Friday, September 17, 2010

Someone Princess Someone Shame

Someone Princess Someone Shame Cover by Roy Rindom

So young and tender pure at heart
She walks the street alone at night
Waiting for a John to bite.
It's the only life she ever knew
So take your fondle, kiss or screw
There's no time to play this game
Someone's princess -- someone's shame.

I need to see some paper first
So watch your hands before you pay
Give it up, or I'm on my way
His name is John and she takes his dough
Shit. He's yelling "Start the show!"
The names never change on any given night
A Pro / A Whore / even Bum
The one that hurts is a Little scum
He doesn't care what she's Called
There's no time to hear her name
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

She dares not think how it all started
Lives are ruined with families parted
At thirteen she's young and sweet
What great Friends are on the street
Trust me / Take this / Listen here
At night it's always "be my dear"
There's no time to lay the blame
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

Now fourteen -- one year older
Much more callous, even bolder
Her hips, her walk speak that beat
She's a lady of the street
The clothes have changed throughout the year
First champagne; now it's beer
How she's grown since she first started
Damn that day the family parted
This world's unfair and barely tame
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

Now fifteen; it's been two years
Oh my God she's lost her fears
She's slept with women and two men
On the street there's no pretend
My, her heart is filled with pain
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

How much longer will she last
For on the street you age so fast
She's not allowed to show her tears
They are only hurts and fears
Then one night with a sigh
She felt a peace deep inside
Reminiscing how she started
That fateful day the family parted
For on the street there is no game
Someone's princess -- Someone's shame.

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