Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shams Of Tabriz Spiritual Portrait

Shams Of Tabriz Spiritual Portrait Image
Shams of Tabriz: A Fire of Roses

by Zed

medium: graphite


The extra-ordinary spiritual portrait of Shams is by artist and darvish, Zed. During the birthing process of the painting, the artists heart was open to Shams e Tabriz's spirit-guidance. It is not simply a portrait, but embodies a higher meditative quality of the boundless spirit of Shams, the mad lover of God. (for larger version of the art, click on the picture above)

My deep appreciation to Zed for sharing this beautiful art work of heart. May your path and work continue to be guided and blessed.


If everyone could see what love is,

each would set up a tentpole in the ocean.

The world's population pitched and living

easily within the sea!

What if inside every lover's tear you saw the face

of the Friend: Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha,

the impossible-possible philosopher,

the glass diamond one, Shams Tabriz?

- Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks


Show me the way to the Ocean!

Break these half-measures,

these small containers.

Let my house be drowned in the wave

that rose last night out of the courtyard

hidden in the center of my chest.

- Selection from The Diwan of Shams e Tabriz by Rumi


May God's profound peace be with you Ya Shams!

O master of the heart!

Don't forget us,

those who loves you never seeing you.

O friend of Friend!

send your guidance to our hearts

who loves you and your elect friend Rumi.

Ya Shams e Tabriz!

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