Saturday, December 6, 2008

An Opening Blessing

An Opening Blessing Cover
A Native American tradition called for blessing a gathering by invoking the powers of the six directions. This morning, we will repeat this brief invocation with the help of the traditional Indian smudge sticks.

(Lights the sticks, extinguishes the flames, and uses the sticks to brush smoke in the directions indicated.)

(Below) We call on the power of Mother Earth, the Great Turtle, strong support for all humankind, bring to us patience and the ability to take one step at a time. Powers of the Earth, be with us!

(South) Powers of the South, Sacred Mouse, teacher of Trust and Innocence. Let us find again our innocent eyes, our playful trust in each other and in other humans. Powers of the South, the Mouse, be with us!

(West) Powers of the West, place of Intuition and of the power of woman, Great Bear, bringer of dreams. Teach us the ability to go inside ourselves and discover the truth within. Powers of the West, Great Bear, be with us!

(North) Powers of the North, home of the Great Buffalo, spirit of wisdom and knowledge. Bring us the wisdom to share with each other and to provide for one another. Powers of the North, Buffalo, be with us!

(East) Powers of the East, come, source of light and illumination, Eagle, creature of great heights. Give us the gift of sight, that we may see clearly the path ahead. Powers of the East, Eagle, be with us!

(Above) Powers of the Sky, Great Spirit, come, bring all healing and infinite guidance. Sun that shines bright upon all our days. Powers of Earth, of south, west, north, and east, be with us as the sun in the sky!

(Turns to the audience.) The traditional blessing of power came through the scenting of others with the smoke from smudge sticks like these, composed of sage, cedar or other substances. As I have ceremonially blessed this service, now let each of you do the same to the other.

(Each person uses the smudge stick on one other person.)

(From the American Indian Tradition)

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