Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bedtime Blessing For Children

Bedtime Blessing For Children Cover
#1: Lord and Lady,
Bless me as I sleep
Keep me safe within your arms
As round me night time creeps
I ask you also, if you will,
To watch over the ones I love-
here's my list of those who need
Some blessings from above.

Blessings on...

#2: Bright light, White light
Take away my fright
Don't let the darkness scare me,
There's nothing here to fear.

Let me sleep the whole night long,
For I am safe in here.
White Light, Bright Light
Protect me through the night

This should be done cupping hands as if holding a ball of white light. Toss ball in air and imagine it bursting to fill the whole room with protection.)

(credit Tannev)

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