Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Tail Of Santa Paws

The Tail Of Santa Paws Cover By Tracey

This is the tail of Santa Paws,
Who in later years got called Santa Claus,
For those in the know; and just plain fact,
Santa Paws, was a big fluffy cat.
This tale got started in the far past,
And some sages say, it was the Goddess Bast,
And into this role, she got worthily cast.

She was kind to catfolk most of the year,
But one day out of all, she was held very dear,
By kittens and pussies, and even old Toms.

Even in Egypt, so far away,
So, in the north the winter held sway,
Was born a kitten, in a stable, in the hay,
And to celebrate this Wondrous Ad-vent,
The Goddess With Some In-tent,
A disguise, she did In-vent,
That of a big fluffy cat, called Santa Paws.

So awakening in the dawning,
With kittens and cats still yawning,
And with the growing light,
Their eyes met a wondrous sight,
In a gift tied with red ribbon,
Was a bell, some milk, and some mice,
Which all the young kittens, thought was nice.

So if I may be as bold, this tail is now told,
Of what really happened, long ago in the past,
All thanks, to the Goddess BAST.

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