice

You hold Cerberus in Chains,

You are steely-blue with serpent-scales,

O serpent-haired and Serpent-girdled One,

Blood-drinker, Death-bringer who breeds corruption,

Feaster on hearts,

Flesh-eater who devours those who died before their time,


Driver to the Wanderings of Madness,

Come to my sacrifices and fulfil this task for me.

~From the Greek Magical Papyri

~And also: Hekate Liminal Rites

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