Monday, April 19, 2010

A Song Of Artemis

A Song Of Artemis Cover

"I sing of Artemis Khryselakatos,
with shafts of gold,
Parthenon Aidoine,
the revered virgin,
delighter in arrows,
own sister to Apollon Khrysaor,
of the golden sword.
Over the shadowy hills and windy peaks
she draws her golden bow,
rejoicing in the chase,
and sends out grievous shafts.
The tops of the high mountains tremble
and the tangled wood echoes awesomely
with the outcry of beasts:
earth quakes
and the sea also where fishes shoal.
But the goddess with a bold heart
turns every way
destroying the race of wild beasts:
and when she is satisfied
and has cheered her heart,
then Theroskopos Iokheaira,
the huntress who delights in arrows,
slackens her supple bow
and goes to the great house
of her dear brother Phoibos Apollon,
to the rich land of Delphoi,
there to order the lovely dance
of the Mousai (Muses_) and Kharites (_Graces).
There she hangs up her curved bow
and her arrows,
and heads and leads the dances,
gracefully arrayed,
while all they utter in heavenly voice,
singing how neat-ankled Leto bare children
supreme among the immortals
both in thought and deed.
Hail to you,
children of Zeus and rich-haired Leto!
And now I will remember you
and another song also."

~Homeric Hymn 27

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