Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mother The Shelter Divine

Mother The Shelter Divine Cover
Mother ! Far more than mother land ,,
You with your glory , in our hearts stand.
Mother ,-the colossal mine of love and care ,
Beauty's virgin , creation's origin , the only fair !

Your word , your smile , and cozy lap ,
Outdo the Everest's snow-white cap.
Mother ! assured shelter ,
Un-borrowed faith , never alter ,
A goal of the child's soul ,
Emblem divine ,-serve your role.

Throbbing nectar with pleasing eye ,
Nourish the child and found the tie ,
Joyous generous , germinated spirit ,
Oh! darling -mother ,-the grandest retreat !

Mother ,-the light house of abstract reality ,
Incarnation of fortitude and forgiveness ,
Me an unworthy son ,bow to your lotus feet ,
Let thousands heaven go to sleep , you alone ,
With age long steps , rise and awake cyclone !
Oh! Mother all human-sufferings, living oasis.

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