Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Book

The Book Cover By Raven Lemay

Across from darkened hall, behind closed door,
a small lamp flickers faithfully.
I sit with feet upon the cold stone floor
Worn smooth by those who've journeyed before me.

The light of candle falls upon my pen
And illuminates the Word and Way for me.
The Shadows they rise up and fall again
But the colors they are bright enough to see.

The twisting Vine around the Word does grow
with gilt-gold leaves and fruits so ripe and rare
and becomes a candle - with red flame all aglow
and the flame becomes the Lion's golden hair.

I turn the page, and there before my eyes
The Word illumines brighter than before
The stars and universe enfold It round
as cherubim and seraphim adore.

With silver moon and stars around her feet
The Universe enfolds her with Its Grace.
For she bears the Cosmic Child of Light so sweet
The Undying Sun who holds the world in His embrace.

I wrap a woolen cloak around my frame
to ward off the chill and drafty winds of night
That shake and try to squelch the Candle flame
and make dark - the Word before my sight.

For I myself am drawn into the scene
In colors bright - alive and many hued.
I see in myself the Vine so evergreen
Myself with candle flame imbued.

I know not yet the Writing on this page
for the Author of it alone directs the pen
But when the time is ripe for the Word Unknown
I will pick up this book and write and read again.

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