Sunday, October 24, 2010

Father Of Creation Divine Mother

Father Of Creation Divine Mother Cover We sit at thy lotus feet in celebration of the consciousness you left us,
the Universal intelligence present in every atom of creation.

Let us all unite and throw away the chains of dogma,
that all people, from all walks of life, unite in truth.

We understand the point of religion isn't to have blind faith,
rather direction perception and experience,
that is why we sit here today,
so that we may directly experience our birthright,
the Christ Consciousness.

Bless all with the strength to sit with you for the whole time,
may this not feel like a burden to anyone that attempts it,
we do this with love, and free will.

We are sitting because we want too, in honor.
We use our free will to sit with thee,
you do not have to play hide and seek anymore,
this is our choice.

One thing we are not, oh Divine mother, are beggars.
We will not sit here and beg things of you,
We are your sons and daughters!

We only demand for what is ours!
What you created for us,
your love.

May your presence be felt as we sit in silence,
giving thanks to the consciousness you left us,
a road map back to your kingdom.

May you bless not only all that are attempting to sit with you,
but every sentient being.

Peace, Aum, Amen

Love, peace, compassion and respect

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