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Candle Tribheal

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Note: This spell can only be done by a person who is perfectly well,
and as such it cannot be done by a person with AIDS or HIV the
virus which causes Aids. But, i created this ritual to be used
to heal others with this deadly disease. Thanks.


Tribal Healing Spell...

You need...

A) Green Candle
B) Yellow Candle
C) oil (preferably of Apollo, Osiris, Hathor, Isis, Nephthys, Anubis
Night Queen, Holly, Misletoe, or Gemini.
) A Needle (sewing needle or pin is fine.)
E) An Orange.

Peel an orange, and light the green candle, begin oiling the yellow
candle with the oil of your preference.

Stick the tip of the needle in the orange and say..

"Blood of the Earth, cleanse and purify the one needing healing."

Wave the pin through the air, and blow on it saying...

"Airs and Breezes cause change for good in the one needing healing."

Stick the tip of the needle in the flame of the burning green
candle.. and say..

"Candle Green, Silvered and Sheen
Invoke for us in your beam
in your healing light bless
the one who is needing you."

Now prick your finger so a droplet of blood appears, and catch the blood
and the needle. Then while stick into the yellow candle near the middle
or bottom.


"Candle of Yellow, Invoke my dreams
make my wishes known to the Gods
that my friend be healed and reborn
in their light
may this drop of blood symbolize
the waters of rebirth from the mother.

This is her way, as it is mine.

Shakti, Cosmic Dancer of the Cosmos
Be at one with us and the Candle"

Leave the pin/needle in and have your
sick friend burn it while thinking
of getting well.. never take out the pin.

Never use it for anything else.

One suggestion is to throw away the pin
or bury it in a Witches bottle.

Take the wax and put it into a a gris
gris, or Voodoun Medicine Bag and wear
it or carry it around.

Either way, good luck with your healing. If you have any healing
spells, aids spells, helpful spells of any kind please send them
to me and i will make files for them (of course giving you credit
or please make them for me and upload them to me online.)

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