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Mother Goose 2

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c 1996/97 By Ashlynn Ward


Two Yarrow Rituals:

Goodnight, fair yarrow,
Thrice goodnight to thee;
I hope before tomorrow's dawn
My true love I shall see.

note: On the night of a New Moon, pluck a sprig of yarrow. Place it under your pillow after repeating the spell over it, three times.

St. Valentine, that's to lovers kind,
Come ease the trouble of my mind,
And send the man that loves me true
To take the sprigs out of my shoe[s]

note: Gather a sprig of Thyme and one of Rosemary on the evening of a new moon.
Repeat the spell three times, while sprinkling your ritual [holy] water over these herbs. Place one sprig in each shoe and place each shoe on either side of the bed.

Two Lunar Divinations:

All hail to the moon! all hail to thee!
I prithee, good moon, declare to me
This night who my husband must be!

Luna, every woman's friend,
To me thy goodness condescend,
Let this night in visions see
Emblems of my destiny.

These spells were performed at the new moon with an elaborate ritual, namely: Under your pillow place a prayerbook, on top of this lay these cards; the 10 of clubs, the nine of hearts, the ace of spades, and the ace of diamonds. On top of these, rest three willow leaves, a ring, a key, a crust of bread, a tiny heart shaped cake and a flower. The rhyme [spell] is spoken three times, then the young woman was to sleep with her head upon the pillow.

Secure a branch of Ash with an even number of leaves growing on it. Mother Goose says use it thusly:

The even-ash leaf in my hand,
The first I meet shall be my man.
The even-ash leaf in my glove,
The first I meet shall be my love.
The even-ash leaf in my bosom,
The first I meet shall be my husband.

Another Even-Ash ritual from Mother Goose:

The even-ash I double in three
The first I meet my true love shall be;
If he be married let him pass by,
But if he be single let him draw nigh.

For three consecutive Friday nights, throw a pinch of salt on the fire saying:

It is not this salt that I wish to burn
But my lover's heart I wish to turn,
So that he may not rest nor happy be
Until he comes to me!

Place a chestnut on the fire, think of your love, speak this charm until the sign is given:

If you love me, pop and fly;
If you hate me, lay and die.

Two rituals to procure your lover:
On Samhain, sow Hemp-seed [illegal now!], repeating this spell:

Hemp-seed I set
Hemp-seed I sow,
The young man that I love,
Come after me and mow.

I sow, I sow,
Then my own dear,
Come hoe, come hoe,
And mow and mow.

On Samhain take 2 roses of different colors. Chose one to represent yourself, the other for your lover. Twine the stems together, repeating this spell:

Twine, twine, and intertwine,
Let my love be wholly mine.
If his heart be kind and true,
Deeper grows his rose's hue!

On the night of 20 January [St. Agnes Eve], eat no supper; venture out to a strange locale, being sure to wear stockings and a garter. When you retire for the night, take the right stocking that you wore, and the garter. "Knit" the garter around the stocking, making a knot, AS you repeat this spell:

This knot I knit,
To know the thing I know not yet,
That I may see
The man that shall my husband be,
How he goes, and what he wears,
And what he does all the days.

Lie down with your hands behind your head, (on your back), and sleep. You should dream of your future mate, whom will kiss you in the dream.

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