Monday, July 24, 2006

A Deathly Halloween Romp

A Deathly Halloween Romp Cover
Young man Danny was wide awake
when Mr. Grim appeared
pale as death and cool as night
standing in the mirror.

All right kid,
said Mr. Grim yawning as he spoke,
You’re not the only job I’ve got
So hurry up, let’s go.

Danny only laughed at this
and shook his youth-swelled head.
Then, trying hard to be polite,
he very calmly said,

Mr. G. I can’t go now,
not at twenty-two.
I know this may sound cocky but,
I’ve just got too much to do.

Mr. Grim chuckled, Well,
all right, I’ll let you be.
Pay me now or pay me later.
It’s all the same to me.

Daddy Danny tried to sleep
one stormy night in fall
when in his bedroom mirror he saw
that Grim had come to call.

Tell me Dan, said Mr. Grim
arms folded at his chest,
I’ve given you now fifteen years,
are you ready yet?

No said Danny, speaking low
so as not to wake his wife.
Now there are others dear to me
who depend upon my life.

As you can see I’ve got a wife.
My only thought is of her
and of our child who will need things
that only I can offer.

Mr. Grim said, slightly moved,
All right, you take your time.
But one day Danny, don’t you doubt,
I will claim what is mine.

Old man Danny woke up late
one silent Winter night.
Mr. Grim stood in the mirror
blinking in the light.

Now this is it. You’re eighty-three.
said Mr. Grim to Danny.
I will not give more time than that.
You must come now with me.

And don’t you talk about your wife.
I know she died last May.
Your child, now grown, is doing fine,
so there’s nothing left to say.

My dog, said Dan without a pause,
he needs me. He’s lost his sight.
Don’t you know? Asked Mr. Grim,
I took your dog last night.

Then silence passed between the two
now friends as much as rivals,
‘til Danny took one final shot
at securing his survival.

But I just love to breathe the air
and watch the house flies fly.
Even the wet of a new-formed tear
is reason not to die.

Sorry Danny, not this time.
said Mr. Grim while grinning.
But don’t you worry, men like you
make even death worth living.

Happy Halloween Everybody!

by M. Ashley

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