Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wine Blessings

Wine Blessings Cover
Male: The male holds the power and is the reservoir of power.
Female: The female taps the power in him and channels it.
Both: Neither one can work without the other; one without the other is incomplete.

Male: The god is a god of life and death.
Female: The goddess is of birth and renewal.
Both: To learn you must struggle, to live you must be born, to be born you must die; the beginning, the continuation and the end, over and over and over.

Male: The sun gives forth light.
Female: The moon holds it in darkness.
Male: As above
Female: So below
Male: As the athame is to the male.
Female: So the chalice is to the female.
Both: And together joined they are one in truth, for there is no greater power in all the world than that of a man and woman joined in the bonds of love.

The grape on the vine has been picked and fermented
And soon the vine will wither and sleep
We have bottled it's sweet juice for the winter ahead
But tonight we shall drink of its warmth
As we drink lets us always remember
The eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth
For soon He will die
And soon She will weep
And this fruit shall have to live til the Spring
Emerges in all her glory and brings with her sweet warmth
Til then we must remember Her and our own earth bodies
With the ability to bring forth new life should we wish
An empowerment by the Goddess
A gift to her children
To show them the beauty of life.
And now, Great Goddess, bless this wine
So your children may taste of your wisdom

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