Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Celebrate The Recent Summer Solstice

We Celebrate The Recent Summer Solstice Image
Archedrama for Summer:


Firebearer: [Lights Witch fire in cauldron.]

P: [Holds the lit green and unlit red candles.]

Ps: Tonight we celebrate the recent Summer Solstice, the longest
day of the year. Now the light has reached its fullness;
and yet, gives way and changes into dark, reminding us that
even as there is Life-within-Death, so too there is Death-
within-Life. The Sun has reached the peak of its power, and
all life flourishes.

P: [Lights red candle with green.]

Ps: As the Maiden has become the Mother, so now the Sun begins
its decline, and the Holly King replaces the Oak King as the
consort of the Goddess.

P: [Snuffs the green candle with the red.]

Ps: Together They bring the hope and promise of the harvest, the
fruition of Their union, Their gift of bounty given freely
to the Children. In celebration of Their union, the
Children are invited to jump the Sabbat fire and ask for
Blessings for themselves, their homes, and their crops of
land and spirit. Those who are joined by the bonds of love,
may also jump the fire together to Bless their union.

P/s: [Are first to jump the fire.]

All: [Jump the fire after them.]

F: [Extinguishes Witch fire, moves cauldron aside.]

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