Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Blessing Of Seed

A Blessing Of Seed Image
Just a short charm for seed-blessing. The main poem is Paganized from the Carmina Gadelica, but it's pretty thoroughly mutated. It's set in a group context, but would be easy to adapt for solitary work. A blessed spring equinox to all - may the rising light bring strength and hope to all who have special need of it this season...

A Seed-Blessing Charm

The folk come forward and place their seeds and eggs and intentions into the vessels. The speakers come forward, and the Druid takes a small handful of seed and holds it high. The speakers recite:

I will go out to sow the seed
In the names of Those who give it growth
I'll turn my face into the wind
And throw a proper handful high

The grain that falls on stone shall find
No goodly soil in which to grow
But all that falls on Mother Earth,
The dew will make it to be full.

The Holy Feast the Day Auspicious
The gentle dew will softly welcome
Every seed that has lain sleeping
Since the frost of winter's coming

Every seed takes root in Spring-earth
The King of Summer shines, desiring
That green may come forth with the dew
And draw its breath from soft spring winds.

I will come round with my step
Rightwise round as turns the sun
In the name of the Queen of the Nobles all
In the name of the Lord of Growth and Beauty

Lord and Lady, Noble beings
Give you growth and swelling substance
To every seed, in heart or furrow
As the Season of Gladness waxes warm.

All join hands, drums start and all sing, dancing if they will:

Lord and Lady hear your people
Bless this seed by earth and sun
Grant it growth and bring us blessing
Keep it til the reaping's done
Sing until a stop, then the Druid recites:

Long have we slept in winter's dark. Now let the light rise in our lives as it rises in the world. Let the waters flow and the seeds grow, and the blessing of sun and earth bring us life, love and laughter.

So be it!

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